When Emily looked up and saw that he was awake she was shocked. 'Aaron Hotchner copping a feel? Why I never.' She thought. Just as Emily was about to speak Hotch leaned down to kiss Emily. She struggled to get out of Hotch's grasp but he wouldn't let her go. "Don't act like you aren't enjoying this because I know you want this." Emily was about to protest when once again Hotch beat her to the punch and added, "At least that's what it sounded like earlier when you were moaning my name." Emily was rendered silent and the first thought that ran through her head was, 'Busted'.

"Tell me that's not what you want." Emily was once again about to protest but was soon cut off by Hotch's hungry lips. This time Emily did not protest instead, she responded to the kiss with a moan. Soon they were both caught up in the moment. Hotch started to rub Emily's breasts while trailing kisses down her neck. They were both so caught up in the moment that they didn't hear Rossi and JJ knock on the door. Because no one answered the door Rossi and JJ invited themselves in. When they walked in they were shocked by what they saw.

"Oh my gosh. Hotch is practically on top of Emily. Oh what Garcia would say if she was here." JJ said. "Well I guess I was wrong he does have balls." said Rossi. In the other room Morgan and Reid had just woken up after Morgan rolled off the bed and almost crushed Reid to death. After Morgan got Reid to stop crying they walked out the room to go find everyone else. When they found Rossi and JJ standing in the door way they were confused as usual. "What's going on ?" asked Derek. "Well, look who decided to wake up." Rossi teased. "It's only because Morgan almost killed me. Fatso." Reid explained. Derek glared at Reid as he said, "What did you just call me?". As usual JJ had to get everything under control. "Both of you shut up and look." "Wow look at them go.I knew Hotch had it in him." said Derek.

By this time Hotch was now fully on Emily grinding into her and Emily was groaning at what Hoth was doing to her. Reid was confused as usual and asked, "What does Hotch have in him?" "For the love of all that is sane and holy shut up Reid!" Derek yelled. At that Hotch and Prentiss jumped apart. "Thank you Morgan for ruining the show. Why can't I have one thing go my way?" asked Rossi. "Oh my gosh!" shrieked Prentiss. "What has the world come to? FBI voyeurs?" Hotch then sat up and yelled, "EVERYONE GET OUT NOW!" Everyone left quickly. Well, everyone except for Rossi. As usual, he had to make some witty comment. Well Hotch it's finally nice to see that you have balls. Emily take care of them it took him forever to grow some."

"GET OUT!" both Hotch and Prentiss yelled. After Rossi left Hotch spoke, "Emily I need to say this. It took me forever but, I love you soooo much." "Well guess what?" Emily said. "I love you even more." Hotch then said, "By the way, we are not even close to what I am going to do to you when we get home."