Lithuania had just finished typing up his replies for his blog, a knock on the door was heard and Toris quickly stood up, closing his laptop. He walked out of his living room, the TV still playing the athletics' in England.

Smiling nervously Lithuania opened the door, to be hugged tightly by his blonde haired friend.

"Liet, it's been like ages since I saw you! We should totally hang out more!" Toris nodded, shutting the door and accompanying his friend into the kitchen. "You like had something you wanted to say to me, right?"

"U-uh yes, I did." Toris nodded, he could do this. Walking up to Poland he took both his hands in his own and smiled. "Kocham cię Poland." He stood back slightly, looking to see the reaction on the Polish boy's face. He frowned slightly seeing his friends reaction. "Don't cry Poland, I'm sorry! I shouldn't have said anything!" Toris sighed, what he didn't expect was for the Pole to walk up to him, place his arms around his neck and give him a quick peck on the lips.

"Aš tave myliu Liet." Poland purred, placing his head on Lithuania's chest and sighing. "and I have for a long time.."

Toris was shocked, Poland liked him back? This changed everything, all his worries that it would be awkward and that the Pole would hate him. The advice he had been given was true, and he would have to thank all the fan's who had given him support.

Authors note:
Bonus chapter for the win! Just thought I would write Lithuania's confession scene, I hope it was okay. Thank you for reading! Also for the support!

Kocham cię= I love you (Polish)

Aš tave myliu Liet= And I love you Liet. (Lithuanian)