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Jayden's POV

Hi, my name is Jayden. I'm 13, female, and I live in a world of Pokemon.

My weekend has been really boring. I've had nothing to do, because all my siblings have gone on their Pokemon adventure, and my mom won't let me go because I'm a girl. She's so overprotective.

I kicked a rock, and stuffed my hands in my jean pockets.

"Why can't she just let me go?" I muttered angrily to myself. "I'm old enough to be out on me own. I'd give anything to get away from here. Even get turned into a Pokemon! That would make everything easier."

"I can help you there." a bubbly voice giggled.

I spun around, but saw no one there.

"Hello?" I called. "Anyone there?"

"I'm right here, Jayden." the voice said again.

I turned around in a circle, but saw no one.

"Where are you?" I demanded. "How come I can't see you?"

"It's because I'm invisible, silly." the voice giggled. "And I'm right above you!"

I slowly looked up and saw a small pink cat-like Pokemon appear.

"Woah..." I whisper to myself. "A Mew..."

"That's right, little one." Mew giggled. "And I'm here to help."

I looked up at her with shining eyes. "You can convince my mom that I can go on my Pokemon adventure?"

"No." Mew said, with a glint in her eye. "Even better." she snapped her fingers and I felt really drowsy for some reason.

Mew giggled as I fell to the ground, my brain shutting off.

"Sweet dreams." Mew giggled, doing a little loop in the air.

My head dropped to the ground and my vision drifted away.


I groaned and sat up, holding my head.

"Woah, what hit me?" I muttered.

"Nothing hit you, silly." a voice giggled. "I just made you fall asleep so I could bring you here."

I jumped and turned to my left. "Mew?...and to think I thought this was a dream..."

"No dream, Jayden." Mew said, doing a little loop in the air. "Real life."

"Hang on." I said, standing up, nervously. "You...you captured me! Help! Someone! Mew has captured me!"

"Wha-? MEW! I TOLD YOU NOT TO CAPTURE ANOTHER ONE!" someone else exclaimed and I jumped.

"W-who's there?" I called, freaked out.

"It's me! Night! And I'm here to save you-wah!" the voice exclaimed, then got cut off with a splash.

I blinked. "Uh...hello? What were you going to say?"

"Ah! Need dry land! Water sucks!" the feminine voice exclaimed, splashing in the water. "Stupid water!"

Mew giggled and did a little flip in the air.

"Um...Mew?" I asked. "Who's that?"

"Hmm?" Mew said. "Oh, that's Night."

Night? I thought. What kind of name is that?

Night finally got out of the lake, drenched. She shook herself, and all the water sprayed off, while I stared the entire time.

"What?" Night said. "Do I have something on my face?"

"You...you're...you're a Zorua!" I exclaimed, shocked. "And you can talk?!"

Night's P.O.V.

"Yes I'm a Zorua, a shiny one, but I guess you're not use to Pokemon 'talking'." I said as I glared at Mew.

The girl appeared to be very confused and I guess that's understandable, so I explained it to her.

"Mew's been going around kidnapping other people and turning them into Pokemon for a long time, I've been trying to stop her but it's near impossible because she can teleport so easily." I growled.

Mew just giggled and made me hiss, "You're my little shiny Eevee."

The girl's eyes widen as she looked down at herself and saw she had paws and silver fur, yup she definitely used to be a human.

"YOU TURNED ME INTO AN EEVEE?!" she screamed.

Mew giggled again and said, "What's wrong? I thought you'd be happy to be a Pokemon after all that's what you wanted."

"I didn't really mean it!"

"Then why did you say it if you didn't mean it?" Mew looked at her and I've had enough, this is the fourth time this week she turned someone into a Pokemon.

"That's enough Mew, turn the Eevee back into a human." I demanded.

"My name is Jayden!" she yelled.

I just grumbled. "Fine, turn JAYDEN back into a human!"

Mew shook her head, "Actually I have a better idea in mind: I'm going to capture her and make her my own Pokemon, she'll be the fifth one." she held out a Master Ball.

My eyes widen, where did she get that?

I quickly turned to Jayden, "Run Jayden! Don't let her capture you or you'll be her slave!

Confused and frightened, Jayden tried to run but she's not used to running in a small body and on four legs, so she kept falling.

"I'm not used to this body!" she cried.

I quickly ran up and bit down on Mew's tail to stop her from getting too close to the clumsy human-turned-Eevee.

"Ow! You're such a naughty little Zorua, Night. Let go!" Mew cried and I was thrown back into that blasted water!

Gotta get out! SURFACE! AIR! I managed to reach the surface but could see Mew was closing up to her with that Master Ball.

"Don't just stand there, Jayden! Attack her!" I cried, but I wasn't thinking straight and attacking Mew like that was reckless, especially for someone new like her.

I didn't notice my mistake until Jayden jump to try a Bite attack only to hit the Master Ball and got swept away inside it.

"Gotcha! Now come on out little Eevee!" Mew laughed as she released Jayden to face me.

I have failed... again... why can't I ever protect others from Mew's twisted games?

Jayden's POV

As I got swept inside the Master Ball, I found myself back home.

Was that all a dream? Was I really an Eevee?

I looked down, and saw that I was still a shiny Eevee.

"Okay, so not a dream." I mutter to myself, than stood up, trying to get used to my 2 extra legs. "Mom?" I called. "Mom? Are you here?"

I walked around the house, falling over a few times, and I felt a sudden wave of happiness cover me.

I felt protected, happy, and safe. I never wanted it to end, it felt really good.

After that, I saw another wave. But this time, it was pink. When it hit me, I felt the desire to serve Mew. She was amazing, powerful, and she was my mistress.

I needed to serve Mew. It was my destiny. She needed protection, and I would give it. She needed company, and I would be there. She needed a servant, and I was the one. I needed to get out of here and fight for her.

Almost as if my wish came true, and got shot out of the Master Ball, and next to Mew.

"I'm good and ready!" I exclaimed, getting in a offensive position. It was almost as if I knew how to act like an Eevee. Everything came naturally to me now. How to walk. How to defend. But most importantly, how to fight.

"Alright, fine!" the shiny Zorua snapped. "I guess I just have to fight you! FURY SWIPES!"

Not expecting it, I got clawed in the face 3 times.

"Hey, that hurt!" I growled, then face my master. "What do I do, Mistress Mew?"

Night flinched when I said that, but she stayed on guard.

"Taunt her." Mew instructed. "She'll lose focus that way and perhaps I could capture her with this Dusk Ball." she held of a Duck Ball to prove her point.

"Alright!" I exclaimed. I was horrible at taunting, but I would do anything for my mistress. "C'mon little fox, you think you can beat me? Nothing can defeat me while I'm protecting my master!"

"You call that a taunt?" Mew exclaimed, and my tail and ears drooped. "She'll never fall for that!"

Apparently, she did.

"But you...Mew can't capture me. But I let all of you down...why am I such an idiot?" Night started crying, tears flowing down her face. "WAAAAAH!"

"Stop the act, we all know it's Fake Tears." Mew huffed, but I couldn't hear her. I was too busy trying to apologize.


"Aw, don't cry little fox! I-I didn't mean it!" I feverishly tried to stop Night from crying more. "Please! Stop crying!"

"No! She's only using FAKE Tears!" Mew exclaimed.
"I apologize Jayden, but I really am sorry for getting you caught." Night said, stopping crying, which made me confused.

I suddenly got hit by Dark Pulse, and despite the fact that it's neutral to Eevees, I got really hurt. Probably because she lowered my special defense with her Fake Tears.

"That was a nasty trick, little fox." I growled, slowly and weakly getting up. "DIG!"

I dug underground, but not before I heard Night say, "Well they don't call me the Tricky Fox Pokemon for no reason. Alright Jayden let's see what you can do!"

I growled quietly while I was underground.

Oh, it was on.

Night's P.O.V.

Jayden popped out of the ground and tried to use Bite on my face, but I managed to dodge while at the same time, I used my claws to scratch her nose.

Jayden yelped in pain as she growled at me and I smirked back at her, "You'll have to do better than that."

Jayden glared and said, "It's not my fault I wasn't trained yet! Mistress Mew I need you to train me if we hope to beat her."

Mew seem to be thinking and said, "I have a more fun idea; how about we play a Mew Game?"

I hissed at the floating pink cat, "Enough of this! Release Jayden now and fight me one-on-one!"

I dared her, oh yes I did, but she knew me too well to fall for it and poor Jayden is starting to turn into her slave already, that Master Ball had warped her mind to the point she believed Mew is her one and only master, I was afraid of this.

Mew gave me a little sad look, "But I don't understand Night… why won't you just become one of my own Pokemon? I'm sure you'll be much happier that way instead of always chasing me down."

Ever since she turned me into a Pokemon a year ago I've been trying to stop her and release the other people-turned-Pokemon she captured but I can't find her hide-out I only see her when she's about to take someone and most of the time I'm too late.

Jayden looked at me kind of weird I noticed, "What?" I asked her.

"Why don't you let Mew catch you? I feel so happy and safe with her." she asked me.

I glared at both of them but inwardly, I was torn when I heard this. "Because I'm the only one who got away and aware of what she's doing. She wants to turn this entire world into her giant dream Mew Castle, if you continue to work with her and let her capture me it'll be the end of the world as we know it, do you really want that?"

I honestly don't know if that'll work, but I can't afford to let her help Mew capture me and turn this world into her castle.

Mew just smiled proudly and said, "It's true; I've long to turn this boring, dull world into my dream castle for the longest time, but Night has been standing in my way. Originally she was the first human I turned, so I could have a partner but instead of letting me hit her with the Master Ball, she got away. Ever since, I've been hunting down other humans to play with and get the preparations to change this world, but Night keeps stopping me."

I looked at Jayden and for a change she actually looked torn, what are you going to do now that you know your 'Mistress' true attention?

Jayden's POV

'She only wanted me to help her change the world?' I thought. 'The place where I grew up? Where my friends and family lived? Maybe I was wrong about joining her...'

I shook my head. 'No! What am I thinking?! Mistress Mew would never do such a thing! She's the creator of the Pokemon world, why would she want to change what she already created?

'Because she's psychotic.' the other part of my brain said. 'She's evil, twisted, and only wants her own little Mew world.'

'What wrong with that?' I argued back. 'A world where Mew rules sounds perfect. Who wouldn't want that?'


I cried in outrage, and tackled the unsuspecting shiny Zorua.

"Oof!" Night said, falling to the ground.

"Good work, Jayden!" Mew cheered, and I inflated with happiness.

'See?' I said to myself. 'If Mistress Mew was evil, she wouldn't be cheering for me. And she'd be on that evil shiny Zorua's side, fighting against me, when I'm fighting for her(Mew)!'

"I can't believe you!" Night exclaimed, tackling me back. "Not even a dark Mightyena would attack their opponent when they're not looking!"

I growled. This was not my fault! If she just joins Mew, then everything will be back to normal! And Mew might even reward me by turning me back human!

"Jayden you seriously can't be working with her!" Night exclaimed, pinning me to the floor. "I mean sure, you've been captured but you don't have to be her slave, some Pokemon disobey their Trainers. If you keep working with her she may capture me and nobody will stop her terrifying Mew Games."
"She's right you know," Mew piped in, and I listened intently. I had to listen to her, she's my mistress. "Night's the only one who's truly holding me back from turning this boring little world into my dream Mew Castle."

I stared at Night, than at Mew, then back again. I stared in Night's eyes, and saw that she had faith in me. I saw that I could trust her, that she'll be there to fight by my side. I saw...friendship.

"At least try, Jayden." Night muttered to me. "Try."

I gulped, and gave a small nod. I trusted that she would help me, and if not, well her trust would be broken.

Night's P.O.V.

I was staring at Jayden, hoping she would make the right choice, and to my relief she nodded and turned to Mew.

"FOR FREEDOM!" she yelled and lunged herself at Mew.

"No, wait! Stop!" I cried knowing if she did that…

"Return." Mew would just return her into her Master Ball.

"Well Night I'm impressed you've actually made her turn on me, usually when I catch a Pokemon they obey me regardless, you're getting better I see." Mew said looking at me.

I hissed at her, "I have to be to save the others and this world from turning into your castle!"

Mew just sighed, "Night, I really want you to join me and the other five, I'm sure they'll be more than happy to welcome you and you can't stop this useless hunt for me every time."

I just growled at her, "Don't be stupid! I hadn't given up then and I certainly won't give up now!"

"My, my you have a feisty temper, Night. But fine, be that way, but I'm going to go put Jayden here under intense training and punishment for disobeying me, by the time I'm done with her she'll never even THINK about disobeying me again." Mew was smirking now.

My red eyes widen, "No! You can't do that, Mew! She only wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer not BE a Pokemon let alone have a Pokemon as her Trainer!"

Mew only twirled around me in the air and I just growled, "She's my new toy I can do whatever I want with her. Don't you remember your friend Kura? The day I turned her into a Vulpix and captured her yet you didn't release her from me?"

Hot tears were falling from my eyes, I tried to stop them but with her reminding me of that day when I lost Kura, it just strikes me at the core. I remembered that day all too well and it's what drives me to stop her to this day.

Mew grinned and that only irritated me even more, "She's as happy as can be and is now an elegant Ninetales, but she wishes to see you again and more than anything she wants me to capture you as well, so what do you say Night? Enough with the running, enough with the pain and sadness, just let it all go and join me, you'll be happy this way." she's tried to tempt me and held out the Dusk Ball.

I repented by slapping her paw away from me, "Listen to me you pink floating cat! I don't care what you say or what you have to offer me; I will NEVER join you, EVER! Haven't you caused enough pain and suffering? You're taking innocent people away from their homes and family." I hissed.

Mew just chuckled, "And why are you the only one who sees that? All the others were more than happy to join up with me and leave their dull life behind."

Yes, that is a good question; why am I the only one who sees that? Don't they realize what they're leaving behind? They're homes… their friends… their family… why would they willingly go with her? I just don't understand.

Mew broke me out of my thoughts and said, "Well I'll give you time to think about it Night, for now I'm going to go train this naughty Eevee." and before I could react she disappeared along with Jayden.

"MEW! No… Jayden… MEEEEEWWWW!" I screamed out into the evening sky but to no answer… I had failed again… why?

Jayden's POV

When I got shot back into the Master Ball, I felt that wave again. But instead of happiness, I felt guilt. I felt guilty of abandoning my mistress and siding with the shiny Zorua.

How could I? I lost her trust, and I felt extremely guilty.

Another wave went by, and another emotion filled me.


I felt scared of Mistress Mew's reaction. Would she hurt me? Would say this was all a test, and I failed? What would she do?

I got shot out of the Master Ball again, but this time, I wasn't ready to fight like I was before.

"How could you?" Mew said as soon as I landed on the floor. I flinched back. "I trusted that you would stay by my side, but noooo. You sided with the enemy! I thought you were my friend..."

"I am your friend!" I exclaimed, trying to reassure Mew and myself too. "You...you're my Mistress. I...I'm...I'm so sorry. I promise I'll work harder! I'll even evolve for you!"

"Oh, yes, you will." Mew smirked. "We're going to train extremely hard, then defeat that shiny Zorua, so I can capture her."

I jumped up. "I'll train and I'll evolve into an Umbreon for you!"

"Good. Let's start."


"Good!" Mew exclaimed, floating over to me. "But you need to be great! Get back to the start!"

I slowly got up, panting. "Yes...yes Mistress...Mistress Mew." I slowly ran back to the beginning of the Tauros pen.

I had to outrun an angry herd of them to raise my speed. And can I just say, it's super hard.

"Start!" Mew shouted, and the Tauros rampaged towards me.

I started running away, dodging the obstacles Mew set up.

"Come back so we can smash you!" the Tauros shouted, catching up to me.

"Never!" I shouted back, and continued running.

A few minutes later, I was near the end, and I was exhausted.

"Almost...there." I gasped, running even harder.

I ran and ran until, I felt something stir within me. And then, I was surrounded in a bright light.

"Jayden!" Mew exclaimed. "I'm so proud! You're evolving!"

I felt myself changing. My form. My attitude. My powers.

When the light died down, I still kept running. Sure, I was so happy that I finally evolved, but I didn't really want to be crushed by rampaging Touros.

When I got to the end, I jumped for joy!

"I can't believe it!" I exclaimed. "I evolved! I evolved! I can't believe I evolved!"

"Well I can." Mew said, floating down to my eye level. "You trained hard. Now that you evolved, we train a harder, then we battle her."


Yes, I knew who Mew was talking about.


The one who turned me against my mistress.

I growled, and Mew looked at me approvingly. "Let's start your new training, little Umbreon."

I grinned at my Mistress.

I would defeat that scoundrel, Night, in no time.

"Yes," I grinned. "Let's start now."

Even later...

"Run, run, as fast as you can!" Mew giggled. "Dodge the rocks! Run away from the angry Beedrill! Stay away from the quick sand!"

I ran as fast as I could away from the angry Beedrill. It was slightly easier because I evolved, but it was still hard. Especially since there were rocks flying at me, and it was dark. I could barely see, and I had to make sure I didn't fall in the quick sand or get get hit by the flying rocks.

"Ah!" I screamed as a rock almost hit my head.

"Keep running, little Umbreon!" Mew shouted.

"Of course, Mistress Mew!" I shouted back, trying to run faster. "Anything for you, mistress!"

Mew smiled smugly at that, and I kept running.

"Come back, little Umbreon!" the Beedrill shouted at me.

I growled and spun around, facing them. "NO ONE CAN CALL ME THAT EXCEPT MISTRESS MEW!" I gathered all my strength and tried to do a Shadow Ball.

A faint ball of darkness showed, and I tried to make it bigger.

"C'mon, c'mon." I muttered, and shot it at the Beedrill.

Despite it being slightly small, it exploded and hit the Beedrill, damaging them like any normal attack.

They growled at me, but I stood my ground.


The Beedrill charged at me, and I felt myself disappear for a second. I took this advantage and tackled the Beedrill while I was invisible. After I tackled the Beedrill, I appeared again.

The Beedrill scattered, and I smirked at them.

I walked proudly towards Mew, expecting praise.

"Good work, little Umbreon. You learned Shadow Ball and Faint Attack." Mew smiled, and I bristled with pride. "One more test, and you're ready!"

I grinned.

Even more later...

"Walk." Mew instructed, as I nervously looked over the edge.

"Over a volcano?!" I squeaked, terrified. I've told anyone this, but I was deadly afraid of lava. And now I had to walk on a tightrope over it?!

"Are you scared?" Mew said.

I stood tall. I could not disappoint my mistress. "O-of course not! I'm as ready as ever!"

"Then walk."

I nervously walked to the beginning, and I looked across. It was a good 15 feet across.

I took a deep breath, and started walking.

One paw in front of the other. That's all. I thought, keeping my head straight ahead, not looking down. Just pretend you're not over lava. Pretend that you're over grassy hills...hills that will burn you up if you fall!

I hurried across, feeling the heat hit my face. When I made it across, I fell to the ground, panting.

"Good!" Mew called from the other side of the volcano. "Now go back!"

I paled, but stood up. I got back on the tightrope, and slowly walked across, back to where Mew was.

"Made it." I gasped once I made it across.

"Good!" Mew exclaimed, and I weakly stood up. "Now, do it 10 more times!"

I sweatdropped. I had to act tough for this, even though on the inside, I was terrified.

Even more later after the other later...

I stepped off tightrope after 10 more times, panting. The heat had hit my face the entire time, making me feel hot and tired.

"You did wonderful." Mew said, and I had to stop myself from falling asleep right there on the spot. "You deserve a good rest." she held up the Master Ball.

But, before I got returned, Mew said, "You won't ever disobey me again, right, little Umbreon? You'll always stay by my side?"

"Of...of course." I said, sleepily. "Can...can I sleep now?"

Mew giggled. "Of course, little Umbreon. Sweet dreams."

I got returned to the Master Ball, as soon as I fell asleep.

Sweet dreams. I heard again. Sweet dreams...

Night's P.O.V.

It's almost been a month… Mew had taken that poor girl Jayden and when they come back… will I ever be able to convince Jayden to leave Mew? Somehow I doubt it because every person she changes into a Pokemon that gets caught and trains with her stays as her loyal puppet forever, I've only been lucky so far that I haven't been caught yet.

I can't keep this up… if I don't find Mew's home I can't save anyone! DANG IT! Out of frustration I used Dark Pulse on a tree and destroyed it.

I need to calm down… all this frustration is starting to get to me… my fur keeps spiking up and my claws keep coming out like I have the urge to scratch something.

I walked over to the pond and stared at my reflection and all I see is a shiny Zorua staring back, both of us looking lost and alone.

"So Night, have you decided yet?" that voice shocked me as I spun around and saw the last creature I wanted to see: Mew.

"What do you want?" I growled irritably at her, usually I'm the one who goes out hunting for her not the other way around and I could already tell this spelled trouble.

Mew just grinned at me happily and I so badly wanted to rip that grin off her face. They say she's cute but I could tell she's an evil twisted playful maniac who enjoys taking others away from their homes and brainwash them into being her loyal slaves, but not me she'll never get me and once I find her home, I'll make sure she'll never do it to anyone else ever again.

Mew held out the familiar Master Ball she caught Jayden in a month ago, and I glared at it.

"Not much I just wanted to see if I could finally capture you today with my newest and most improved Pokemon. Jayden, come on out!"

I actually couldn't believe it when she sent out Jayden… no longer was she that silver shiny Eevee, now she's a fully evolved shiny Umbreon with blue glowing rings and yellow eyes glaring down at me as if I just committed a horrible crime, which I guess to her I probably did when I managed to break her out of Mew's brainwashing effects for a few seconds.

"You…" she growled at me and I cringed knowing she must've wanted this match because I almost managed to snap her out of it. "I've been training long and hard to make you pay! You made me attack my Mistress Mew and I felt guilty for it and I pushed myself to the limit just to prove I'm loyal to my one and only Mistress."

I frowned and lowered my ears as I looked back at my reflection in the water for a second and turned back to Jayden who was still growling and battle ready.

"I see… Mew's brainwashed you well." I said, trying not to show any emotions as I felt my claws wanting to slash something made of flesh… this is not a good sign.

I've heard many stories about Dark types before and sometimes if one is pushed too far they will lose all sense of sanity and turn into bloody psychotic killers, none of them were good.

Jayden jumped and tried to Headbutt me, but I jumped out of the way, unfortunately Mew's training made her much faster, because her tail suddenly turned to steel and whacked me in the face!

"I've gotten stronger little Zorua, so don't think you can just push me around anymore." Jayden smirked as she threw a Shadow Ball at me.

I jumped over the Shadow Ball and Fury Swipe her face five times before she jumped back and glared at me with those yellow eyes. She's gotten much faster and stronger now.

"Are you sure you're okay with Mew turning this world into her castle? What about your friends and family, what will happen to them?" I was trying to reason with her again since it worked last time.

This time however she didn't falter and looked at Mew with a bright smile, "I think it's a wonderful idea, everyone will always have fun."

"That's right." Mew giggled and looked at me, "Jayden's part of the family now Night, my family."

"You warped her mind… Jayden don't you remember your time as human?"

"SHUT UP! Quit stalling!" Jayden lunged at me and before I could think, she used Night Daze and pushed me back to the tree… I'm going to be feeling that in the morning.

It's no good… I've been hunting Mew down but I never did train myself, I only knew the basics. Dark Pulse is the only good move I know, the rest are just Fury Swipes, Fake Tears and a simple Scratch attack… wait, I have the ability to use Illusion… maybe I could use that to break Jayden out of Mew's clutches.

I quickly lunged myself at Mew and worked up a dust cloud so I could use my illusion before Jayden registered what I was doing. When she did, she rushed over.

"DON'T YOU DARE HURT MY MISTRESS!" she screamed and when the dust cloud cleared she was shocked to see not one, but two Mews and no Zorua.

"Quick, little Umbreon. Attack her!" I yelled pointing at the real Mew.

"What? No! Don't disobey me again! Attack her she's the phony!" Mew jabbed at me.

"She's the fake! What a dirty little trick, you naughty Zorua!" I knew her well enough to know what she would say and it's working.

"No, you're the naughty Zorua!" she snapped back at me.

Jayden was looking between the two of us confused and unsure who's the real one. My plan is working, if she could just distract the real Mew, I could go for her Master Ball and break it. Once I do that she'll break out of Mew's control over her.

Unfortunately, it seems fate didn't want me to do that because Jayden did something very rash and desperate.

"I'M SO CONFUSED! Mistress Mew I'm truly sorry about this, but this is the only way I can find out who's the fake. TAKE THIS!" Jayden threw two Shadow Balls, one at Mew and another at me.

Mew skillfully dodged it, but I was hit. While a Ghost type move like that doesn't normally do a lot of damage to a Dark type like me, it still did a lot of damage because I don't have a lot of stamina and endurance, and I was thrown to the ground and lost my illusion.

"You did well little Umbreon, Night has been weakened enough to the point I can catch her now with this Dusk Ball." Mew smirked as she took out the accursed ball she's been saving specially for me.

Jayden smiled proudly, apparently she's happy that she pleased her 'Mistress', but I knew better. Looks like fighting back with brute force isn't going to work… I'm going to have to try something else.

As Jayden and Mew approached me an idea formed in my head… it's crude and very twisted but it's all I could think of to get them to back off from me. I smirked and got a crazed look in my eyes and having my eyes red makes it even better, I began laughing like a maniac which sounded a bit too real to my liking.

Jayden and Mew began to get nervous and backed up a bit as I laughed harder and smiling widely.

"Uh… Night are you okay?" Mew actually sounded concerned, yeah like I'll believe that baloney.

Then I decided to say something I once heard someone else said in a creepypasta I use to read, "Oh… nothing's wrong… but I feel like playing… do you want to play?"

"N-Night… you're starting to scare me." Jayden said nervously.

"Hee, hee, hee, ha, ha, ha, HEHEHEHA, HEHEHA! Come play with me! I DARE YA!" I laughed and shouted loudly.

And with that Jayden fled, completely frighten by my sudden 'insanity'. Just because Jayden's an Umbreon, doesn't mean that she doesn't get scared. Mew, probably also getting scared of me, went after her.

"Wait! Jayden!"

When they were gone, I let out a breath of relief, "That was a close one… Mew almost caught me that time. Thank goodness I used to read that creepypasta about the Tails Doll back when I was a human, but I better get out of here and find a place to recover before they come back." but what disturbed me was how much enjoyment I had when I acted like that and scared the living daylights out of them, it wasn't like me… oh well I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

Jayden's POV

I can't believe I left Mistress Mew behind with that maniac! I thought to myself, running back to where we were before. I wonder what Night did to her while I was gone...I have to find her!

The way Night acted raised an old memory for me.

You see, I used to have an old friend, Riz. She was older than me, and went on her Pokemon adventure before me. She said she would wait for me, but I told her to go on, knowing how much she wanted to go. I haven't heard from her for about a year.

Besides that, she used to read stories on creepypasta about some Tails Doll. And sometimes, she used to act like it.

I was sad, remembering the memory.

It surfaced because Night had done what Riz used to do. The Tails Doll impression.

No! I thought, shaking my head. I can't be thinking about stuff like that! I have to protect my mistress from Night!

I crept through the darkness, looking for any sign of Mew or Night.

"Hello?" I called, blowing my cover. "Mistress Mew? Are you here? I...I'm sorry for not staying and protecting you...please don't hate me." I sniffed.

"Jayden...come closer...I'm...lonely..." I heard a voice as I passed a mirror that I hadn't noticed before.

I stepped away from it as it glowed a bright red. It was really scary.

I've never told anyone this, except Riz, but I'm scared extremely easy. I just hope that whoever spoke before, didn't know this.

"H-hello?" I squeaked. "W-who are you?"

"Just come closer...please? I'm...lonely." the voice spoke again, and is sounded closer.

"D-don't come any closer!" I said, walking backwards, away from the weird mirror. "I-I know attacks and I-I can defeat you...and stuff..."

"Aw, now don't be like that...I only want to play..."

As soon as the voice stopped talking, a bloody shiny Zorua appeared in the mirror, with bloody claws and it was smiling widely with bloody teeth.

"What's wrong?" the Zorua asked, as I froze with fear. "Why are you so scared? Don't you want to play? After all, you let Mew play with you, so why not me?"

I unfroze and ran away, screaming the entire time. "AHHHH! SCARY ZORUA!"

"You cannot escape..." the Zorua said. "I just want to play...no matter where you go, I will find you...hee, hee, hee." and with that, it disappeared from the mirror.

With my heart thumping loudly in my chest, I backed away. "That...was scary." I said. "I need to find Mistress Mew and tell her. Mistress Mew!"

I ran to the left, but stopped short when the shiny Zorua appeared in front of me, covered in blood.

"I told you... I would find you..." she chuckled, evilly. "Now play with me, little Umbreon, hee." her claws grew longer. "I promise it will be fun."

"AHH!" I screamed as she stalked towards me. I cowered back. "P-PLEASE! D-DON'T HURT ME! I-I'LL DO ANYTHING!"

"...anything?" the shiny Zorua said, grinning evilly. "Then come closer, little Umbreon...I want to know something."

I was irritated by the nickname that I only let my Mistress call me, but I tried not to snap at her, not wanting to get hurt.

"P-promise you won't hurt me?" I said, inwardly cursing myself for stuttering with fear.

The Zorua didn't say anything and smirked.

"First, let me ask you a question." she hissed in my ear.

I jumped at the sudden noise in my hear, since I didn't see her in the dark, despite being an Umbreon.

"If you could be free of Mew, would you go for it?" she hissed the question in my hear, and I shivered.

"I...I don't know." I answered, not entirely truthful.

The Zorua hissed a warning at me, while her fur spiked as if ready to kill.

"You better answer correct if you want to live... or you could become my own toy." she threatened.

I looked around nervously and lied. "Yes...I would..."

"Good." the Zorua said. "Then I want you to do something ...follow me ...don't worry ...I won't kill you ...as long as you don't become reckless." she grinned, showing her sharp, bloody teeth, before walking ahead.

"O-okay...um..." I trailed off, and the Zorua looked at me.

"What's your problem?" she hissed.

"It's just...I...don't know your name." I said quickly, trying to hide my embarrassment.

The Zorua paused, then continued walking. "Riz." she said.

I blinked, and ran to catch up with her.

But before I could say anything the Zorua, sorry, Riz, started talking. "You see that little Master Ball over at the distant? That's your Master Ball... now I will give you two choices: you can destroy it and free yourself from Mew's grasp or... I'll strike you down, which will it be? Oh and if you're wondering where Mew is... let's just say I've frighten her to the point that she's sleeping right now."

My eyes widened. "S-sleep? A-as in...dead?"

Riz grinned evilly. "No, she knocked herself out...now, what are you going to do?"

I blink and mutter to myself. "Why would she do that?" then, I turned to Riz. "And to answer your question...Riz. I'm sorry, but Mistress Mew is more important than my life."

"That's...too bad..." Riz said, and extended her claws. "Very well...good-bye Jayden."

She tackled me, her claws striked and all I saw was red. I screamed in shock and pain as she striked me again and again. I fell to the ground, and I closed my eyes. But...I heard a voice. It was similar to Riz's, yet different too, less sinister.

"Hey! Wake up sleepyhead!" the mystery person shouted. "It's almost afternoon!"

I snapped my head up and hit someone else's.

"Ah!" I screamed. "Riz!"

Night's P.O.V.

I walked around the clearing, feeling a bit dizzy lately, but then I saw Jayden lying unconscious on the hills… where was Mew? I looked up at the sky and saw she was playing with some Flying Pokemon, knowing this could be my best chance, I went over to Jayden.

As I got closer I noticed she seems to be cringing and moaning a lot like she's having a nightmare. Worried, I decided to try and wake her up from it and said in a cheery voice, "Hey! Wake up sleepyhead it's almost afternoon!"

And just like that, she jolted awake and hit me in the head! Ouch… but what surprised me was when she saw me she screamed in fear, "Ah! Riz!"

I blinked… how did she…? "How did you know my real name? I haven't used that name since I've been turned into a Zorua."

Jayden stared at me with wide eyes full of fear and anticipation, that made me flinch, as I didn't expect her to be so afraid of me, "And why are you acting like I'm going to kill you? I mean I know gave you a little scare earlier but that's nothing to freak out about."

"W-where is Mew? I've got to help her!" she cried, quickly standing up.

"Whoa there. Before you go running off to the unknown Mew is fine, she's just in the sky playing with some Flying Pokemon." I answered her quickly.

When Jayden saw the little pink menace she actually gave a breath of relief before sitting back down, but she seemed uneasy around me.

I sighed as I scratched my ear and said, "So… did you have a nightmare?"

Her yellow eyes shifted around and she nervously said, "Uh… n-no."

I rolled my eyes, "You're lying, I could tell… now what was your nightmare about and how did you know my real name?"

She blinked as she looked at me, "You're… Riz?"

I just sighed out of irritation, "Never mind, I guess it's not all that important, just tell me about your nightmare."

"Well… you were covered in blood, had really sharp claws and teeth and kept saying you wanted to play and there was this mirror and you kept finding me and you wanted me to destroy my Master Ball but I didn't want to betray Mistress Mew and you killed me with your incredibly sharp claws it felt so real!" she said all in one breath, making it hard to understand her.

"Slow down!"

"And you told me your name was Riz in my dream." she finished.

Her nightmare… it almost sounded like I was playing the Tails Doll like I use to do when I was human and sometimes I would prank my friend… wait… Jayden was her name and we use to always hang out together… how could I have forgotten about her? I was all ready to go on my Pokemon Journey but I wanted to wait for her, but she insisted I go on ahead… I hadn't seen nor heard from her since.

And I've been so busy trying to hunt down Mew I've forgotten about her… I thought her name sounded familiar… but could this really be the same Jayden? Kura, Jayden and I always use to hang out together… before we got torn apart.

A question has been bugging me though, "In your nightmare… did I kill Mew?"

Jayden looked away and said, "Well… not Mew… but…"

If she is indeed my friend Jayden than she wouldn't know exactly what I meant if I had said it my way… "If I had said 'Mew just knocked herself out' it meant I did kill her but with illusions so terrifying that her body went into shock and shut down, she could no longer move or respond to the outside world, she became brain dead so she's as good as dead anyway."

That's when she grew quiet and scared that I could even hear her heart beating against her chest as she stared at me completely horrified. It doesn't look like she's willing to leave Mew, but now that I know she's indeed Jayden my friend, I have a whole other reason to go after Mew now.

I stood up and turned back to her, smirking this caused her to flinch. My smirk grew. Looks like she's still easily scared.

I said in a calm tone, "Well I may be a Dark type and a Tricky Fox, but that doesn't mean I'm going to kill anyone, even Mew, however, that doesn't mean I'm not capable of doing so. The next time you wish to fight me don't push me too far." though I sounded calm inwardly I knew something was happening to me, Jayden's dream confirmed it.

Jayden doesn't realize this but she can sometime see glimpses of the future when she dreams and it doesn't look good for me. Clearly I would sooner or later lose it finally and I'll end up going on a killing spree and turn into the Tails Doll myself.

"Hey… what am I doing out here anyway?" she asked suddenly.

"You knocked yourself out when you were running and Mew carried you out here so you could rest." I explained having seen her stupidly running into a tree and knocked herself out (and no I don't mean she died).

Jayden gave me a nervous look again, "If you are Riz… then…"

I already knew what she's going to say, she obviously remembers me and, like Kura before her, she wants me to be captured by Mew, but I've already said I wouldn't let her catch me no matter what.

"No Jayden, I'm not going to let Mew catch me." I said firmly.

Her eyes widen and said, "But why not? You'll be happy with her she will train you to get stronger and maybe you won't be so lonely anymore…"

I see… she's worried I would become like in her nightmares… and if something's not done soon I probably will be, but I can't worry about that right now.

"I'm sorry Jayden… if you meet with a Ninetales that goes by the name Kura be sure to say 'hi' for me." I began walking away.

"Hey where are you going?" she asked me.

I stopped and, without turning to face, answered, "I don't know. I suppose where ever someone needs my help the next time Mew acts up, I'm not strong enough to take her on yet and you obviously don't want to part with her."

"Yeah, but…"

I shook my head, "Good-bye Jayden, may we meet again in another time and place." and with those parting words I dashed off ignoring Jayden's calls.

Forgive me old friend, but I didn't want you to see me cry. I thought to myself as hot tears began falling from my cheeks.

Jayden's POV

"RIZ!" I called, trying to run after her, but I tripped over my feet, sorry, paws, again. "NO! RIZ! COME BACK! Don't...don't leave me..."

My tail and ears drooped as Riz didn't come back. She just kept running.

I felt hot tears beginning to fall down my face, and I looked down, trying to stop them from falling.

"Please..." I whispered. "Come back..."

I watched as I saw Riz disappear into the woods, and I layed down on the grassy hills, tears flowing down my down my cheeks.

The only friend I had as a human, besides Kura, was now my enemy. If I had no friends when I was with Mew, then what was the point of staying with her? If I went with Riz, I would be with a friend...

I was torn. If I stay with Mew, I would only be with Mew, no one else. But, if I followed Riz...

"Jayden?" Mew said from above me. "Are you awake?"

I jumped and hurried to wipe away any tears. Thankfully, Mew didn't notice.

"We have lots to do." Mew bubbled, giggling. "C'mon, little Umbreon. Let's teach you some new moves. And once that happens, you will fight Night once again, and I will capture her in this Dusk Ball." she held of the Dusk Ball that she saved for Riz.

Suddenly, all good feelings of Riz disappeared from me. Our friendship that we had as humans, was replaced by dislikeness that we now have as Pokemon. And...for some reason...I felt the urge to fight Riz again...and win.

"Then let's start." I grinned maliciously.

"That's what I like to hear!" Mew exclaimed happily, doing a flip in the air.


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