Hank was reading a medical journal, honestly to distract himself, but not really successful with it, because he couldn't keep his eyes nor his mind away from Evan longer than a minute at the most.

After laying the magazine on the nightstand, he didn't have to wait long for Evan to wake up. It wasn't for a long time though, barely a minute or two, but he had looked at Henry and actually recognized him, that always was a good sign with a concussion.

"Evan, you're awake?" Hank was hovering over him and pressed the nurse button. "Just stay calm. I'm here. You're safe. Everything's gonna be okay." He caressed his little brothers face, saw the rising pain in his eyes and features and called the nurse again. "It's okay, Ev, relax. They will help you with the pain."

It took another thirty seconds for the nurse to come and a few more to make her realizing what was wrong and to get her to work. Evan was already in pure agony, that finally left him unconscious, before the pain killer was running through his veins.

Dr. Henry Lawson was distressed. "Why didn't you come earlier?"

The nurse jumped by his loud tone, but got herself under control again. "I had other things to take care of."

"More important things?"

"Yes", she stopped herself knowing that this was the wrongest and most dangerous answer to give in such a precarious situation. Her head was red and hot, she was embarrassed and more than nervous.

"Yes?!" Hank yelled at her.

"No, no, of course not, Sir." She was trying to find a way out of this situation. "I was just doing something that was almost finished..."

"And you decided to take the time to get it done, while one of your patients here could be dying, because you came a few seconds or maybe a minute too late?" Hank talked himself in more and more rage, forgetting that he was in a hospital, standing in a room with his very badly injured little brother.

Before he could start again or let the nurse answer, Evan's doctor came in. "What the hell is going on in here?" He looked at the patient first, then to his brother and to the nurse that was still trying to bore holes into the floor. "Macy, I want you to leave the room and go back to your work."

"Yes, doctor." She was afraid, that there could be consequences for her, but quite relieved that she could finally leave the room. She was shaking everywhere.

"Dr. Lawson, I know you're worried about your brother, but I can not and will not allow you to ever yell at any of the medical staff here. They are all trying to-"

"Do their best? Well, I might remind you that we are at the ICU, people here are fighting for their very lives, are they supposed to wait for treatment in an emergency?"

"Okay, I can see that she probably did something that upset you and I promise I'll talk to her about it, but you have to calm down and tell me what happened, okay?"

"Yes, I guess you're right." He gave the man a brief report about it and looked at his brother again. He sat down on the chair beside him, leaving as little space between them as possible. Ignoring the other physician in the room, he held the pale young mans hand, pressed his lips softly the back of it, rubbed his thumb over it. His eyes watering, he remained still for a few moments, before finally talking again, without taking his eyes of his brothers still form. "I'm sorry, I probably overreacted. I'll apologize to her later. I was just shocked by his pain and that he couldn't find some peace, before... before drifting."

"I understand your situation, Dr. Lawson. You don't have to apologize to her. I'll tell her you were sorry for being this harsh. But she also has to know, that she can't ignore the call through a nurse button – not at this unit anyway." He was ready to leave, but stopped with his hand on the doorknob.

"There's a reason I came here in the first place. The specialist said your brothers leg will most likely heal without any permanent damage. It will just take a lot of rest and a good deal of time and therapy. Same with his wrist."

"Really?" Henry felt happy enough to give his colleague a genuine smile. Even though he knew it wouldn't be easy to convince his baby brother to stay put, he had learned some techniques over the years that would always do it.

"He is also recovering well from the surgery and I think we can cautiously say that his lungs will heal perfectly. Now, our last problems are the concussion and the kidneys, his liver and of course, there are still the drugs and alcohol that were forced into him for a while. Though there are good news about that, too. We will know soon, what they were and will be able to help him better with that. It's still a long way for him to be out o the woods. But you're brother seems to be a fighter, he's obviously stronger than he looks like."

Hank squeezed Evan's hand. "You're right, he is!" And I'm so damn proud of you, Evan. I'll never gave you enough credit, but from now on, I'll never fail to tell you how much you mean to me and just how proud I really am to call you my brother.

And Henry did as he said more often than their whole entire life in the next couple of weeks with his brother in the hospital.

Evan was getting better by the day. One of his kidneys failed and left him fighting for his life again, but after removing it the remaining one unexpectedly covered up fast and well. His liver was damaged permanently, but with a supply of medications, he was most likely not going to be disturbed in his daily life.

After Evan had been stable for a week, they had arranged everything to have him transferred to the Hampton' Heritage. Henry was pretty soon caught up in his work, but never failed to visit his brother at least twice a day. And after another week, he was happily bringing him home again. The broken leg didn't heal as fast as the doctor had expected, but he knew patience was all that was important there. If Evan was frustrated by it, he didn't voice it.

All together Evan was quiet. Didn't say much, what Henry never noticed, and even if he did, he blamed it to the constant pain, exhaustion and the strong painkiller. Hank himself was too busy talking to his little brother about everything and anyone. Telling him all the things that Evan R. Lawson had longed for, for too many years, to hear from their father and yes, sometimes from his brother. He smiled or thanked Hank, but the truth was it didn't do anything to him.

Yes, he was quiet and often very dizzy, his mind foggy, his body shattered and hurting everywhere. But that wasn't all that was going on inside him. Evan R. Lawson was gone, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find his way back. He was empty inside, yet, so full with an agony that wasn't physically. He knew Henry meant well with his mother-hen-mode, but he couldn't care less. One day his brother would find out, but Evan didn't know if it would matter anymore.

Something was very wrong, unnoticed by those, not only Henry who was probably too close to realize, that knew him. But that is another story to tell.

Okay, that's it. I finished this story. Even if you may not have liked all of it, I would be glad to meet you all again, when I publish the sequel that is working on Evan's mentally problems, the hard long way for Hank and his brother through the trial that will reveal more than Henry bargained for about the horror his brother had gone through in his time missing. We will also learn, how or if Evan is going to get back to his old self again or even lose his whole will to fight/live.

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