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Summary: this is a rewrite of Dino Thunder it starts just after the teens go home after finding the Gems.

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Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Chapter 47

A week later and the double wedding of Justin and Kira and Tommy and Kim had been planned out and everything was ready it was in 3 days' time. The Rangers were waiting for Graduation to be over and for Justin to finally reveal who his best man would be, Tommy had asked Jason to be his best man, Kim had asked Karen to be her maid of Honour after explaining the whole Power Ranger thing to Karen who had seemed to believe it and even said it didn't surprise her when it was revealed the Justin and Kira were Rangers and Kira had asked Kylee to be her maid of Honour.

"So have you made your mind up yet?" asked Conner.

"I have a few ideas one I can't really do and another that might work I just need to ask the one person who knows me well enough" said Justin, then he added "I'll catch up with you guy's at Graduation I need to talk to Tommy"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Half an hour later Justin was at Tommy's house and was waiting for Tommy to finish updating the Ranger video with the adventures of the Dino Thunder Team and the new Turbo Team.

"So what can I do for you Justin?" asked Tommy.

"Well I have a problem with finding a best man you see there are only a few people who know me well enough for me to ask" said Justin.

"So what's the problem then?" asked Tommy.

"Well one of those is you but I know I cannot ask you since you are getting married at the same time and the other option is a bit unconventional" said Justin.

"Justin you becoming a Ranger at 12 years old was unconventional so I would say it would suit you, so who is it?" asked Tommy.

"Well the thing is its Andrea I've known her the longest out of anyone I consider a friend and she knows me better than anyone else I can think of asking, do you think she would agree to do it?" asked Justin.

"I'm sure she would after all like you just said she does know you better than anyone else you could ask" said Tommy.

Justin got his phone out and sent a message to Andrea asking her to come up to Tommy's house.

And she sent a reply saying she'd be their shortly.

15 minutes later Andrea arrived and entered Tommy's house and found Justin and Tommy sitting on the couch in the front room.

"So what can I help with?" asked Andrea.

"Well the thing is I have something I need to ask you and I know at first it will sound strange but please you are the only person suitable" said Justin.

"What is it Justin?" asked Andrea.

"Andrea will you be the best man at my Wedding to Kira?" asked Justin.

"Are you serious Justin?" asked Andrea.

"Yeah out of everyone I now and with the exception of Tommy you know me the best I can't think of anyone I'd rather have do the job" said Justin.

"It'll be my honour Justin" said Andrea.

"Thank you, and please no embarrassing stories about me from back in Angel Grove?" asked Justin.

"We'll see" said Andrea smiling.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

Later that day the Rangers had graduated and were enjoying the post-Graduation party when Tommy and Kim came over and congratulated them on the achievements both in school and dealing with Mesogog.

"Andros and Dimitria are arriving on Earth in a few days for the double wedding celebration" said Tommy.

"Then the four of us need to get everything set up for our weddings" said Justin.

"Hayley's dealt with the catering it's being delivered to the Cyberspace ready for the reception" said Tommy.

"What about the other guests?" asked Justin.

"As far as I know every team has been invited and we have replies form almost every team the only team that we haven't heard from is the Lost Galaxy Rangers, but honestly that's not a surprise the travel time from Miranoi is very long so I don't think they will be here" said Tommy.

"When are the Aquitians arriving?" asked Justin.

"Later today they are staying at my house until the wedding then they are heading back not long after" said Tommy.

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

3 days later it was time for the Wedding Kim and Kira were both getting ready at Kim's house, Karren and Kylee were also there making sure that both Kira and Kim were ready for their big day. Up at Tommy's house Justin and Tommy were getting ready and Justin was clearly more nervous than Tommy.

"Have you got anything strong to drink?" asked Justin.

"I do but are you sure you want a drink on your wedding day?" asked Tommy.

"Yeah I need something to calm my nerves" said Justin.

Tommy nodded to Jason who opened a cupboard in the kitchen and pored Justin a single shot of Vodka.

"Thanks I needed that" said Justin.

Andrea and Jason were both ready and double checking they had everything they needed for today.

"So have you both got a good honeymoon location set" said Jason.

"Yeah Kira and I are going to Hawaii" said Justin.

"Tommy, you did remember to book a honeymoon didn't you?" asked Jason.

"Of course what do you take me for" said Tommy.

"So where you taking Kim?" asked Justin.

"The Seychelles" replied Tommy.

Just then TJ came over and said "It's time to head to the Astro megaship"

Everyone nodded made their way to the vehicles that would take them to the Astro Megaship

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

An hour later the wedding was over and everyone was heading to the Cyberspace for the reception

Where there was a full food spread put on for them and Kylee and Selena were providing music.

And after the two married couples danced they saw Hayley and Trent approach wheeling a trolley in with two huge wedding cakes sitting on them.

"Wow they look fantastic" said Kim looking at both of the cakes.

Each cake was individually decorated so it was appropriate for each couple.

"Thank you the cakes look lovely" said Kira.

"Are we cutting at the same time or are we taking turns?" asked Justin.

"You can go first Kim and I will go second" said Tommy.

Kira and Justin grabbed the knife and cut their cake and then handed the knife to Kim and Tommy who cut their cake.

After that everyone enjoyed the rest of the reception until it was time for the Aquitian Rangers and Dimitria to leave and Andros agreed to transport them back to their own planets. Once they left the rest of the Rangers that had come to Reefside for the wedding started to say their goodbyes and head back to their homes.

The Dino Thunder team was still there as were the Turbo, Zeo and MMPR Rangers.

"So when are you leaving for your honeymoons?" asked Jason.

"Tomorrow" said Tommy.

"Same" said Justin.

"Well have fun on your honeymoon then both of you" said Andrea.

"Yeah we have to go and pack" said Trent.

"Pack where are you two going?" asked Jason.

"Charterville I have a job opportunity with Art Fortunes" said Trent.

"And I'm going to open a small Juice bar" said Andrea.

"If you need any help you can call us and we'll help whatever way with can" said Tommy.

"Thanks guy's see you later" said Trent as he and Andrea left.

After that everyone else started to leave as well, Kim came over and said "Justin after we comeback from honeymoon the house is yours and Kira's, I'm moving in with Tommy"

Dino thunder return of the Dragon

The next day Justin and Kira headed off to Hawaii for their honeymoon and Kim and Tommy left for their honeymoon in the Seychelles, and while both couples were away the rest of the Dino Thunder and Turbo team were helping move Kim's things in to Tommy's house and Kira's things into the house she would now share with Justin.

Their friends made sure everything was set up right for the two couples when they returned from honeymoon and decided that on the day the two couples were returning from their honeymoons they would do some shopping for both houses just so each couple had the basics they would need.

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