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I started shooting when I was much too far away. That was merely a trick of mine. I did not mean so much as to hit him as to frighten him, and I succeeded in catching him. He began flying curves and this enabled me to draw near.


200,000 feet.

The heat started to creep into the cockpit.

180,000 feet.

The shaking became so intense all noise was drowned out.

179,000 feet.

The armoured plating started to melt like wax.

175,000 feet.

The cockpit opened.

172,000 feet.

A figure jumped out into space.

The impact of the wind could be equated to being hit by a semi at 90km/h. It stole the breath from his lungs and sent him spinning out of control.

Fuck! I got to get under control! The dampeners won't kick in and I'll go splat!

Battling the wind was like taking on a rouge drone unarmed. It was almost impossible. Almost.

112,000 feet.

Looking down at the terrain he focused on the lights of a desert town. Angling his body his body he hit terminal velocity, breaking the sound barrier. It was a serene experience as he filtered out the sound of rushing wind. Falling at 942m/h while watching the curvature of the planet slowly disappear. It left him with a short few minutes to organize a plan.

The town should have a phone, with it I should've able to establish a link with the Archangel. If they decended as well they'll search the crash site, when they find no body they'll fan out from there.

20,000 feet.

He hit cloud level, moisture beading on his suit. What visibility he had was reduced to nothing.

18,000 feet.

Mid way through the cloud level he activated his suits inertia dampeners and a blue field resembling flickering fire engulfed him. The field while leaving his speed intact would dissipate the majority of any impact he would receive.


"Look at those! Two shooting stars!" A child yelled from his position on top of a sand dune. In the night sky a flaming red ball and a blue contrail fell from the sky.

"Those aren't shooting stars. We need to go find Sahib and get a party to investigate."

The duo stayed there long enough to determine the crash sites. The desert and the ZAFT controlled town of Bereg.

He landed on the roof of a building, smashing through it and the floor below it and throwing up a large cloud of dust. Coming up from his crouch he drew his SMG and scanned the room, locking on the family cowering in the corner. Tilting his head to the right he lowered his gun slightly.


That was enough to set them off as they ran screaming out onto the streets.

"Hehe oops."

Extending the folding stock he reshouldered the weapon and started to slink out of the building. Taking a quick scan of his surroundings he noticed the family he scared clutching onto a pair of soldiers saying something in a foreign language. "Well shit." Running down the street he could hear the soldiers running toward the house he busted through.

He made it down two streets and into a side alley when klaxons started to wail. "Well double shit."

He huddled behind a dumpster as a group ran past the alley way. Sneaking to the road he peaked his head out and saw it was clear. Deciding to take the chance he ran across the road and into a grand bazaar, the stalls stripped of their merchandise and covered up in cloth. He just about reached the end when a large dropship flew overhead and disgorged a dozen soldiers by rope onto the street ahead of them. He froze waiting for them to make a move.

It was forty seconds before all had rappeled to the ground.

Vincenzo didn't move.

He didn't blink.

He didn't even breath.

He let out the breath when they started to move away. He started walking when his foot caught a good sized rock which bounced across the ground. He cringed as one of the army men turned around pulling off a second man to enter the bazaar.

Damn it all to hell. Why didn't I put a silencer on the damn gun? Oh right no sound in fucking space! Damn you logic! I'll have to take out these two sods with blades.

With a sigh that only he could hear he let the smg hang from its strap and pulled out two nova knives. With a hum they came to life, a soft glow emanating from their blades. One of the soldiers went left down another isle while the original went down the isle Vin occupied.

It would prove to be the last mistake he ever made.

As he approached Vin lunged, using the reversed gripped knife to hook onto the mans neck, using the spine as a pillar he swung around and threw the second blade. This one pierced the mans trachea and he fell to the ground struggling to keep the blood inside his body. Ripping his knife out of the first man he let the nearly decapitated body join its comrade on the dusty ground. Arterial blood covered many of the near by stalls and stained the white of the immortals suit.

Collecting the other dagger he proceded to exit the bazaar and continue on his way trying to locate the fastest way out of the city. Or atleast to it outskirts.

Hey Vin I got a great idea. Let's land in a city. We know nothing about it or who holds it but it's still a good idea. Imagine all the fun we will have. Fucking idiotic plan.

As he was berating himself he failed to notice the same squad of men doubling back to check where their buddies had disappeared to. He also failed to notice them raise their rifles in surprise. What he did notice though was the rounds that started to hiss around him. Combat stimulants kicking in his reaction time was boosted to such a degree that as soon as he heard the click of the trigger being pulled he was already jumping behind cover. He landed behind the burnt out car just as rounds started to hit the spot he used to occupy.

Bringing up his Smg he swung over the hood and fired a short ten round burst. The 'Toxin' ICD-9 is aptly named as it fires special rounds that upon impact explode into dozens of needle like shards that carry a crystalline poison that causes the persons sight to blur and their depth perception to skew. Of course all that doesn't really matter when six 4.6 rounds tear open fist sized exit wounds.

The man released a whimper, eyes wide in shock, his gun slipped from his hands and he crumple to the floor. He was dead before he landed.

"Shit! Man down! He killed Kenny! That bastard!"

Vincenzo's smirk returned as he slid over to the other side of the car. He waited for the gap in their fire that would signal them reloading and when it came he snapped out of cover. His aim was true as one of the soldiers took a full burst to the chest while a second took a stray round to the throat. As he started to move back into cover one of the soldiers got lucky and managed to hit the mercenary in the head. The 5.56 round crumpled against the shimmering blue hexagons that made up his shield.

Scrambling back and glancing at the bottom right of his HUD his shields read 85%.

"Mother fucker! Who is this guy! Tessa call for reinforcements."

Well can't let that happen now can we?

He primed a 'sleek' locus grenade, a high explosive fragmentation grenade with a sleeker profile which let it fly farther and more accurately at the cost of raw damage. He counted to three before passing it over to the female talking into the radio. It went off before she even realized what it was. Chunks of meat and liters of blood splattered her teammates and the surroundings. Needless to say they started to run away.

I guess being hit by your friends meat chunks is a traumatic experience. I wonder where there going. We just started to play.

Before Nicastri got the chance to gun them down a tank turned the corner, judging by the speed and monuverability at which it took the corner and the rate of fire from its auto cannon it was probably a light tank.


Fumbling with his sole anti vehicle grenade he made a bad toss, hitting the machine on the track immobilizing it but still letting it rip apart the street with its cannon. He ducked behind the car and felt the cannon rounds strike home, tearing apart his cover. Vin knew that in a few moments his cover would be gone and he would die.

That's when he noticed it.

The tremors.

Every few seconds the pebbles on the ground would jump slightly.

He heard it next.

Over the cannon fire the sound of hydraulics.

He witnessed it last.

Two machines, bipedal they stood ten meters tall, rushed down the street. Their two main cannons opened fire and the shell impacted the tank, ripping it apart like tinfoil. As they charged down the rest of the street the top hatch of the ruined tank popped open and a man swiveled the 50 toward the two mechs. Opening fire a line of sparkles stitched its way over the cockpit of the first machine causing it to stumble and stay down. The second mech gave its response immediately in the form of 4 rockets fired from the torso. The ball of fire that was created was intense, the heat caused Vins shields to ripple.

The flames illuminated the side of the machine just long enough to catch a glimpse of the writing on the side: 'RVN-3L' It slowed down and turned its torso to face the armour clad mercenary behind it a group of about a dozen locals brandishing weapons started to race toward him on foot. So he did the first thing that came to him.

He waved.

They stopped and just starred.

"What? Was it something I did?" he yelled over to the group. Looking around he took in his surroundings, three dead soldiers covered in blood and meat chunks. Oh plus a white armoured killed splattered in blood. Ya that probably would do it. "So? Are you gunna shoot me?"

One of the locals stepped forward, a boy and he looked pretty shaken. "Did you fall from the sky? In the blue comet?"

Looking up and pointing at the stars "That sky? Ya I guess I did."

"Then you must come with us, the desert lion wishes to speak with you."

"Can I drive that?"

Turning back to the machine who's cockpit was shot up he nodded his head.


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