5 years later

"Hurry up Megaan! We might be late! Are Makenna and Merrick ready?"

"Just about! I can't wait! It's about time that Matt and Liz got married! Does everyone take that long?"

Mark chuckled at his still partially unfamiliar-with-the-world wife. "Yes, some take longer. I'm just glad it wasn't that long for us" Mark looked at Megaan, to find her smiling at him. His world was perfect. He had the love of his life, two beautiful children, four best friends, and his cure for the Ebola virus had been successful.

In retrospect Mark realized that the light didn't strike at random. It had it's own expert timing. It gave him the insight to find a cure for the Ebola virus, and meet Megaan. But it was able to take him back to claim the love of his life, before the cure had re-written time, taking Megaan out of the future.

"Daddy! It's time to go!" yelled a happy little Makenna.

"I'm coming!" he said.

"You better be! Everyone is waiting, including Karen and I!" Jesse impatiently said.

Mark got in the car, and started driving.

"So Karen, what do you think about what happened with Liz and Matt?" Jesse asked nervously.

"Not again," Mark said laughing to his wife.

"Megaan, what did he say!?"

"Nothing", she said smiling at Mark.

The End