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Kazuha walked down the sidewalk. She bit her lip as she looked down at her watch . Damn, it was already five;forty. Her mom told her to be home by six o'clock. Kazuha looked around, there was nobody in sight. Sighing, she pulled out her cell phone to call a taxi when she passing a dark alley.

Kazuha stopped when she heard a whimper emitted from the alley turning her head towards to caught sight of the three men. They were all wearing black. One was pressed against the building by some black cylinder thing, holding his hands up in some defensive manner. The man against the building had a medium build, about a head taller than her, brown hair and had a petrified expression on. The two men standing in front of the petrified man, one was short, buffy, wearing a black hat and sunglasses. The other was tall, wearing a black trench coat, a black hat, and had long silver-blond hair. The silver-blond hair guy was holding the black cylinder thing.

Wait, that's gun, Kazuha realized.

There was a bang.

The brown haired man slumped to the floor lifeless. Kazuha took a step back dropping her phone, trying her best not to scream. Unfortunately she screamed drawing attention to the two men who had turned towards her. Kazuha froze at the silver-blond hair man's killer gaze.

Kazuha quickly tried grabbing her phone but her phone was shot into pieces by the gun in the silver-blond hair man's hand. Kazuha's mind was screaming at her to run. And run she did until her foot got caught in a crack in the sidewalk, her body tumbled onto the hard cement. She heard footsteps coming her way, Kazuha scrambled up when she felt the barrel of a gun on the back of her head.

"Don't move." A harsh, icy cold voice commanded.

The voice sent shivers down her spine. She felt the but of the gun hit her head, nearly knocking her out. Kazuha heard one of the men say "Vodka" before the buffy man dragged her into a different alley away from the corpse.

The silver-blond man squatted down besides her grabbing her hair yanking her head up. "Now you know the consequences of running away." The silver-blond hair man dully stated, slipping a pill and some water down her throat.

Kazuha heard the men leave before a sensation rushed throughout her whole body. Her heart felt like exploding as her body grew hotter by the second. So this is what it feels like to die, sorry. This was her last thought before her vision plunged into pitch-black darkness.