The government has always been weary of masked crusaders. Only people like Tony Stark, high-ranked officials within the White House, were able to dissuade any thoughts of forcing heroes to unmask. They listened. However, when the New Warriors attacked Nitro in Stanford, all rational thoughts were thrown out the window. All the government wanted was for any person wearing a mask to come forward and register. And that is what they did.

Tony Stark's opinions were pushed aside to make room for the Superhuman Registration Act. With it came a new law forcing heroes and villains alike to reveal their names to the government in order to be allowed to continue fighting. In order to do what they do best, super humans would have to give up everything. From the moment the act was passed, people began to register. But not all. Captain America refused to and went underground. Before long he had followers. Not long after that, he had a small army. The most important member was his own daughter, Nikki Rodgers.

Nikki was to act as a spy, reporting any valuable information back to the Captain. Her job was easily the most crucial. Without the inside information, the Resistance would not have made it as far as they did. Nikki took her duty seriously. Even though she doubted her abilities to feign innocence and stay anonymous, she did remarkably well for someone of her age. It took months for geniuses to even place her on suspect lists. But once they did, they moved swiftly. It was during one of the last huge battles when Iron Man acted against Nikki. By himself he might not have been able to defeat her, but with the added attacks of Magneto and Power Gem, Nikki could take no more. To make things worse, the final blow was not from a superhuman fighting on the streets, but from one of her best friends, Miguel Santaz.

Captain America could not resist when he saw the building fall on his only child. After the battle, he was forced to hope the medical staff in the Negative Zone could save her. During an attempt to free those taken prisoner, Nikki escaped and watched her father die. Nikki swore revenge, not knowing that the person who killed him would later become her worst enemy.

A cool breeze blew through the street, ruffling the leaves. They danced across the pavement. Old-fashioned houses lined the avenue, their towering frames casting deep shadows on the streetlamps. All the windows were dark. Nothing moved except a running figure on the sidewalk.

Her bright yellow hair fluttered out behind her. Bright blue eyes glistened with fear. She clutched a small child to her chest. The child had stayed quiet the whole trip, but she sensed her mother's fear. It made her upset, and she began to cry. "Shh, it's okay. Mommy's here," the woman whispered, knowing that she would not for much longer. Her daughter's sobs went away. "We're just going to Daddy."

The woman continued running. Eventually she reached her destination: a small two story house painted pale blue. She knew every nook and cranny; after all, it was her boyfriend's house. The woman placed her daughter on the doorstep and wrapped her fingers around an envelope. "Goodbye, my little angel," she said, her voice cracking. She pressed the doorbell and ran off to her daughter's confused cries.

Only a block away a gang trailed the woman. One of the members was her ex, and when he found out she loved someone else, he wanted to get revenge. He did not try to when she was in her lovers' presence, but as soon as she decided to leave her child behind, he made a move. They pulled up to the sidewalk and surrounded the woman. Though there were more of them, she had the "xtra-gene," and was able to defeat all but one. Her ex pulled out a gun and, after ranting a little, shot her.

Meanwhile a man answered the doorbell, his hair rumpled, wearing nothing but pajama pants. Sleepily he looked down and saw a crying little girl. He gasped; it was his daughter. "What…" The girl stopped once he picked her up, she recognized him as her father. Quickly he stumbled inside and put his daughter to bed.

Up early the next morning, the man turned on his radio to listen to the news. After the usual greetings, a new story came on. It was about a woman who was found dead only a few blocks from his home. When they revealed the woman's name, Alison Blaire, the man began to weep. His girlfriend was dead, and he was left to raise his daughter alone. Cooing from her perch on the couch, she had no idea her mother was dead. Nor that her life was forever changed.