Title: Refuge

Author: Constance Truggle

Fandom: Buffy/Fast and the Furious

Rating: FR7

Pairing: None.

Summary: Buffy runs across Brian and Dom in LA.

Disclaimer: Don't own Buffy or Fast and the Furious.

Word Count: 1591

Author's Note: This takes place just after Season Seven for Buffy and just after Brian picks Dom up and gets caught by Johnny Tran and Co. Yet another way that Buffy could be introduced to Dom.

Brian and Dom were walking back toward the Toretto homestead after Tran's cousin shot up the car. They were just about to the opening of an alleyway when sounds of a scuffle reached them, followed by the body of some thing that reeked something fierce.

"Stinky," Brian commented blandly, as if he were merely discussing the weather.

Dom looked at the cool-as-a-cucumber blond. "What the hell?"

"Wonder what it is," Brian continued.

"Boretz demon," called a voice from the alley as a blonde woman sauntered out, a sword hefted over one shoulder. With a single swing, she separated the thing's head from its shoulders.

"Hey, Buffy," Brian said, just as blasé as he'd been the entire time.

"Hey, Brian. Hey, Brian's friend."

Dom studied the little blonde who was studying him right back even as she wrapped her arms around the other man.

"Dom, this is my sister, Buffy. Buffy, Dom."

"Nice to meet you," Dom said. Never let it be said that his mama didn't make sure he knew his manners, but... "What the hell is going on, Brian?"

"Uh, that's Buffy's department."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Boretz demons like to prey on the homeless. They stink, so that's a crime against humanity right there. And if they bite you, it's poisonous."

"Like rabies?" Dom asked. That's some freaky shit right there.

"Like snakes and spiders."

"Shit, man! That kinda thing a regular occurrence?"

"Yeah, but like I said; they really only prey on the homeless. A lot of the time, you can't even tell they're not homeless themselves."

"You can?"

Brian stood back and watched his sister interact with Dom while he considered things. She was in LA. She lived in Sunnydale. She hadn't really been to LA since just after Hank split to Spain. So what the hell was going on? As soon as Buffy paused in her explanation about the Slayer and the local nightlife to Dom, he cut in.

"Buffy, not that I'm not glad to see you. I am. But what are you doing here?"

Buffy gave him a weird look, one he just knew said he was an idiot. In a major way. "Do you ever watch the news?" she asked.

"Not often, no. Why?"

"Damn. Sunnydale became a sinkhole, Bri."

Holy shit. How did he not know this? "When?"

"Last week, man. You really didn't hear about that?" Dom put in.

"Nah, man."

"It doesn't surprise me," Buffy said to Dom. "He's always been a bit of an idiot when it came to current events. Unless it has to do with cars. Then he's completely up to date." She rolled her eyes and gave her brother a fond smile.

"So what are you doing now?" Brian asked as they resumed walking. They were about halfway to Dom's place, and he was ready to just call a taxi service. Except, shit. Tran made them leave their phones in the car. Something about punishing Dom for being in Tran's neighborhood.

"Heading to Europe tomorrow. Everyone else is already gone, some in England... Xander went to Africa. Dawnie's going to Oxford to study languages. Willow's heading to Rio with her girlfriend," Buffy said. Her voice had hitched a few times, and Brian knew better than to ask about it just then. She'd talk when she was ready. But he had a couple questions.


"Yeah. When we closed the Hellmouth and sunk Sunnydale, we called all the slayers. In the world. Xander's gone to round up those in Africa."

"Okay, I get that. But why would Xander choose Africa?" He had met the other man once. He'd heard a lot more about him over the years, too. The kid just didn't seem like the type to choose Africa. He didn't know any of the languages there or anything. And he wasn't the type to want to learn them, the blond thought.



"She died at the end. She finally decided to stand and fight and she died doing it, so Xander is trying to get away from anything that would remind him of her. Giles offered him Russia, but after Anya's stories about inciting rebellions and shit in Russia, well, he wasn't too keen on it."

Dom had been just listening to the siblings talk, taking in all the new information she had given him. Vampires and shit were actually real. That just blew his mind. Crazy. But now they were talking about relocating all over the world. Connections like that could be useful.

"So where you headed, then? If all your friends are spreading out," he asked.

Buffy considered her brother's friend a moment and shrugged. "Rome, apparently. So, why're we walking? Brian, at the very least, should have a car." She arched an eyebrow at the two men, noting Brian's sheepish look.

"It exploded," Dom said.

"It exploded." Buffy's voice was very dry.

"It got shot, a shot hit the NOS, and the NOS ignited. It exploded," was Brian's explanation.

"And you don't have phones?"

"Those exploded, too."

Buffy laughed at Dom's wry tone. "Fine. I'm calling a cab."

Weeks later, Buffy thought back to the party at Dom's that was in full swing when the boys got out of the taxi. Brian had called her later that night and told her what was going on and about his undercover assignment. She told him she didn't think it was going to end well; he was already too attached to Dom to ever turn the man in. And as is the way of things, her phone rang just then.


"Buffy, it's Brian."

"Hey. What's up?"

"You were right."

"Of course I was," she said in her best Duh! voice. "What was I right about?"

"This assignment. He won't... I can't send him to prison, Buff."

"Alright, Brian. Listen to me." Her mind had been working overtime as soon as he identified himself. "Get him out of LA. Give him my number and tell him to call me. I need a couple of hours to set something up, but he'll be safe as long as he can stay out of trouble until I'm done. Three hours tops, okay?"

She heard him relaying everything and grimaced. Dom did not sound happy. She had to have faith that the man had a working self-preservation instinct, though. She heard the sound of an engine revving then nothing but Brian's breathing.


"Hey. Sorry. Dom's gone."

"What happened?" He told her everything, then. From falling in love with Mia to realizing that what he wanted was to be a part of Dom's world; from Race Wars to blowing his cover to save Vince to that last horrible race to the tracks. He left nothing out and she felt for him. She really did. But all she could do now was help his friend.

When Dom called her, she gave him some instructions to follow and that was it. Didn't tell him what she was doing or anything. But he was there in Ensenada, waiting, when she called him back and told him a redhead was going to be swinging by in about five minutes. She was still on the phone when she heard Willow's voice, only a minute later.

After that, things happened at a whirlwind speed. Soon enough, Dom was standing in front of her, having been thrust through a portal. And man did he look disoriented! Perhaps she should have made sure that Willow explained things to him? Of course, the witch likely thought that Buffy had done so, and she would have if Willow had arrived just a bit later. Miscommunication made for amusing expressions, though, Buffy thought.

"Hey Dom. Welcome to Rome."

After the mess in Miami went down and Brian was cleared of his seven pages of applicable charges, he came out to Italy to visit. He wasn't that surprised by what he found. Letty had been in regular contact with Dom, and he was happy to know that she was settling down. He was a bit shocked to find she was settling down with some Nicaraguan, though. Vince was living in Rio with a girl and it was looking pretty serious there. They never pinned anything on Leon. After Dom had left, Brian had gone out on the highway and wiped down the cars, and Leon's prints never hit any but his own. He'd changed out the tires, so they didn't even have that for proof positive. Mia was minding the family business and finishing her university courses. She would be flying out for the summer to spend time with her brother. And Dom was doing well. Doing what he loved in a legit way. Buffy had pulled some of the Council's strings to make it happen, he supposed, and he'd never seen Dom happier. Buffy was still dancing around things with Dom, and Brian thought it was hilarious. She'd been hurt enough to fear commitment, and Dom had never really committed to anybody besides Letty.

Brian was happy. His little family had grown, Dom didn't hate him for life, and once they got over themselves, his sister and his friend would be happy together. He'd have to make sure he came out to visit during the summer.