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It was 8 o'clock at night in the town of Namimori, a cool summer breeze flowing through the air. Stars twinkled above, the full moon shining a soft color of a canary's feathers. Beneath its soft light stood eight figures, each wearing different styles of fashion. Seven of them formed a half-circle as if a shield for the one behind them. The adults stood before a two-story posh white building, looking innocent despite the mafia symbol at the center of its double doors.

Keyword is looking.

"Okay, minna-san~" The one in the back sang, clapping her hands, "Be careful on this mission, yes?"

"Hai!/ Yes, kora!" They shouted, and as if it was magic, they disappeared in a blur. The eighth stayed behind, keeping a soothing hand on her growing stomach. She watched as a shade of red ran up the wall at an alarming speed, kicking the crap out of security cameras placed at every five feet of the edge lining the building at the top. A piercing alarm broke out, the shrill sound repeating over and over again. The ground beneath Luce shook, and she heard the sound of metal contraptions. Two machine guns rotated out of gaping holes from the ground, and began to point themselves at Luce.

She smiled at the guns. The soon-to-be mother stayed exactly where she was, knowing full well that her family wouldn't let a single thing even look at her. Her ears pricked at the faint hum of the mechanisms starting to warm up, and a millisecond before the bullet came out, a yellow one flashed in the moonlight, precisely hitting the gadget in its weak spot, effectively making it explode. An indigo shield formed out of a mist, blocking any debris hitting from hitting her.

"Okay, minna-san! I'm fine, continue on." She spoke through a headset, earning several confirmation from her friends.

~. With Skull .~

A faint roar of a motorbike echoed off the walls, a fluorescent beam of light lighting up the walls of the laboratory.

The headphones he had fitted inside his helmet crackled to life,

"Skull, turn left at 500 yards, and there should be a metal door ahead of you." Luce's voice floated to his ears. Skull raised his right arm, and tapped a button on his helmet lightly, enabling the talking feature.

"Okay, I'm almost there." He confirmed with her.

"Be careful." She warned. Beneath the green-tinted glass, purple brows rose an inch. His tilted his body to the left, making the motorbike swerve. He stopped in front of a metal door, completed with several titanium bolts, and a copper lock. It was also labeled 'Night Sky', but he just shrugged at that, not bothering to give it any thought.

"What is it?" He asked her.

"Wait for Fong. I can't see the future, it's like an orange haze. Don't go ahead, Fong will be there in a second." Luce replied, biting her bottom lip in worry. She heard a crunch, knowing that Skull will take heed, and that their connection had been cut off.

Luce tapped the enable button twice, switching herself onto an open channel, "Reborn, Fong: please head over to Skull, I want him to have coverage. Colonello, Lal: Head over to the back to see if you can get any tire tracks that will give us clues about the scientists. Viper: Erase any video camera memory, because we're definitely going to be on it. Verde: Take any samples of the... Victims, and use them to see what the Estraneo has been up to." She ordered to all of then, pausing at victims, not wanting to say experiments. Really, the Estraneo were cruel.

Fong rounded the corner, relaxing when he saw it was just Skull. The said stuntman was leaning against his motorbike, twirling a pocket watch in his left hand, his eyes far away. Reborn walked before him, and proceeded to smack Skull on the back of his head, drawing him out of his reverie.

"Itte! How could you do that to the great Skull-sama?!" He cried out, jumping away from his bike, nursing his head wound. Violet eyes widened in surprise when a gun was pointed at him, and jumped out of the way to dodge it. He squawked in surprise when one got too close, and moved to the back, only to find himself cornered. Cool metal was pressed to his forehead, a bit warm from the shots.

"Any last words, lackey?" Reborn asked with a devious smirk. Skull whimpered, and sweat ran down his temples. He began to speak, but closed his mouth when the hammer was pulled backwards. A pale hand lowered the gun, and Skull sighed in relief.

"Enough. We still have to check this room out." Fong said calmly, "Remember that Luce said she wants us to cover you, so what is it that needs backup for you?"

"She said she couldn't see the future, like it was an orange haze." Skull said, relaxing a bit after Reborn lowered the gun. Skull slipped pass Fong, and continued to the locked door, searching high and low for something.

"What are you doing?" Fong asked with a single raised eyebrow,

"I'm looking for a doorknob, duh! There must be some way to open this!" Skull exasperatedly sighed after finding of the said item to no avail.

"Let me." Reborn stated before shooting the hinges off the door, effectively making it fall foward, bringing forth a scream from Skull before he went and dodged the falling one ton door. The purple-haired man put a hand over his heart, hoping to stop it from beating so erratically.

"You know, you might be the reason I get a heart attack." Skull muttered under his breath at Reborn, following him inside the room. But then Reborn stopped short, making Skull ram into him, only to be sandwiched by Fong. Reborn glared at the other two. The room was dark; it had no light. Reborn had stopped two feet from the doorway, his pose looking like it's anticipating something. Plus the room had a strong metallic smell of blood, but that wasn't the thing that alarmed Reborn, it was another.

"Do you feel it?" He asked the other Arcobalenos.

'Feel what?' Fong thought, before a sensation washed over him. His eyes widened a fraction; He had felt this before the first time he met Luce. He felt Sky flames. But something was wrong.

'It feels... Oh what's the word?' Skull thought, obviously having the same thoughts as Fong from his facial expressions.

"It's tainted." Reborn said out loud, "The flame feels tainted."

A small rustling had them bring them weapos to the ready, except Fong, who got into a martial arts pose. They heard a bit of sniffling to the right, and Reborn went to the sound. But the first step he took, he heard it squelch. Using his Sun flames, he lighted the room, showing the new occupants a view of it. Their eyes widened as they saw blood as usual, but it was the amount that scared them. The red, sticky substance was everywhere; On the walls, floor, and ceiling. Skull had to resist the urge to puke when he saw what looks like human bones jutting out of a sky blue blanket.

Again, they heard another sniffle, and turned to look at it. What they saw would forever change their lives.

"A boy?"

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