"Oh I love museums! Such things for me to correct!" The man strode through the halls of Middleton Museum, his brown trench coat slightly billowing in his wake. "So, what have we got here..?" He reached a hand into the inner pocket of his dark blue suit and pulled out of pair of rectangular, black rimmed glasses. Once he put them on he leaned in to look at the display case "Ah! Of course! Well…..that's wrong, not surprising, but fixable." The man pulled a small, cylindrical device out of his pocket and aimed it at the electronic screen that displayed the incorrect information about the object. With a push of a button the device's blue tip glowed and it emitted a high pitched buzz. In less than a second, the information changed. "There we are."

"Stop right there." The man spun around to face the voice. A red-haired girl stood there with a goofy blond-haired boy beside her. The girl stood in an aggressive stance, the boy in a rather goofy heroic stance. They both wore light brown cargo pants, and black turtlenecks. "I thought the tour specifically said not to mess with the display cases."

The man laughed. "Clever. I like you. Clever is good. Clever is brilliant." He pushed the trench coat back and put his hands on his sides.

"Who do you work for? Hench? Demetor…Drakken?" The girl stepped forward and sneered at the man.

"Or Monkeyfist?" The boy added, the man could see shivers going up his spines.

"Me? Work for someone?" He put a hand to his chest incredulously. "I work alone….well…not usually. But now I'm working alone due to unforeseen circumstances…and Lions. Hate lions." His mind went to past events.

"Not many loners out there, KP. Maybe he's just a visitor?" The boy put a hand on the girl's shoulder and gave her a wry smile. "Y'know how some people loves them their museums." He stood up straight. "So even if you're a baddy, or a goody, what's your name dude? Mine's Ron Stoppable." Ron smiled at the man.

"I'm The Doctor. Nice to meet you Ron. Who's your friend?" The Doctor gave the pair a kind smile and put his device back in his pocket. "I must say, she's quite the ball of fire."

"That? That's KP. She can do anything." KP glared at Ron, then The Doctor. She kept up her aggressive pose.

"Anything? Sounds a bit like myself." The Doctor stepped out of the shadows and into the red glow of the emergency lights. His hair was spiked, not bed-head like, but almost as if he styled it that way, he wore a blue suit under a brown trench coat, and red sneakers.

"Ron, his name is 'The Doctor.' That sounds like a super villain name." KP stepped forward, The Doctor didn't seem threatening, but friendlier people have done worse things. Like DNAmy. "I don't trust him."

At that time The Doctor, in all of his brilliance, had a thought. He was getting quite lonely and he was in need of some traveling companions. Why not a feisty young redhead and her goofy friend? "How about I show you two something. It will make up for the breaking into a museum. I swear." He gave his smile that only he could give. "It's something so amazing, that you won't believe it."

Ron turned back to KP. "Can we KP? This guy seems pretty cool…I bet he has some sweet stuff to show us." Ron was already walking towards The Doctor.

"I don't know Ron…like I said. I'm getting some major super-villain vibes from this guy…"

"You always get a bad vibe from people we meet in museums at night, KP! Plus, I'm getting a good vibe from him. No offense to your vibe or anything, KP, but I trust my vibe more than I trust yours." Ron was less than a few feet from The Doctor, who walked up to the boy and put an arm on his shoulder.

"You should listen to the boy. His vibe is right. I like his vibe, his vibe is good." Ron and The Doctor both smiled at one another.

"So you're British?" Ron was talking to The Doctor, Kim was mulling this over.

"Half of the universe is British." He did seem like a nice guy, The Doctor. He didn't immediately launch into any attacks or monologues, so he at least wasn't the standard fair.

"Really? Half?" Kim decided that perhaps she would go with The Doctor, not for her. For Ron's safety. So, she dropped her pose and walked over to the two men.

"Yeah, half…well fifty point zero zero zero zero zero zero two to be correct, but I usually round it down to half to make it simple." They were already walking away, the taller man's arm over Ron's shoulders.

"Makes sense, because I really hate numbers…and math…and physics…and history." Ron rattled off the subjects he hated like they were ingredients in a batch of Ron-repellent.

"Well, I'm sure what I'm going to show you will help in all of those fields, I know I'm pretty good in all of them."

"Think you can help me? I've got some homework in my bag." The boy jerked his thumb to the olive green pack on his back.

"Sorry Ron, I don't condone cheating. Never done it before, not starting it now." They rounded a corner.

"Awww man…not even once?" Ron moved away from The Doctor, clearly dejected.

"Well, I never said I never pulled a few tricks in my time….long time by the way." They walked ever farther until they finally came upon a big blue police box just sitting in the middle of an exhibit hall. "Here she is!" He spun and gave his arms a flourish to the teens.

"This? You wanted to show us an old phone box?" KP crossed her arms and cocked a brow. She was clearly unimpressed.

"Not just any phone box, MY phone box!" His proud smile was met with stares. "Oh for….just go inside." The Doctor stood aside and pointed at the box, he hung his head and sighed. "They're never impressed the first time…"

Ron looked at Kim. "Ladies first." Kim passed him and stood in front of the phone box. It looked like an ordinary old phone box. The writing, the wear on the paint, it all matched what a phone box like this should be. Her hand gripped the bronze handle and pulled on it. The door opened. What was inside astounded her, amazed her, baffled her. It was a whole world, the inside was bigger than the outside! The walls were bronze with half orbs on their surfaces, hallways went every which direction, and in the center of it all was giant tube that went from the floor to the ceiling. Around its base there was what looked to be a control panel with assorted odds and ends as the controls. "W-What in the…" She was dumbfounded, her mind couldn't process what she was seeing. Ron stepped beside her to get a better look inside.

"What is it K-WHOA! Whoa! Whoa! This place…it's…it's…"

"Bigger on the inside?" The Doctor popped in between the two. "I know, I get it all of the time.." He gave a short laugh and a knowing smile. "Alright, in we go!" The man in the coat gave the teens a push inside, making sure to close the door behind him.

"What is this place..?" Kim finally got her voice back it seemed.

"This? Well this is the TARDIS." Before either of them could ask the question they both had on their minds, The Doctor spoke up. "It means Time And Relative Dimensions In Space." He strode up the stairs and up to the control panel.

"Wait…that means…" Ron walked with him, looking over his shoulder the whole way. "But…that can't be…" He tapped his chin. "Is this a time machine?" The Doctor looked back at him and smiled.

"So where do you want to go?"