Chapter One

Evan woke up late this morning. He felt bad – again. Getting up had become harder for him since... well, fact was he couldn't remember when all of this had started. Keeping up with days, dates and times had never been a problem for him. He was the master of numbers and deadlines. But lately...

No matter how he felt, the clock said 10:30 am and he had to get up. He jumped in his clothes and left his room, then entering the bathroom. He used the toilet and washed his hands without soap. When he was a child, he always had the water run so it sounded like he was washing his hands. But with growing up he had finally understood the meaning and importance of washing his hands and never missed it. Never until maybe a week or so ago. For a short moment he looked at his hands and reconsidered the soap-thing, but didn't do it. One look in the mirror. Thinking of shaving, styling his hairs, but for some reason he couldn't care less.

He went downstairs to the kitchen and saw Hank with Emily by his side, both had their attention on the newspaper. They didn't hear him coming. Only when he poured the coffee in his cup and went to their table right in front of them, they noticed he was there. "Hey Evan, we were starving and had breakfast without you. Emily didn't want me to wake you, she was worried about you."

"Sure, she was!" Evan didn't realize he said it loud.

"Listen, you got up late and this is not the first time! But you say, you're alright and I have to believe you. But spare me your sarcasm! Emily really meant well."

"Don't waste your time on him, baby. He's just in a bad mood. And he doesn't believe you 'cos he still thinks I want to harm your career."

"I know what I know and one of these days I'm gonna prove it."


"Yeah, sorry Hank."

"I'm not the one you should apologize to."

"Sorry" He pressed the word out as if it was some sort of poison that could kill all life within a second once it met the air. "You bitch... I will be happy to escort you out of our life, once I can prove you're a false snake." Evan thought.

Emily whispered to Hank "What do you think about dinner at my house, so we can enjoy ourselves without any..." then a meaningful glance at Evan "...without any distraction or bad karma around?"

"Sounds good to me." Hank left the house with her. He kissed her goodbye and she finally left and he came back.

Evan looked at him and saw concern and confusion in his brothers face. How wrong he was! He was shocked hearing the angry tone in the sharp voice that bellowed "Evan R. Lawson! We need to talk! And believe, me you won't like it!"