Summary: Sherlock doesn't understand why he has to deal with children on Halloween. Meanwhile, John is enjoying the extra attention.

Note: Something really quick for Halloween that I couldn't put up yesterday because of well...Halloween.

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"Oh Sherlock, doesn't John look adorable? I was worried it wouldn't fit, but it's just perfect!"

Sherlock stepped into his flat with his hands full and stared at the scene before him. Ms. Hudson,dressed as a witch, fixed the last of the costume before standing up from her kneeling position. A very resigned looking puppy dressed in a soldier uniform sat quietly on the floor. John gave his tail one wag in response to seeing Sherlock was home, but the look he gave his owner was one of pleading. It was obvious that he was humoring their landlady, but wanted the costume off. For once, Sherlock didn't know what to say.

He didn't understand why he had to help give candy in the first place. Halloween was a horrible marketing ploy that had nothing to do with the origins of the holiday itself. So, he shouldn't be subjected to having little monsters dressed up in cheap costumes on his doorstep. He realized that he was quiet for too long and went into the kitchen to put down his bags.

"Quite. I am going to assume that John agreed to being dressed in an inaccurate soldier costume?" he said, pulling out bags of candy.

Ms. Hudson gave him a playful swat on the arm and pointed to the empty bowls. "I had to find him first and he gave me a little struggle, but he makes a perfect little soldier. Don't you John?"

John scratched at the strap holding his helmet on with his paw. He let out a loud snort at the helmet covered his eyes and struggled to get it off. Sherlock smirked as Ms. Hudson rushed over to help as he focused on his task. Really, John should have know it was coming. Their landlady spoke about getting him into something all month and making him help with the handing out of sweet. Once the bowls were full, Sherlock turned to see that John had failed in getting the helmet off. Instead, he was being smothered in a hug from Ms. Hudson.

A glare that promised revenge for not helping his pup came Sherlock's way and he figured that John had enough torture for one day. Well, not before he snapped a picture for future use. He walked over and plucked the disgruntled pup into his arms, adjusting his grip. John nipped his fingers as they came close and rested his head on his shoulder. Sherlock figured he did deserve that and found himself being nearly blinded by flashes as Ms. Hudson took pictures.

"Don't think your free either, young man. Find one of those funny disguises in your closet to put on and help out." She grabbed one of the candy bowls off the table as the doorbell rang. "It will do you some good to have fun."

Sherlock didn't get to protest as she left the flat. Soon enough, he heard the chorus of children as the front door was opened. He let out a chuckle as John turned towards the door and the helmet slid down over his eyes. He fixed it as he headed to the bedroom. He could comply this once, especially if it would make their landlady forgive him about the head in the fridge. Sherlock already had a good idea of what to dress up as. The night would be much more bearable if he managed to scare some children away

"Let's give Ms. Hudson a good Halloween night, shall we?"