Title: Subject Matter

Author: Constance Truggle

Fandom: Buffy/Fast and the Furious

Rating: FR7

Pairing: None

Summary: Buffy's fight with a demon ends up in the middle of a street race.

Disclaimer: Don't own Buffy or Fast and the Furious

Word Count: 1843

Author's Note: Just another way for the two worlds to comingle. I've been kinda stuck on this fandom. I'm trying to get back to Iron Man or Batman, but neither will work for me. Sorry about the lack of variety. :/

Dom had just started laying out just how much Brian had fucked up in the race when something small and blonde came flying over and landed on the hood of somebody's car. He stared along with everyone else until she rolled off the car and into a crouch. Her eyes seemed to zero in on Dom's group with the look of a predator before inexplicably lighting up with the biggest fucking smile Dom had seen in a long time.

"Brian?!" came her voice and everybody turned to look at the Snowman. "Fancy meeting you here. You know what I could use right now, Bri?" she continued.

"Yeah? What's that, Buff?"

"A nice, shiny weapon. You got a nice, shiny weapon for me, Brian?"

Dom nearly laughed at the overplayed innuendo. He smirked when Brian nodded.

"Yeah, I got something for you," he said. Then, for some reason that Dom couldn't fathom, Brian opened the passenger side door of his Eclipse and pulled out a sword. A fucking sword of all things.

"Shiny!" the girl crowed and stood up. She caught it effortlessly as Brian through it to her, swinging it once to get the feel of it. Then this thing came roaring through the crowd and this little five foot nothin' launched herself at it, sword swinging. The metal lodged about two thirds of the way through the monster's neck and the blonde looked over, annoyance written on her face.

"Don't you just hate it when a beheading goes wrong? I think you need to sharpen your blades, brother-mine."

Brian rolled his eyes as he glanced at Dom. "Not my fault, man. She's the one who keeps my shit in shape. Can I help it if she hasn't been around to do it for me?"

"Who the fuck is that, Brian?"

"Dios mio! Es la Asesina!"

The girl laughed at Hector's pronouncement as she let go of the sword and ripped the rest of its head off with both hands. Her eyes flashed over to Brian for a moment, waiting for him to field Dom's question.

"She's my sister," Brian said instead, and Hector goggled at him.

"You're related to the Slayer?" he asked.

"Hey! Not the only one anymore, you know!"

"That's not possible, mija. Only one girl at a time," was Hector's reply.

"Yeah. That's how it used to be. But-" she was cut off as cops started flooding the street. The girl hitched the sword up on her shoulder as the racers all fled, leaving her and the corpse of the green monster laying in the street. It was nuts, but Dom circled back around for her and she flashed him a smile as she slid into the seat, sword perched carefully, point down between her legs. She didn't say anything as they pulled into a parking garage and got out, acting like they were just out for a walk. A cop car squealed as it pulled a u-turn and the officer's voice came over the speaker.

"Toretto! Stop right there!"

When he tensed to run, Buffy laid a hand on his arm and looked up at him. "Don't worry. I got this one," she said. For some reason, Dom felt that he could trust the sword wielding girl.

As soon as they had gotten to Los Angeles, Giles and Willow had been working nonstop to find out exactly what the Council could and could not do. What they found amazed all of them, and seriously angered the Scoobies. There were treaties and agreements galore; knowledge of a few of them would have helped them out over the last seven years, too. They'd also gotten the Council assets unlocked and Giles was put in charge of restructuring the Council. Buffy was glad for that information now, as it gave her the ability to help Brian's friend. So they stood their ground as the police car pulled up next to them and the officer got out of the car, hand on his gun and watching them warily. He seemed surprised that Toretto hadn't run, but Buffy didn't care.

"We'll need to take you in for questioning, Toretto," the cop said. He sounded a bit smug to Buffy, and the goddess knew how much Buffy hated smug cops. Or cops in general. Sunnydale PD had soured her on them long before the Hellmouth was closed.

"Hi," Buffy said in her best bubble-gum valley voice. "I'm Buffy Summers," she introduced herself, catching Toretto's glance at her name, the small smile on his mouth. She was used to it.

"Um. Hello, Miss Summers. Officer Johnson," the man said, taking Buffy's outstretched hand automatically.

"Well hi, Officer Johnson!" Buffy smiled, and it was all teeth. "I think you can't take my friend here in, actually. You see, I'm an operative of the Watcher's Council, and according to our treaty with the United States government, my mission has priority. Also, Mr Toretto here has been assisting me in the completion of my mission, and therefore he falls under the umbrella of temporary operative. As we've yet to complete our mission to the specifications laid out to me, I'm afraid you're just going to have to run along now. Or, you know, call your Captain or Chief or whatever you call your boss and verify all this. So maybe hurry up, tell them the Watcher's Council is on a job and we need to be going."

Johnson did just that. He called and as soon as the words Watcher's Council were out of his mouth, the man told him to let them go. They'd have another chance at Toretto when he wasn't so protected. He waved them on and Buffy smiled up at the bald man at her side.

"So, if I know Brian, he'll be looking for you."

"Yeah? He's probably at my place already."

Her phone ringing broke into the night as she pondered that. A glance at the display showed it was Brian and she smirked. "How tall are you?"

Dom blinked at her, "Six foot."

She snapped her phone open. "Hello?"

"Hey, Buffy. You didn't happen to see what happened to one of the guys I was standing with, did you?"

"You mean the ones you were with when the cops came around and you took off, not even giving a thought to your poor sister and how I'd get out of it?"

"Buffy," he growled at her. Actually growled at her. "I knew you wouldn't have any problem with them. Not for that scene, at least. So have you?"

"Have I what?" Buffy asked innocently, rolling her eyes at Toretto. "Have I seen a man, roughly six feet tall, shaved head, goes by the name of Toretto?"

"Yeah, that'd be him."

"Yeah. Saw him about ten minutes ago. You know, when he came back and picked me up."

Dom chuckled and Buffy smiled to show she wasn't really mad at her brother.

"Dammit, Buffy! Just... where are you?"

"I dunno." She looked at her accomplice. "Where are we?"

Dom told her and she relayed the info, then they waited while Brian came for them.

"So when you gonna let him know you're not mad?"

"I hope he already knows it. But on the off chance he doesn't, he'll find out in just a minute. Pretty sure I hear him coming now."

It took another thirty seconds or so for Dom to hear the motor zipping up, then Brian was stopping alongside them, watching his sister.


"Can it, Bri. I'm glad you knew I could handle myself. I'm even happier I didn't have to walk back, though."

Brian grinned a bit. "Yeah, thanks Dom. I appreciate you looking after my sister for me."

"Not a problem, man. She kept the cops off my back," Dom said as he let her in first, so she could climb in back. They were taking off again when Brian restarted the conversation.

"Seriously? Wasn't it you who was coming to me last time you were having cop troubles?"

"C'mon, Brian. That was, like, five years ago. They were trying to pin murder charges on me! Of course I was going to need help!"

"Murder charges at, what? Eighteen?" Dom asked.

"Seventeen. I didn't do it, but my principle saw me sitting with the dead girl. Of course, she was my friend, so yeah, I'd sit there with her after I found her, but he didn't care. He hated me. And anyway, Brian, you're talking to one of the new Board Members for the Watcher's Council."

"Didn't they get bombed just a few months ago?" Brian asked, watching Buffy through the rearview mirror.

"Yeah. Something was trying to kill off all the Watchers and all the Potentials, then Faith had to break out of prison because they were trying to kill her in there, too."

"I heard about that. She still trying to kill you?" Dom was watching them carefully now. Too much easy chatter about people trying to kill people for his peace of mind.

"No. We worked out our issues and she's tucked safely away in England with Giles. But this thing was trying to kill everyone, and I was gonna be the last one it got. Funny, since the line runs through Faith, not me anymore. It almost got me at the end, too, when we turned Sunnydale into a crater."


"You didn't hear about that? I'm not surprised. You never were much for knowing what's going on outside of your little world."

"Like you can talk, Buff?"

Buffy laughed and even Dom smiled at their banter now that they've moved on from death. "At least I knew about Sunnydale."

"'Course you did. You cratered it!"

"Yeah. So. Where we headed?"

"My place. There's bound to be a party going on," Dom said.

Buffy grinned. "Yay!"

Brian wouldn't let her change the subject so easily, though. "Beer bad, Buffy. And this thing that was trying to kill you. Did you get it?"

"Yeah. The First Evil. It's... well, it's not dead. It can't die, after all. But it doesn't have the ability to gain a corporeal body in this dimension anymore. At least, not until someone else who permanently leaves is pulled back." Even Dom noticed the bitterness in her voice at the end, but he shrugged it off. He didn't know her, and while he was grateful for the assist earlier, he didn't know what she was talking about and didn't much care.

"So, this party. Hot guys gonna be there?"

Brian laughed, Dom chuckled, and Buffy finally succeeded in changing the subject. She'd let Brian deal with the fallout of her job showing up in his world.