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She's sitting on her bed, facing the entry area to her quarters, wearing nothing but her bathrobe; the two front panels loosely held together by a belt that leaves the middle part of her chest and her crossed legs bare. She smiles when he walks in, but her eyebrows jump up on her forehead when she realizes that he hasn't changed into his civvies.

"Umm... You're still in your armor? I thought I told you to wear something comfortable. And by that I meant something that could be removed quickly."

"This was safer," he replies as he's coming down the stairs, peeling off his gloves and unclasping his chest piece, then dropping them all on the floor.

"Safer?" Her eyes widen and her eyebrows jump even higher. 'What the hell did I do to him that night?'

"Why? Is there something I should remember from our night at the hotel?"

"No. Safer for this," he chuckles then removes his codpiece, revealing his massive erection bulging under the fabric of his undersuit. "I didn't think that it would be a good idea to walk around like this. Heading to my commanding officer's quarters, no less."

Her hand flies to her mouth as she laughs, eyes twinkling, then she tries to stand up to help him out of the rest of his armor.

"No, stay there. I'm greatly enjoying the view," he says as he pushes her back down, then slowly unclasps the other parts and drops them on the floor in a pile, loving the way she watches his every move with anticipation. She's seen him naked before, but that was during their drunken tryst, and now she can't wait to see him again in all his glory. She bites her lips and runs her tongue over them as she anxiously waits for him to finish the show.

The top of his undersuit is the next thing to go, revealing his hard muscles and plates, then he finally pulls off his pants and throws them across the room, liberating his thick, blue cock as it stands at attention, pointing at her and ready for action. But there is one thing he wants to do first.

He nudges her knees apart then kneels down in front of her, settling down between her legs, and wastes no time in tearing her bathrobe open to reveal her breasts to his eyes and hands.

She gasps at the intensity of the motion, turned on even more than she already is, no matter how impossible that seems, and when he cups her breasts and gently squeezes them she lets out a ragged breath and throws her head back with her eyes shut tight. The graceful arch of her neck immediately draws his attention and he bends down to lick a path from her collarbone up to her jaw line then on to her ear. The sensation of his hot and wet tongue on her skin makes her tremble and clutch at his fringes, then she relaxes a little and moves her fingers down to their underside and the softer, leathery patches on the back of his neck. A low rumble escapes his throat that she can feel vibrate through her own body and she goes on to caress his skin, happy that she's found a part of him that is so responsive to her touch.

And he is indeed responsive; he nips at her shoulder, instinctively jerking his hips forward, and his grasp tightens on her breasts. He bends down, moves his fingers to the underside of one of them and snakes his tongue around her nipple, watching with interest as it pebbles and grows darker in color. He moves to her other side now and trails a long lick over her soft mound, then puts his mouth around the little nub in the middle and gently sucks on it, careful not to nick her with his sharp teeth, laving and lapping, loving the way her breathing hitches with every lick.

"Garrus," she moans, and he delights in hearing her say his name like that, and how she draws her fingernails along the back of his neck, and how her nimble fingers move down to scratch the soft patches of skin between his hard plates.

He lets out a little growl in response and decides to explore other parts of her body. His hand moves down her side, chuckling at her giggles, then slides down to her hip and on to her strong leg. It doesn't stray too far though, turning around and traveling back up, along the inside of her thigh, and when he finally reaches the spot she's been waiting for him to touch, she trembles and opens her legs wider for him. He strokes the outside of her labia with the back of a finger, then parts the folds and pushes in.

The only times he's caressed her here before were through her clothes, and he almost forgets to breathe as he explores this part of her anatomy, unhindered by any pesky fabric. He finds a little nub that seems to be extremely sensitive, for as soon as he touches it her hips buck into his hand and a sharp gasp escapes her throat. He grins with satisfaction at his discovery, and proceeds to rub her clitoris in slow circles, alternating with dipping his fingers into her wet seam, pushing in deeper and deeper, his cock twitching with every thrust, wondering how it will feel to be inside her.

As if she's read his mind, she grabs his arm and pants, "Garrus, I love what you're doing, but right now I can't wait for you to push that glorious cock of yours inside me."

He chuckles, quickly peels the robe off of her, picks her up and climbs up on the bed with her in his arms as if she was no heavier than a little bird, lays her down, then positions himself between her legs. She grabs the back of his neck and stares up into his eyes, her breathing hitching as he slowly pushes inside her. She's tight and hot and wet, and she feels absolutely wonderful as her inner muscles clamp down around him.

Putting his weight on his arms, he buries himself inside her to the hilt, then pulls almost all the way out, only to push back in again. She groans at the sensation of his shaft filling her, the tip and the ridges brushing against nerve bundles that send hot flashes of delicious signals to her brain. He starts to pump in and out in a steady rhythm, a low rumble emanating from his chest, the vibrations reverberating throughout her own body, adding to the incredible pleasure of his soft leathery skin rubbing against her clitoris, his hard plates brushing against her nipples with every move he makes.

He bends down and presses his mouth plates to her lips and they kiss, their tongues swirling against each other, exploring and tasting and caressing. Then he breaks away and nuzzles her neck, nips at her shoulder with his mouth and licks her skin, all the while pistoning in and out, now faster and harder, while she eagerly meets his every plunge with the thrusting of her own hips.

She moans with each push, clenches at his cowl then runs her fingers up and down his back, scratching his soft skin between his hard plates, loving the way he growls things into her ear that she can barely make out. So tight... and hot... Spirits...

Then he holds onto her as he flips them over, still connected, and now she's on top, bracing her hands on his chest for support. They lock eyes as she rolls her hips and he thrusts up into her. She loves the fire in his beautiful blue eyes as he watches her move, and he can't get enough of how her eyelashes flutter every time her clit rubs against his plates. His hands are all over her as she rides him: he strokes her back, cups and fondles her breasts that bounce so enticingly over him, squeezes her waist, reaches down and rubs her clitoris. She bends down and kisses him, straightening up again as he grabs her hips to hold her tight and he sets a furious pace pumping up into her. The pulsing inside her groin becomes so intense that it pushes her over the edge and she comes with a cry, her back arched, her walls spasming around him as he keeps drilling into her as she's coming down from her high.

The next moment she's under him again, heat building up inside her core once more as he continues to thrust and pound into her relentlessly, rubbing against sensitive nerves inside and out, taking away all her self-control as she whimpers and moans with each and every push. He revels in the way she contracts around him, her body soft and smooth but still so strong, and purrs and growls his approval when she squeezes his waist and digs her fingernails into his tough hide.

"Harder," she whispers in a raspy voice as she pulls her legs up and hooks her legs over his hips, digging her heels into his back, the new angle making him growl louder and his hips snap forward at a more desperate pace. He puts his weight on one arm, curving his body above her, while he slips the other hand under her ass and lifts it up, angling it towards him, allowing him to penetrate deeper. She sobs a guttural moan as he pounds her hard, just as she wanted, her nerves on fire now from the stimulation, her groin throbbing, desperately racing her release, nails digging in his back, and her hands move down to grab his ass and pull him even closer, increasing the friction over her clitoris.

Her inner walls are clamping down on his cock and he can feel that he's close, so close, but he tries to hold it as long as he can, for he wants to see her come apart again. And then there it is: Her body goes still for a second, she screams his name, then starts to convulse violently, and it feels incredible as her inner muscles milk his shaft, making him pump erratically a few more times before he sees fireworks behind his eyelids and he explodes inside her, his hot semen gushing out in bursts.

He collapses on his elbows above her, panting, staring into her half-lidded, happy eyes, and he strokes her face with the back of a finger, committing everything to memory. This will be a night he'll remember for the rest of his life.

He slowly pulls out and settles down beside her, pulling her close with the same movement. She snuggles up next to him, puts an arm over his waist and starts to draw little circles on his plates.

"Remember when you asked me if I would have done this with anybody else that night? The answer is no," she pants, still a little out of breath, looking up at him.

He flares his mandibles in a satisfied smile and affectionately rubs his chin against the top of her head.

"Remember when I asked if you wanted another round? I wasn't joking," he says.


"Yes what?"

"Yes, I want another round."

"That's good, because I do, too."

This is definitely a night they will remember forever. And repeat. Again and again.

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