Here's my submission for the CCOAC Heatwave Challenge! Sorry it's so late, had major issues with my browser...

My chosen character: Jennifer Jareau

My assigned character: Erin Strauss (My face when I saw that – O.o)

Prompts I used: soaring temperatures, swim trunks, melting ice cream cone

Hope you like it!

Jennifer Jareau really didn't like Mother Nature at the present moment. Especially since temperatures had soared to 104 degrees. Fortunately, she was able to find refuge in the air-conditioned BAU. So, she and Henry sat in the bullpen, the latter eating a melting ice cream cone. Suddenly, Jack Hotchner ran to JJ's desk, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of swim trunks, followed closely by none other than Erin Strauss

"Hi, Aunt JJ! Hi, Henry!"

"JACK!" Strauss yelled exasperatedly "Give me back my paperwork!"

"Um... NO!" Jack giggled as he ran out of the bullpen.

"Wait for me, Jack!" yelled Henry, as he dropped his ice cream cone on JJ's desk, grabbing JJ's paperwork as he did so.

"Henry Matthew!" JJ yelled as she and Strauss gave chase to the troublemakers. They ran through the bullpen and down hallway after hallway. Finally, the boys ran into a room and slammed the door shut. JJ reached the door first. She threw it open, startled to see that it was pitch black inside. She turned on the light and...

"SURPRISE!" yelled the entire BAU team and Strauss. "Happy Birthday, JJ!"

"Wha-" JJ said as she was bombarded by hugs and well-wishes.

"Happy Birthday, Mommy!" said Henry happily "We made a surprise party! Mrs. Strauss helped!"

"Really?" JJ said incredulously, glancing at Strauss.

"Yes, I did. I know I have been awful to you in the past, and I want to try to rectify that. Especially if I am going to be a permanent fixture in David's life." Strauss said, looking at her fiance.

"Thank you ma'am!"

"Oh, stop with the ma'am business. It's Erin."

"Okay, then. Erin." JJ said with a smile

With that, they went to enjoy a day with not just their friends, but their family.

AN: Well... what did you think? I have never written Erin Strauss before, so did I do an okay job? Please review!