Dear Tyler, September 11th 2012

When the towers fell,

Nothing could have prepared me for that,

When you didn't come to pick me up I knew something was wrong.

You always came,

Never late,

You always found time for me.

This time was different,

Dad picked me up from school that day,

We didn't say a thing,

Nothing was to be said.

He knew I knew something wasn't right,

I could feel it,

We sat down at the dinner table that night,

Mom crying softly,

Aidan looking in to the distance,

Ally looking heart broken,

Dad looking angry with himself.

I looked at the door hoping to see you walk in,

But knowing deep down I would never again see you,

I walked to my room that night,

Pulling out that book of Greek myths I cried myself to sleep.

The next day was no better,

I didn't go to school,

How could I,

You had just died.

The world was empty,

Quite lonely and cold,

Nothing seemed to matter after you died.

Dad gave me your diary,

I saw all the things you wrote,

The last page said,

"Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but It's very important that you do it because no one else will, like when someone special comes in to your life and half of you says you nowhere near ready, and the other half says make her yours forever"(Gandhi)

I'm trying to live like that,

To live my life with no regrets.

I'm scared to turn 22,

It seems like a curse,

Michael, you

Who's next I hope it's not me.

I wish I could see you,

Every day and every night,

I wish I could have five more minutes with you,

I would give everything I have just to see you again.

But wishing won't bring you back,

Nothing will,

Is it childish to dream and to wish?

I ask myself these things.

You always would help me threw my problems,

But now you can't,

Can you see us?

Can you hear us?

Can you help me threw this?

I miss you,

Every day and night,

I can't wait to see you again,

But for now I have to wait,

Tell Michael we send our love,

I love you,

God I miss you,

I forgive you.