Disclaimer: Don't own Criminal Minds but I really wish I did. Author's Note: I know I said that the last chapter was the end but someone asked for more. So this chapter is the end.

Within five minutes Hotch and Emily made it to Emily's house. They were so ready for each other that they only made it into the elevator before they started making out. Hotch's hands made their way to Emily's breasts and massaged them while he kissed her neck giving her a hickey. All the while Emily was moaning and squirming in pleasure. They were so focused on each other that they did not hear the elevator ding.

They also did not realize that an elderly couple came into the elevator until the elderly man said, "Wow, look at them go. I remember those days". "What are you talking about we never did that." said the man's wife. "I know I wasn't talking about you." The elder man said. He reached over and tapped Prentiss on the shoulder and said, "I used to have a girlfriend just like you. She was a real fire cracker."

At this Prentiss stopped kissing Hotch causing him to glare at the man and his wife. "Oh, yeah? What happened to her?" Prentiss asked. The man looked over to his wife before saying, "I loved and she was great but I traded her for the love of my life." His wife smiled and turned away. Then the man whispered and she said I couldn't handle her but let's not tell my wife that ok?" The elevator made it to the next floor and the elderly couple got off, but before they left the man looked back and mouthed, "Call me" to Emily.

When the elevators doors closed, Hotch laughed so hard he started hyperventilating. On the other hand Emily stood there in shock and confusion. "What just happened?" "I believe you just got hit on by an old man." Hotch told Prentiss. "I don't understand Rossi does it all the time. I should be use to it by now." Emily said with a slight smirk.

"Well let's not dwell on that. Focus on what we were doing before." Hotch said in the deep voice that never failed to turn Emily on. "Ok, but this time we wait until we get to my room. Don't need a replay of that." said Emily. As soon as they reached Emily's room they were back on each other in full force. As soon as Emily unlocked the door Hotch picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. When they got there Hotch tossed Emily on the bed and undressed her slowly taking in all of her beauty.

As he undressed her with care, he trailed light kisses down her body stopping at her breast so he could tease her nipples with his tongue. Once he was done with that he moved to her stomach and once again left a hickey behind. "I'm ready Aaron." Emily moaned. At that Hotch shed his clothes quickly but slow enough that Emily could soak in all of his body. Emily moaned at that and moved closer to him.

She explored all of his body and marveled at it. Emily then pulled Hotch down on top of her and grinded her hips into his erection. They both moaned it pleasure at the contact. Soon Hotch and Prentiss reached the point where they couldn't tease each other anymore Hotch entered Emily slowly and soon took her over the edge. When they were done they whispered sweet nothings in each other's ears before they fell into a peaceful sleep. Happy, knowing that there was someone in the world that loved them unconditionally.