So, in the meantime between those lulls in my creative process for ANP, I've been writing out smaller side projects while my muse rests and prepares for another major writing session. This one is probably the most flushed out, even though it wasn't the first that I started with. Therefore: It will not update nearly as often as ANP will, although I will attempt to devote time to it as I can. Please Review, especially this soon in the story it will be most helpful with ideas.

Harry Potter

The Power of the Dark Side


Flight of Foresight

Darth Cognus, Dark Lord of the Sith, watched in disappointment as her apprentice's Sith Infiltrator sped away from the ruins of the Dark Force temple of Dromund Kaas. Instead of standing for what he claimed to have believed in, and fighting his master for the mantle of Sith Master, Darth Millennial had chosen to flee, abandoning his infant religion of the so-called 'Prophets of the Dark Side'. Darth Cognus had known of her apprentice's disagreements with the Rule of Two, but she had not expected the human mutant to actually break away from the Sith Order and form his own branch off of Dark Side users.

Cognus had, as soon as she heard of the insurrection, immediately come to Dromund Kaas and wiped out the pathetic Dark Jedi and fledgling Sith that her apprentice had started to train, her immense knowledge of the Dark Side and her twin crimson lightsabers making quick work of the far weaker followers of her wayward apprentice. She would have killed the three eyed human as well, but Darth Millennial had taken the opportunity caused by his supporters attempting to slay his master to flee to the hangar of the Dark Side temple he had claimed on the planet, and flee, jumping to hyperspace before Cognus could track him.

But it was of no consequence. Either Darth Millennial would return and finish what they started, the final conflict that would decide the new Sith Master, or he would disappear from the universe and Cognus would train a new apprentice in his place. No matter what, the Sith Order would survive, as it always had, and must, until the Jedi were defeated and the galaxy fell to their might. 'But still,' Darth Cognus thought as she returned to her shuttle, 'Millennial had so much potential for our Order, and such a gift with foresight.'

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~line break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Darth Millennial, Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side and apprentice to the Dark Lord of the Sith, breathed a small sigh of relief as the star lines of hyperspace surrounded his Infiltrator. Escaping from the tracking powers that his Iktotchi master possessed was not a simple task, and only his own mastery of the Dark Side was keeping him one step ahead of his master's wrath. Unbeknown to his master, however, it was more than mere cowardice that drove Millennial to postpone the final confrontation with Darth Cognus. No, the true reasons for Darth Millennial and his supposed departure from the true Sith Order were all part of an elaborate plan wrought by foresight and prophecy.

The Force was calling to Darth Millennial, urging him to seek out something, or someone, far away from the known aspects of the galaxy and deep in the unknown regions. Naturally, Millennial knew that Cognus would be overly suspicious if he just up and left to search out this call from the Dark Side, so he fabricated the false Dark Side religion to force his master to 'drive' him away to the destiny the Force was making for him. And now his plan was realized. The poor fools that thought he would give them unlimited power and knowledge of the Dark Side fell before his master's blades as he prepped his ship for his departure into the unknown.

Finally, as the call of the Dark Side spiked in his mind, he manually pulled out of Hyperspace, drifting through a small solar system, with only eight planets orbiting a bright golden sun. The Force was strong in the outer regions of the system, but the brightest pull to Darth Millennial, woven as part of his Sith trance, came from the third planet from the yellow star.

A provincial scan of the planet showed no technology close to what Millennial and his starship possessed, so he activated the ship's cloaking devise and followed the Force down onto the planet, finally settling down his craft in a grove of trees, departing what appeared to be a park, and shrouding himself in the power of the Dark Side, Darth Millennial searched for his new apprentice. The trail of darkness led Darth Millennial to a set of dwellings that all appeared completely identical as they stretched along a paved roadway. The Force was only truly present around the fourth house away from Millennial.

Approaching the residence, the Sith Lord felt a powerful wave of energy, not the Force, but something else. It was almost like a shield surrounding the house in a glowing light, preventing the Dark Lord from entering the property. Irritated, Millennial began to probe the foreign presence with the Dark Side, looking for any weaknesses or deficiency in the ward to grant him access. It was completely baffling; the shield had no flaws, and rejected every attempt the Sith Lord made to gauge the power of the barrier withholding his future apprentice from him.

Snarling in anger, Millennial switched tactics. Thrusting out his hands, the three eyed mutant dove into the power of the Dark Side and sent waves of it washing over the shield, striving to overpower it with brute strength. Against the power of a Dark Lord of the Sith, this primitive shield was no match, which was clearly proven as it shattered, granting Darth Millennial entry at last.