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With a single kick, Skull was brought back to reality, and they all made small chatter with leach other as they made their way to their cars. Lal and Mammon were in the front, discussing things that the others couldn't hear. Luce was currently holding Tsuna since he felt more safe with her, and had his face buried in her shoulder in vain attempts from Colonello and Skull, who tried to make friends with him with loud and rambunctious yelling and actions. Fong and Reborn were in the back, keeping an eye out for things whilst discussing about our little protagonist. Verde was just being Verde, eyeing Tsuna with a bit of interest.

"Reborn..." Fong started, and the said hitman turned to look at his companion.

"Did you take this job, because you knew Tsunayoshi was here?" Fong asked, remembering how impatient the Italian was when they made their way to the Estraneo lab a few hours before.

Reborn merely smirked, "Who knows? Maybe I did."

Fong chuckled, and his gaze softened when it landed on the little tuft of brown hair.

"How should we break it off to Iemitsu-san?" Fong asked once again. This time, Reborn's lips tugged into a frown,

"I don't know... The last time we talked about Tsuna, he had this killer intent surrounding him."

"He still blames Tsuna for it?"

"Yes." Reborn gritted his teeth, "That idiota needs to learn it wasn't Tsuna's fault."

"Shall we teach him a lesson then?"

"My pleasure." Reborn finalized, already organizing which torture methods to use.

"But since we are going to use many methods of 'teaching', should they be in alphabetical or numerical order?"

Fong simply chuckled in response. They finally made their way a block down where their vehicles were in waiting. Skull hopped onto his bike, and Colonello and Lal Mirch did the same with theirs. Reborn opened the door for Luce to her Mercedes, who was cradling the sleeping baby, humming a small lullaby. He quietly shut the door, and sat in the front with his Chinese counterpart driving.

The drive home was quiet, aside of numerous roars from the motorcycles. Soft classical music poured out of the speakers, and Luce quickly fell asleep with Tsuna's head on her chest. Reborn smirked at the cute scene in the back seats, and twisted around to the front. Somehow, he had a bad feeling. Stupid gut instincts. Fong noticed the discomfort, and arched an eyebrow. The Sun Arcobaleno noticed the action, and he set his lips into a tight line. They were soon close to their mansion, and the feeling in his gut wasn't getting any better. Leon noticed, and went into gun form in Reborn's hand. As they neared the estate, a sort of murky feeling enveloped the whole group, those on motorcycles included.

It was a strange feeling. It was like being sucked into an abyss, but more colder and smells like fear and pain. Tsuna let out a tiny whimper at the aura, and clenched tighter to Luce in his sleep. By this time, Luce had awakened and had a tight hold on the brunette too.

The Arcobaleno knew who it was, and they didn't like them. No not one bit. The Vindice.

"What are they doing here?" Fong hissed, out of composure. Reborn's mind quickly moved at the speed of light, searching reasons why they were here.

After a second or two, the Sun's eyes widened a fraction, "It can't be..."

The Chinese questioned his action, but then it dawned on him. "No, no, no, no!" He roared, slamming his hand on the dashboard, making those in the backseat jump, "We just got him back!"

"Fong," Luce soothed, "Calm down, you're scaring Tsunayoshi."

The raven-haired man took a peek in the rearview mirror, and saw that Tsunayoshi was indeed scared, his shivering was evident.

"I'm sorry." He murmured softly.

"It's okay." Luce smiled, "We'll figure something out." Then she looked down at Tsuna,

"Tsu-kun, we'll protect you, okay?"

"Ah, hai, Luce-nee." Tsuna whispered softly, feeling very comforted in her presence. He once again went to burrowing his head in her shoulder, but then something caught his eye.

"Woah!" He exclaimed, and he squirmed around to get a better view of the Arcobaleno mansion. He gaped in awe at its greatness. It stood at four stories, each Rainbow member having at least three rooms, each floor having at least six rooms. It also contained an indoor pool, a garden, and shooting range. It was a Gothic mansion created exclusively for the seven. It looked old, yet it was made in the last decade.

"You like it?" Reborn asked, grinning at how little Tsuna was reacting.

"Uh-huh." He beamed at his Godfather. This made all three adults smile, making them forget about the near future, until the same abyss-like aura gave a more stronger force. As they approached the tall Gothic gates, they noticed about six silhouettes standing at the front of the entrance, their capes flapping in the wind. Luce unconciously wrapped her arms around Tsuna, glaring at the distant figures. Both Storm and Sun were ready to protect the toddler at all costs.

"Give me the child." Bermuda commanded, stretching out a hand.

Lal Mirch was about to open her mouth to demand why, but Reborn said something first.

"No." He finalized, crossing his arms, Leon in one hand.


"Because I cannot." He smirked, and all the other people, excluding the Vindice, sweatdropped.

'Seriously, Reborn?! You're gonna argue with THE Vindice?' They thought-yelled at him.

"Why not?"

"Because I cannot." The raven-haired man repeated.

Now, let us reflect for a moment. Contrary to popular belief, Vindice do have feelings, and are somewhat human. They eat, drink, sleep, and feel like any other human being, but do not possess a heart. So kind of a zombie in more simple terms. Keyword: Kind of. Back to the story.

Bermuda held himself back from hitting the smug bastard.

"Why not? Give me one good reason..." He said, keeping himself in check. The Arcobaleno were currently huddled with one another, their laughter being muffled with their hands. In this case, they would not be scared for the hitman, but rather just be neutral. They have already seen the wrath of a Vindice officer. Verde and Mammon just merely sighed at their antics.

"Luce-nee, why is everyone laughing?" The innocent one asked, but Luce could not reply through her fits of giggles.

"You first." Reborn countered, smirking at the man in the top hat. Colonello couldn't help, and outright laughed at Reborn's defiance. Now Lal didn't want to get hurt for her stupid student's actions, so she just socked him in the stomach, making him cough instead of laughing.

"Quiet, idiota!"

"S-Sorry." Colonello snickered.

The Vindice officer felt a vein pop, and he pinched the bridge of his nose.

'You are a gentleman. You will not be annoyed by this pest. You are a gentleman.' He repeated in his mind in hopes of calming down. He did not wait four hours for the Arcobaleno to come back for this. And the season finale of Supernatural was about to start dammit!

"The child is an unknown experiment from the Estraneo lab. He could be liability and a danger to those around him in the future." Bermuda stated, his handcuffs at the ready. Hearing this, the Arcobaleno stopped laughing.

"What makes you think-" Fong started, but Reborn stopped him.

"Well what if I tell you he is to be the next Vongola Decimo?" The hitman questioned, "He will be needed in the future, so he is to not be brought to the Vendicare Prison. Would you upset the balance of the Tri-ne-sette?"

The leader paused for a moment, "Fine, but who would watch over him?"

"We will." Reborn replied, "We are the strongest seven in the world, so I think we can handle the little Tuna." He smirked.

Bermuda paused for another moment, thinking this through, "Fine, but if he even hurts a person for no reason, he will be detained and locked away for his life."

"You have my word."

Somewhere in Nothern Italy

"Iemitsu, they found him."


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