It had been quite a boring morning for Hyūga Hinata as she spent a rare week off from missions and training. The conclusion of the Daiyonji Ninkai Taisen (Fourth Shinobi World War) had changed the very aspect of how the hidden villages worked. In the past two years since the war the five major nations continued to work to improve their relations and were succeeding to a major extent as they were brought together by the war.

But every war had its drawbacks. Hundreds and thousands of lives were lost during the shortest war in the history of hidden villages, but still had turned out to be the most devastating of all. The military strength of each of the five major villages had reduced greatly. Such a situation was ideal for people with not-so-good intention to forward on with their plans and hence there had been massive haul of missions.

So the rare off-days as such were God sent.

With nothing to do at the current movement, as her sister was on a mission alongside her team and Kurenai-sensei being busy she decided to head to meet up with Naruto. As she rightly remembered the blonde would currently be at Training Ground 3 experimenting with the sealing array which he needed for some sort of a mission, a mission that had been classified SS-rank. He was working on formulating a sealing array that even she with her expertise in Fūinjutsu had no clue as to what that specific seal did, and neither was Naruto nor the Hokage divulging the information.

Normally on occasions as such she didn't like to disturb him with his work, but she just felt that today he wouldn't mind his presence by her side.

As she made her way towards the training ground, she couldn't help but think of the changes that her life had gone through. The Daiyonji Ninkai Taisen (Fourth Shinobi World War) had really changed her a lot, and it was to be so as for one who had seen their close ones die. She no longer was the shy little girl that stood behind in the academy, she was now a fearsome kunoichi confident of her skills which she had worked with friends and family to hone and the testament of that was that she was now a jōnin, though from time to time her shy personality emerged and most of the time the cause of it was the blonde she had fallen in love with.

Naruto himself had gone through a change that one would be unable to recognize the real Naruto anymore, unless and until you were close to the blonde. She was one of the few that had seen the boy change and could say that she knew the real Naruto. So much had changed with him, but she knew that in heart he was still the same Naruto she loved and was in love with.

Finally she had reached Training Ground 3 and as she had expected she found Naruto working with the sealing array, but to her immense surprise Konohamaru was there too. And apparently Konohamaru was currently sparing with another of Naruto close by. Which was the clone and which the real one was she couldn't tell was, after all with the amount of clones Naruto could produce and their ability to work as efficiently as Naruto made it hard to distinguish the real from the clones.

Well all her plans just went downhill as it seemed like Konohamaru beat her to Naruto, and she was so looking forward to spending some time with the blonde.

"Yo! What brings you here, Hinata-chan? Especially on such a lovely day I might ask."

This startled her as she quickly spun on her heels to come face-to-face with another Naruto who looked at her with one of his goofy grin even when her right hand was poised on his heart ready to deliver a Jūken strike (a side effect of the war).

"I would have loved to answer that question if I were to be talking to the real Naruto and not his clone", she answered with a smile of her own.

"And what makes you think I am not the real one", Naruto replied back with his grin turning more goofy.

"This-" answered Hinata, and before Naruto could react she hit him on his chest with a Jūken strike and just as she had expected the Naruto in front of her burst in smoke.

Meanwhile the Naruto sparring with Konohamaru stopped a vicious haymaker from the overexcited recently promoted chūnin as he felt the fate of his clone that he had sent to surprise Hinata.

"That hurt Hinata-chan", the blonde muttered as he looked in the direction where the beauty with dark-blue hair walked towards them.

"Hinata-nee-san!" called out the surprised Konohamaru as he didn't notice her coming.

"Hello Konohamaru-kun. And I don't think me hurting a clone of yours would damage you", she said… the smile on her face just growing with each word they spoke with each other.

"But that could have very well be me", replied Naruto with a mock glare directed at her.

"But that wasn't", she replied.

By now the foreheads of Naruto and Hinata were touching each other, with visible blushes spread across both of their faces, and yet they were willing to back down. Hell they were so engrossed in each other that they completely forgot that Konohamaru and another of Naruto's clone was there along with them in the field.


The worried voice of clone-Naruto disrupted their moment as they turned around to find the sealing array glowing bright yellow.

But before any of the three, or specifically Naruto could move to neutralize whatever problem his clone had made with the sealing array, or either three could take evasive actions the seal glowed bright yellow, bathing the entire area in bright yellow light and hurling the three shinobis through a sea of nothingness.

Mahora Academy was a perfectly normal school in Japan. Well, besides the large number of mages, a number of demons and half-demons, a vampire, some robots, a couple of princess, the 30,000 students, being the size of an entire city, and serving as the headquarters for the Kanto Magic Association… yep, perfectly normal.

That is why when a huge explosion of abnormal energy happened in the forest surrounding the academy; it set the entire academy on alert, especially the magical beings in the academy. While most of the staff worked on quelling the panic of the students, their magical counterparts rushed to the location of the explosion to investigate the situation and neutralize the threat there was.

Kuzunoha Tōko was the first to approach the scene of the blast and not surprising to her she was quickly followed on by her one-time student Sakurazaki Setsuna. An unseen and unsaid plan was quickly agreed between the two in regards to the situation at hand. But both Tōko and Setsuna were surprised to find at the source of the explosion that had just rocked Mahora two boys and a girl. The blonde boy and the girl looked around to be of the same age, around seventeen-eighteen and the young boy seemed to be around the age of the young swordswoman.

The three teens looked like normal people if one were to discount the whisker-like marks on the cheeks of the blonde and the white eyes of the girl with distinct pupil and veins bulging near her temples.

It was these two features along with them being the present at the blast that had destroyed a 10 meter diameter area in the forest, that part had been completely obliterated, that made both Tōko and Setsuna jump to the conclusion that the boy in front of them was possibly a demon or half-demon invading Mahora.

Deciding to not waste any time, both Tōko and Setsuna charged at him with one taking the front while the other the blind side of the demon.

He didn't know what had been wrong with the sealing array, but knew that the cause of it was the Jūken strike of Hinata to his other clone and that had caused his clone to possibly get some variables wrong in the seal.

And then he along with Hinata and Konohamaru were blinded by pain unlike anything they had ever felt as they were whisked away into the void to Rikudō Sennin knows where.

Finally they had escaped the endless void, and wherever they had escaped to they had entered with a bang, an explosion had rocked the place they were now. When the explosion had finally subsided he found himself in a forest with a really bad case of headache, while Hinata seemed to be in a similar condition as him – if not a bit worse – and Konohamaru was completely wobbly on his feet.

As he tried to get a hold of himself, to curb the ever increasing headache, his ninja senses honed over the years and that Hinata had her Byakugan made him aware of danger nearby and react to an incoming danger. Jumping back he avoided a slash from a sword that would certainly have him bisected in half, with him he picked up his wobbly apprentice who didn't seem in any condition to fight back. Hinata had followed suit as she too dodged a slash on herself by another attacker.

But before either he or Hinata could identify the ones that had slashed their swords at them and have a civil word with them of them having no intention of fighting them or intruding this place, they were forced to dodge another slashes as their two attackers continued with their pursuit of seeing them taken down.

Back flipping the slash from his blind spot which was certain to give him a large gash on his back he performed a small distance Shunshin to get some distance from his attacker, so did Hinata.

At a safe distance he observed his attackers, one was a fair-skinned, spectacled, blonde woman about Shizune's age, wearing a white, long sleeve blouse, a black skirt with stockings underneath, and high heels and holding a sword, the other was possibly a couple of years younger than him with her ebony hair tied in a ponytail on one side with the other side handing free and was wearing clothes more suited to fighting, wearing a pair of hakama and a loose kimono like top. The way both were holding their swords confirmed to him that both were experienced warrior, with the blonde being the most experienced.

He could literally feel the anger radiating from both of them, and had a feeling that their anger was because of the blast that had occurred by his sudden appearance in this forest, it was hard not to notice the destruction around them. He sincerely wished that he had not destroyed something important of the people around here.

As his eyes met Hinata's eyes, it was clear that she too had come to the same conclusion. So the two decided to take a more logical and diplomatic approach at the situation, and by unspoken words it was a job for Hinata, he literally sucked at diplomacy.

But before he or Hinata could utter a single word to even ask a simple question or explain their situation, he was forced to dodge a barrage of bullet-like wind technique. Executing another Shunshin to avoid the barrage both the he and Hinata took cover in the trees close by, Konohamaru still slumped on his shoulders.

He surveyed the newcomer that had just entered the clearing and he couldn't help but compare him to Asuma-sensei with sunglasses to boot.

"Naruto-kun…?" Hinata looked at the blonde with a questioning look.

"I don't know what happened, but wherever we are it certainly is a product of the seal going haywire and activating an unstable Jikūkan Ninjutsu (Space–Time Ninjutsu)… and no, even if I want to I can't whisk us three back to Konoha, something is interfering with my jutsu", Naruto answered the unasked question.

"What now?" she asked… it was rare times when Naruto was serious now-a-days and for his that jutsu to not work something must be thoroughly wrong which worried her greatly.

"Heal the brat… I will go and gather some information from those three, before the others heading this way would join the fray", he answered to which she nodded.

Sakurazaki Setsuna couldn't help as a cold sweat ran down her forehead as she watched the blonde – the only one to emerge from the hiding spot – easily evaded all of their combined attacks. Hell, he didn't even seem to be exerting himself in doing so.

But that was not what had a cold sweat run down her forehead; it was the fact that he had incapacitated both Tōko-sensei and Kataragi-sensei, and that had happened in a flash of a second.

All what happened then seemed as a blur to her. It all ended in a flash as the blonde took the offensive. It took only a single punch from him, a punch to the stomach of Tōko-sensei; spit and a small amount of blood flew from the older swordswoman's mouth before she was thrown backwards into a tree knocking her unconscious. A knee to the gut and a spiraling kick to the side of the head was all it took for the blonde to incapacitate Kataragi-sensei.

Even at the distance she was at she had felt the raw power behind the punch that had knocked those two unconscious.

Now she stood in her place frozen in fear as never had she come across someone with such raw power and speed. The blonde had incapacitated two of the experienced staff members in the matter of a couple of seconds and it was clear that he certainly wasn't giving his all.

It was only her duty, her responsibility towards Konoka that helped her from losing herself to the fear and gave the adrenaline rush to move forward, to charge at the blonde and at least stop him from moving any further inside Mahora.

But apparently the adrenaline rush was also not enough as before she could even charge at the blonde, the blonde had her already disarmed and subdued with the kunai at her throat.

The attack was so fast that she hadn't even sensed it coming. As the kunai was pressed to her throat, her face lost all its color and her entire life flashed in front of her eyes, from her happy days to her loneliness, her right doings and her mistakes. But it was the image of Konoka which forced tears to well up in her eyes, she knew she had wronged the girl, her best friend because of her stubbornness and she wasn't going to get a chance to apologize and mend the mistakes. She knew this was going to be her end.

"Would you mind telling me, why in the name of the Rikudō were the three of you attacking us?" the blonde asked.

All of what she had expected this question was certainly not on that list. There was certainly anger and annoyance in his voice, but also there was a hint of surprised shock as if he had not anticipated their attack. Now this confused her. She also felt something probe her mind as she made eye-contact with the blonde, but that was the least of her worries as her life seemed to be close to the end.

But before she could voice her confusion, she felt the kunai on her throat to disappear along with the blonde behind her. It didn't take her a genius to know as she felt something whisk past from behind her, the spot the blonde stood mini seconds ago, and the noise of the object hitting a nearby tree confirmed it to be a bullet.

'That has to be Mana' she thought in relief.

The marksman that had shot the bullet was certainly in a place beyond her sensory range and she knew only of one person to be precise from that range. That meant that reinforcements had arrived.

It was good time for her to voice her questions to the blonde who now stood in front of her with his eyes locked on to a particular direction; it seemed that he had been able to locate Mana.

But anything that she wanted to say stopped in her throat as she saw the blonde being hurled at a far-off distance after being hit by something invisible, an attack she was well to familiar with.

"It seemed things got really messy here, didn't they Setsuna-kun?" asked Takamichi as she landed next to Setsuna.

There certainly was calmness in the voice of Takahata Takamichi, but there was certainly no hint of the calmness on his face. It was one of the rare sights to see the Takahata T. Takamichi serious, and Setsuna was witnessing one such moment as the man surveyed the incapacitated comrade.

But again before she could say anything, another voice interrupted her making her freeze in fear.

"You know, with each passing second you guys are giving me more and more reasons to seriously kick your asses."

There he stood in the very place he had been before being hit by Takahata-sensei's Iaiken showing no indication of being hit by the attack. She didn't need to see it, but it was quite visible in Takahata-sensei's eyes too, he too was surprised by this new development.

Things had just gone to a new danger level.

This was certainly not something Takamichi had expected since coming to the explosion spot. It was a shock to find two of his comrades who had been of the first to arrive at the scene were already incapacitated, he had seen it happen and it had been done in a heartbeat.

But things had looked grim when the intruder held Setsuna captive with a blade to her throat and it was only the quick plan they had come with made him calm as he knew that they were certain to save his former student.

But looking at the blonde intruder standing in front of him with no indication if any injuries made him grimace; their plan had failed. The intruder had avoided the magic paralysis bullet shot by Tatsumiya Mana, a shot that should have been impossible to avoid. And if that wasn't enough he had even survived his Iaiken blast and that too showing no indication that he had even been hit by it, something he just couldn't understand as he had not even sensed a magical shield.

And he had yet to see the other two that had intruded along with the blonde; possibly they were hiding behind the trees.

So now he was on the edge as if things were to escalate any further he would have to take it a few notches up to even match the blonde intruder and that certainly was not something he wanted as they were inside Mahora.

"You know, with each passing second you guys are giving me more and more reasons to seriously kick your asses."

Yes, things were certainly going to turn nasty…

"But from what is obvious, we three are the ones that intruded onto the grounds of this place… and I am willing to swear on my nindō that we didn't mean to intrude, it was all because of botched sealing array. So can we solve this in peace", Naruto spoke up holding up the hopefully universal sign of peace.

He was surprised by the sudden change of demeanor of the blonde, but he could tell it was a genuine change as he had been through enough to look through fake and real. But still…

"What makes you think that after you incapacitated two of my comrades and held the third at the point of blade would we able to talk in peace", asked Takahata… his eyes narrowed at the blonde.

"For starters they attacked us without warning. I partially understand why though (looking around the destroyed surrounding), but they could have at the least have a say at our situation or so-called-reason for intrusion. And as for incapacitating those two and holding a kunai to the girl's throat, do you really think they would be alive if I wanted them dead", the blonde replied as if that was the simplest conclusion.

And it was. He couldn't deny the fact. The raw speed and the power that the blonde had showed clearly indicated that he was on tier that only the likes of him and the Dean could possibly stand up to, let alone his two companions. Although he had a feeling that the other two were certainly not close to the power of the blonde, but they certainly were no pushovers, especially the girl. He could clearly see that the blonde's words had shaken Setsuna quite literally. And he had an idea why Tōko attacked without a warning, she apparently was going to go on a date with her possible new boyfriend tonight and the latest he had stalled her at the last minute.

"Also I am completely willing to explain our situation to the head of this place… and trust me it is something you and the head would find intruging. And no, even all the guys hiding and ready to strike at your notice won't be enough to stop me", Naruto further said deciding to make the man see his point… he had no intention of going on a rampage in this place, especially after getting a glimpse of the information of this place from the girl's memory.

"Very well", Takamichi said to the utter surprise of Setsuna and all those hidden.

It was clear to him that the blonde was confident of whatever skills, and by now the girl and the young boy had also appeared by his side with a high-speed technique.


The shout of Konohamaru pierced the conversation that was going on between the Dean and Naruto, or rather Naruto explaining to the man of their sudden appearance at Mahora.

"That is why you couldn't use that jutsu to get us three back to Konoha", said Hinata adopting thinking pose.

"Yes. And even if I could, I have no idea whether we are in different dimension or just another planet, and even then I am unaware if my jutsu could work to help me jump from planet to planet", Naruto answered nonchalantly.

"WHAT? YOU BELIEVE HIM HINATA-NEE-SAN?" Konohamaru asked… what was with people simply believing the ridiculousness of the blonde, even the man named Takahata T. Takamichi and the Dean Konoe Konoemon seemed to believe him.

"What is this stupid apprentice, having so little faith in your master? Especially one who is known for his super-awesome, super-cool Jikūkan Ninjutsu" Naruto teasingly asked.

"That jutsu is one thing, this is completely something different", muttered Konohamaru unable to find a retort… it was certain that they were no longer in their own world.

Konoemon couldn't help but wonder about this so-called Jikukan Ninjutsu the blonde spoke of. The aspect of bending and manipulating space-time continuum was something that mages and other magical beings had been searching for centuries and even those who had succeeded needed a lot of previous adjustments before executing the spells or technique.

"By the way what made you sure that we are in a different world or different dimension?" Hinata asked… that question was boggling her mind for some time now, though she had a general idea of how.

This was something on mind of both Konoemon and Takamichi and so they were interested in the blonde's answer.

"Oh, simple really. I took a look at the girl – Sakurazaki Setsuna's memory…" the blonde answered, and before the Dean Konoe or Takahata could say another word he continued "…. The memory I looked into was only the information as to where we are, and when I didn't recognize the place I peaked further to know where exactly I was, in sense some general knowledge about this world. Well, since she was a part of the hidden magical world, I also picked on some general knowledge about magic. And no, I did not peak into her life or any form of sensitive information, which I can assure you of."

"Very well… I believe you", replied Konoe after a few seconds of silence in which he measured up the boy.

"Magic!?" both Hinata and Konohamaru asked.

And with that Konoe Konoemon went into lecture about magic and the hidden magical world and of Earth, with small demonstration of the said magical ability. It was followed by Hinata explaining about chakra, ninjas, hidden villages and their world with a demonstration of the Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) by Hinata as she transformed into a replica of Naruto and Naruto walking up and down the walls of the room.

"So how long do you think it would take you to find a way back home?" asked Konoemon.

"A few months…" Naruto answered, but was interrupted by the shout Konohamaru.

"THAT LONG? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO BE DOING FOR THAT LONG? AND WHY THAT LONG?" shouted Konohamaru… but the boy was silence by a punch to his head.

"Shut up stupid apprentice! Indeed it will take long. First I have to understand where exactly we are, a different world – if so how far is our own world? Or a completely different dimension – for that would require a lot of seal work. And then there will be the seal matrix to work on… it will be a lot of work", answered Naruto with a serious face… it was going to be truly troublesome.

"I-I see", Konohamaru couldn't help but stutter… no wonder Naruto was a Seal Master and an expert at Jikūkan Ninjutsu.

"What now? While we are stuck in this world?" asked Hinata… she didn't mind being here alongside Naruto, and even if she knew that people back home would be worried about them, but unless Naruto found a way back home they were stuck here.

"Well, I was wondering if Old Man Konoe could do us a favor. A place to stay for a while we would be here and some money to live, I assure you that we will be working for it", said Naruto.

"And we will see that we will be no trouble, in any way or form", Hinata said… while she directed her gaze at the two boys next to her when she spoke the last words making them squirm under her gaze resulting in chuckles from the two men.

"Well I do have an idea…" the Dean said garnering the attention of the three shinobi "… Tell me Naruto-kun and Hinata-san, how good are you both at Japanese, or as you call it Ningoto?"

"I am a Seal Expert and Naruto-kun is a Seal Master, so we would say we are pretty good as Fūinjutsu requires a good grasp of the language", answered Hinata for both of them.

"Not that I doubt your word, but how about a test", said Konoemon as he passed a book to each of them.

Both of them simply shrugged and read out passages that the Dean asked them too, and by the end of it the Dean had a big smile plastered on his face. They were fluent and the testament of that was the book that he handed was of that for those who wished to continue in Japanese language past graduation to obtain Masters Degree.

"Well that simplifies things. You see we have two vacancies. One is for the teacher of Japanese and the other is of Physical education. These are the two slots we need filling in, and by the looks of it, we won't be receiving any teachers in there for the first few weeks. So one of you can take on the position of the Japanese language teacher, while the other as the Physical Education teacher" Konoemon said.

"Will do", Naruto called out… the thought of Physical Education in an All Girl's School; he would be a fool to decline.

But any further thoughts died down when he felt a chill run down his spine and it didn't need a genius to recognize the cause of it; Hyūga Hinata was currently glaring daggers at him with an extremely sweet smile on her face.

"We would be honored to take the responsibilities", she answered with that sweet smile still on her face.

'Scary' was the only thought that ran through the mind of the other three in the room.

"Hey, what about me?" asked Konohamaru.

"Well we can't pass you as a teacher, so you will have to be a student here", answered Konoemon.


"Was it wise to trust them?" asked Takamichi after the trio had left for their temporary residence.

"When you live as long as I have, you will learn to judge people by looks. And I can assure you that the three of them would not cause any harm to anyone, unless they are forced to… and they certainly will be helpful to us", answered Konoemon.

For the next few seconds no words were exchanged between the two and that silence was finally broken by Konoemon, "Something on your mind Takamichi?"

"There is this fleeting feeling whenever I see Naruto-san, something which tells me that I have met him before… but that is not possible", answered Takamichi.

"Indeed", answered Konoemon.

It had been two days since the three shinobis from another world had appeared in Mahora and nothing put of ordinary had happened apart from their day of arrival. The past two days had been spent getting familiar with the world and it's living with the help of Takamichi and Shizuna – a busty woman with long, burgundy hair tied back in a plait.

The first on their list had been shopping – which Naruto and Konohamaru had come to dread – for clothes and grocery and some useful things according to Hinata, learning how the money worked, the gadgets used and the ways of travel. It was just too much information for the three to handle at some point. Although neither of the three could deny that the place was quite lively.

Finally the day had come for the trio to start on with a supplementary life while they would be at Mahora. The Dean Konoemon in those two days had also came up with fake identification, from birth certificates to educational qualifications and for the teacher duo there were IDs of driving license and such. One had to hand it to the old man at his quick work, though it had a lot to do with him being the head of the Kanto Magic Association.

Currently dressed in sky-blue shirt, dark-green blazer, black jeans and white sport shoes Naruto was ready for his orientation as a teacher. Takamichi had forced him to buy formal suit coat, but they were too formal for him until his eyes landed on the blazers, though he didn't like the fact that Hinata and Shizuna forbade him from excess of orange in his wardrobe.

At this moment his focus was on the looks, not his but that of Konohamaru who was dressed in the school outfit.

"Don't you dare laugh Naruto-nii-chan", the flustered Konohamaru… this was too embarrassing.

"B-But I am not-" the blonde tried to answer, but his face showed how much he was trying to hold it back.

"Yes you are", huffed the apprentice in annoyance.

Walking to the boy, Naruto bent to his eye level and spoke in a serious tone, "Now Konohamaru, we have to do this to not arouse suspicion at us."

"I know, but why a student", whined the boy.

"Well, think of this as a new opportunity", said Naruto.

"At what?" asked Konohamaru?

"To rekindle your Youth, My Youthful Student", Naruto announced much to the horror of his young charge.

By the time Hinata had joined the Master-apprentice duo, she found Konohamaru to be sitting around in a corner with depressing dark clouds over him and murmuring something which she didn't quite catch while Naruto stood there laughing his heart out at his young apprentice. It didn't need a genius to tell that somehow, someway Naruto was the cause of the current state of Konohamaru and that certainly it had to do with Konohamaru being forced to go to school as a student.

But that aside Naruto looked really handsome dressed in such formal clothes, it certainly was a refreshing change to watch him like that.

But first came the matter of Konohamaru…

"What did you do to Konohamaru-kun, Naruto-kun?" she asked as she walked and stood besides the blonde.

"Oh nothing, just how youthful being back at school would be", answered Naruto with a smug smile on his face and a mischievous glint on his eyes.

She couldn't help but shake her head, leave it to Naruto to use even the smallest of situation to prank or tease someone.

"Say Hinata-chan, are you ready for the responsibility as a tea- WOW!" Naruto was going to ask her about the new life, but his breath was hitched when his eyes laid on the beauty of Hinata dressed in a cream colored suit and skirt and blue shirt, she looked simply marvelous.

"Th-Thank you", Hinata stuttered out as she found Naruto's eyes on her appreciating her clothing and her form. The old Hinata started to surface as a crimson blush adorned her face and she started fidgeting with her fingers.

"Y-You lo-look go-good to Na- Naruto-kun", she replied.

"Hehehe", the blonde scratched the back of his head as a small blush made way to his face.

Meanwhile at the side Konohamaru just rolled his eyes, seriously even after two years there were such moments between the two, it was really hilarious, though Moegi believed it to be innocently romantic… Seriously!

"You know as teachers you are supposed to be early than the students, and even I have to be early as I am a new student", said Konohamaru.

"Hai!" the two new-to-be-teachers called in unison.

Both Hinata and Naruto had boarded the train to their destination, a train packed with school going girls as far as they could see. Konohamaru was already off the train at his destination. It was really nerving to know that the academy had its own train service of its own, just how big was the campus.

Normally the duo would have preferred to just hop to their destination as it was more relaxing, they do it as ninjas all time around. But this also was turning to be quite an experience to both, especially to Naruto as the girls around him would giggle, blush and make comments about him, hell, he had also felt someone try to pinch his butt. Meanwhile Hinata was certainly not enjoying any of these. But the greatest experience could be summarized when a gust of wind blew up the skirts of all the girls around giving them a clear view of the variety of inner-wears much to the further displeasure of Hinata.

Oh, then there was the rush of the students when the train had reached the main station, it was a sight to watch.

Currently the two were at the Dean's Office where they were being briefed about their job. It was a good thing that neither of them were the only teachers for the two subjects, the Junior High school just had too many classes, forget the number of students. So it was good that their schedule had free enough time for their other work.

"Well, now that all is discussed, Takamichi will take you to the class where you will watch a young teacher handle the class… and for the records the teacher is really young", said the Dean.

"How young?" Hinata asked.

"He is a ten year old", answered the Dean.

A silence descended in the room for the next few seconds where the chirping of the birds could be clearly heard.

"Ok! Seriously how old is he?" asked Naruto.

"He is ten", the Dean replied again.

"You are serious… Damn! But how?" asked Naruto.

And from there on the situation of Negi Springfield was accounted to the two shinobis, which in their eyes was complete stupidity. Who in their right mind allotted a ten year old to a job of a teacher in All Girl's School, where he would be teaching girls older than him, be it magic or even an insane person.

"So… anything could be available to us about the students we would be possibly teaching", said Hinata… it would be good to have some general info.

"Indeed. Here (Passing two the class rooster)… this books contain information on all the girls and teachers here at the Middle High, and pages have been marked of the classes that you would be possibly teaching", answered Takamichi.

As the man had said, the book was filled with pictures of hundreds of girls sorted by class and division with some general info on them. Also at the back page of the book were pictures and info of teachers they would be working along with.

For the time being both of them flipped to the page of 3A as that was the class they were currently heading towards, and boy were they surprised. The class had the most unique collection of girls; there were a few that looked no older than ten while a few seemed to be adults, was this really a class of fourteen-fifteen year olds.

The picture of the classroom teacher Negi Springfield was there too, and in it he looked so young that it was funny he was wearing a suit and was trying to portrait a mature look.

"Here we are", Takamichi said as they finally reached the classroom.

But before they could enter the classroom, Shizuna showed up.

"Hello Takamichi, Naruto-san, and Hinata-san… here for your orientation?" she asked.

"Hai", the two new teachers answered.

"What brings you here, Shizuna-san?" Hinata asked.

"Actually today is the day of the physical examination of the girls, and me being the health officer of Mahora it is my duty to conduct the examination", answered Shizuna.

"Wait, physical examination… that means-" Naruto tried to speak as a small grin started to make a way to his lips, but Hinata followed on by his mid-sentence.

"-that we will be unable to sit for the lecture and watch onto the teaching method of Negi-san", Hinata completed while she glared at the blonde completely shutting him off.

"Well at least you should introduce yourselves to the class", Takamichi added.

"Good enough for us", answered the two new teachers in unison.

Knocking on the door, Takahata waited for the teacher to open the door which a bespectacled boy of small stature opened, wearing a green suit. He had crimson red hair tied into a pony tail and chestnut brown eyes.

"Ah, Takamichi, Shizuna-sensei, I never expected you to go to my class right now, what can I help you with?" asked the young teacher.

Takahata merely gave a smile and said, "Well, I'm here to introduce two new teachers in the academy, I would like to let them see how you teach to see as how they would take your technique pretty well."

"And I am here for the school health check-up, so unfortunately they will have to wait, but the least they could introduce themselves to the class", Shizuna said.

"Yo!" "Hello Negi-san!"

Inside class 3A waited in impatience as their sensei talked on with both Shizuna-sensei and Takamichi-sensei and two new people. From what they could see of the two strangers, one thing was certain both were good looking. Finally the five entered the classroom and their thought was agreed upon, the boy with sun-kissed, spiky blonde hair and the brightest of blue hair and whisker-like marks on his cheeks dressed in casual outfit in their opinion was one of the hottest boys they had seen around, he just had a feral, regal and powerful look to him. The girl on the other hand was an epitome of beauty and sex-appeal, with her long and luscious dark blue hair and the pupil-less white eyes with a tinge of lavender seemed to appeal people and the cream-colored business suit she wore beautifully adorned her curves and large bust.

"Well class, we'll be having guests for the day in my lecture since they want to see how I teach all of you, I think it would be safe to say that they won't be bothering anyone." Negi mentioned with a tiny smile as the two teachers standing on the side.

To say that the girls were intrigued was an understatement. The two new-comers seemed young, not as young as them, but certainly not of a teaching age. But who were they to say anything about it as they had a ten year as their homeroom teacher.

"Hello everyone, I am Hyūga Hinata and from now on I will be teaching your class Japanese and also will the P.E. instructor alongside my partner (pointing at Naruto). It will be a pleasure to teach you all", Hinata introduced herself… garnering special attention of the class at the mention of the word partner.

"Yo, I am Uzumaki Naruto and from now on I to will be teaching your class Japanese and also will the P.E. instructor alongside Hinata. Hopefully we will be good teachers", said Naruto.

A silence descended the room for a few seconds as the class digested the info, especially the fact that both the new teachers will be working as a team as Japanese and P.E. teachers.

The first to stand up was a red head with a hair done up in a short and spiky ponytail and she spoke, "Asakura Kazumi, seat no. 03, member of the news club… How old are you Uzumaki-sensei, Hyūga-sensei?"

"18", answered the duo simultaneously.

"And please call me Hinata", said Hinata.

"And Naruto for me, was never the one for formalities", said Naruto… to which the two new teachers received an enthusiastic chorus of Yes.

Next stood up a dark-skinned beauty as her eyes were narrowed at the two teachers, especially the blonde which only a few caught onto as she spoke, "Tatsumiya Mana, seat no. 18… where do you come from?"

She wasn't the only one who was skeptical of the two, another student name Sakurazaki Setsuna was too. But unlike Mana she had gone deathly pale at the sight of the blonde, after all she was seconds away from her death and he had said that if he wanted he could have easily killed her.

"A village called Konoha", answered Naruto… that was the half-truth and until and unless somebody earned their trust, they were not going to receive the full truth.

"Both of you?" Mana asked.

"Yes", Hinata answered.

Next stood up an elegant blonde and she spoke, "Yukihiro Ayaka, seat no. 29 and the Class Representative… are you both going to be joint teachers of the Japanese and P.E. class?"

"Yes, that we will be", answered Hinata.

"Why, -aru?" a dark-sinned blonde asked, but a glare from the Iinchō and she continued in proper term "… I mean… I Kū Fei… seat no. 12… -aru."

"There are some other things, some personal business that would need both our attentions, mostly Naruto-kuns. And so there will be times when both of us or only he won't be present for a lecture… so the joint tutoring", answered Hinata.

This sparked interest of the entire class, but no one missed the affectionate way with which Hinata-sensei called Naruto-sensei.

This time a graceful purple-haired girl stood whose eyes seemed to twinkle in some unknown interest as she spoke, "Kakizaki Misa, seat no. 07… are you a couple?"

The sudden question caused a rippled to pass through the class as all attention was now on the two new teachers, even that of the teacher, waiting for their answer.

"Yes", answered Naruto…

Half of the class groaned at this, after all they had finally the chance to come across someone young and handsome, but he was already taken. They didn't even need to hear the confirmation leave the mouth of Naruto-sensei as the way they talked about each other and the crimson blush on Hinata-sensei's face after the question was asked was a dead giveaway.

"Now, you can ask any remaining questions next time, as Shizuna-sensei had arrived with some information to you all…" said Naruto as he then looked on towards Negi.

"Ah! That's right! W… Well then everyone, we're having a health checkup, so… uh… err… everyone, please prepare to take of your clothes!" Negi announced to the entire class.

At the sideline neither he nor Hinata could believe what had just left the lips of the ten year old, but what was most disturbing was the blushes and embarrassment on the faces of most of the girls… most of them for teasing purposes, but a few were actually sincere ones which shocked them the most. Neither thought that love or affection was bound by age difference, but still for goodness sake the boy was only ten.

"Hoho, what an interesting brat", Naruto couldn't help but say out loud as the red head rushed out of the room completely embarrassed as he got the gist of what he spoke and the girls started calling him Ecchi.

Those words garnered the attention of all the girls of 3A as their heads turned towards his direction so fast one had to wonder how they had not yet snapped. Their eyes then locked on the innocent, Kakashi-patented (the girls didn't know that) smile on the face of Uzumaki Naruto, and just like that a sincere blood-red blush spread across the faces of most of the girls, even the perverted and outgoing ones. Negi-sensei was one thing as it was fun to tease the child teacher and he was completely innocent, but Naruto-sensei was… How were they going to deal with this?

"Naruto-kun?" the sweet voice of Hinata spoke up.

"Hai, Hinata-chan", Naruto spoke with an innocent tone and look as he turned to look at the angelic face of Hyūga Hinata.

"OUT!" Hinata gave a war-cry and with herculean strength she kicked the blonde out of the room and then followed him out.

Negi let out a surprised yelp as he watched something crash into the wall in the corridor, and especially after that something was the new teacher Uzumaki Naruto.

"Uzumaki-san, are you alright?" he asked rushing to the blonde's side.

"Yep, completely fine", Naruto answered as he jumped away from the wall without any form of injuries to the utmost surprise of Negi.

"But you were just launched out of the room and hit the wall really hard…" Negi tried to say but was interrupted by another voice.

"Oh, don't worry about that Negi-san; Naruto-kun has been through dangerous things than hitting the wall… and he deserved it", Hinata said as she made her way out of her room.

"Harsh… but at the same time true", answered Naruto as he glared at the girl who just smiled back.

Inside a class full of 31 girls (one ghost which only one could see) in their innerwear measuring each other, from weight to their three specific sizes, were having discussion on some very important topics while they continued with their examination. One such being how fun it was to tease the child teacher and which had been followed by the absence of Sasaki Makie, but their current topic of discussion was the two new teachers Hyūga Hinata and Uzumaki Naruto.

"So what do you think of Hinata-sensei and Naruto-sensei?" Akashi Yūna asked to the class in general.

"It's too early to decide Yūna; they have yet to teach a class and we haven't seen much of them to make a judgment", Ayase Yūe answered as she sipped onto a juice box which had appeared in her hand out of nowhere.

"A-Actually it was a quite a surprise that there were suddenly two new teachers", Miyazaki Nodoka added to her best-friends statement.

"No, it wasn't…" Ayaka spoke up which garnered all their attention.

"What do you mean it wasn't Iinchō? The news club didn't have any information about two new teachers joining the school", spoke Kazumi… it was quite a shock to her that the news club had failed to gather on this info, especially of a sensei who was an Adonis while the other was an Aphrodite in terms of her beauty.

"It was announced yesterday when a sudden meeting of the Class Representatives was called on and there we were told of those two… apparently they are here at Mahora for some personal business and while they were going to be here the Dean-sensei offered them a job as teachers which they accepted. Also it was told that both Hinata-sensei and Naruto-sensei both have already completed their PhD in Japanese literature", Ayaka answered.

"Oh!" chorused the entire class.

"So what is this personal business of theirs? Even Hinata-sensei mentioned of it", asked Narutaki Fūka.

"No one knows apart from the Dean and Takahata-sensei", answered Ayaka.

"Oh, cut with the boring crap… there are more important things about the two than that", Saotome Haruna spoke.

"Oh, and what would be that Paru?" asked Asuna.

"Simple really…" Haruna said…

And Misa continued completing her sentence "… How far have Hinata-sensei and Naruto-sensei went in their exploration?"

Even though both Haruna and Misa with a couple of other girls had a perverse, mischievous grin on their faces, they couldn't help as crimson blush spread across their faces lie it was the case with almost the entire class.

Meanwhile most of the class was busy discussing about the two new teachers, a handful of students who had not decided to participate in their talks were having discussions of their own. One such group was of three students aware of the magical world and fighters from three different types of arts.

"So, what was it all about? You two looked like you had seen a ghost when Hinata-sensei and Naruto-sensei entered the class, especially Naruto-sensei", Nagase Kaede asked to the two girls by her side.

It was Mana who answered, "You remember the explosion that rocked Mahora three days ago."

"Yes", Kaede replied… she couldn't see where this was going.

"Well, Naruto-sensei, Hinata-sensei and another of their companion were present at the sight of the blast", added Mana.

Kaede just nodded, as now she was getting inkling as to where this was heading too.

From there on Setsuna took over and told of the night's event, of their attacks on those three strangers and them misjudging them for demons or half-demons, which she seemed ashamed of for jumping to conclusion, and of how easily that Naruto-sensei had incapacitated two of the two experienced teachers. She went into detail of how she had been easily captured with a blade through her throat and it was only timely intervention of Mana and Takahata-sensei. She even mentioned of how he had easily evaded an almost impossible shot from Mana which the gunslinger confirmed, and survived an attack from Takahata-sensei without any indication of harm in any possible form.

"This is certainly disturbing… but there is more I presume", spoke Kaede.

Setsuna nodded and continued further giving information of the words exchanged between Takahata-sensei and Naruto-sensei, which also had Mana intrigued as she was far-away to listen onto the conversation. Kaede also found it intriguing when Naruto-sensei made a swear on no further harm on his nindō, which made Naruto-sensei a ninja and her wonder as of what rank he would be.

"So?" Setsuna asked.

"It would be wise to hold any further judgment on Naruto-sensei and Hinata-sensei until their further actions, as the Dean himself gave them the jobs", Mana commented, which neither the other two could counter, though Setsuna decided to keep an eye on them, especially the blonde.

"Say, what happened to their third member?" asked Kaede, to which neither Setsuna nor Mana had any answers too.

In another corner stood two girls who vastly varied in their respective age, be it physically or in reality.

"Chachamaru keep an eye on those two new teachers, and if possible get me some information on those two", ordered Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell.

"Yes Master!" Chachamaru said taking heed to the order, but also couldn't help but ask, "Is something about the two new teachers troubling you master? You were completely focused on those two since they arrived, especially Naruto-sensei."

For a few seconds Evangeline didn't and when she did her voice carried a hint of curiousness, "there is something odd about the two, something that I can't put a point on, especially the boy."

"Would they be of any hindrance to your plan master?"

"No, No they won't", Evangeline answered a second later… as if there were anyone in this world that could match her awesomeness at planning and power.

Meanwhile the topic the rest of the class by now had changed from the two new teachers to that on the recent rumors of the vampire terrorizing the academy.

Negi felt a started feeling a little nervous as Naruto continued to stare at his face as if trying to figure out a puzzle, but what made him nervous was that smirk on the blonde's face, it was as if he was staring at the face of a playful kitsune (fox).

"I-Is something wr-wrong with my face Naruto-san?" he nervously asked.

"Nothing, just wondering how good you would have fit alongside Ero-Sennin", Naruto said nonchalantly as he continued to stare down at the red head as his smirk turned more mischievous.

"E-Ero-Sennin? Who's that?" Negi asked as his nervousness starting to increase with the smirk on Naruto's face turning more distinctive as a kitsune.

"Oh, just the world's biggest pervert, a self proclaimed Super-Pervert", Naruto simply answered.

At first it didn't click with the ten year old, but when it did his face had gone as red as his hair as he sputtered out, "I-I am no-not a per-pervert, Na-Naruto-san."

"Oh, and what I heard inside leave your mouth inside was an imagination of my mind Negi-bōzu. To ask a class full of fourteen-fifteen year old girls, even if there were a few close to your age and some were even close to that of my age, to ask them to all undress… how bold of you Negi-bōzu?"

By the end of his words the smirk on Naruto's face seemed to have connected to both his eyes, which now held mischievous glint. Meanwhile the poor boy in question had his face and entire body in an atomic crimson blush as he had no retort to the older boy's words as he did indeed say those words to his eternal embarrassment.

Luckily for Negi Hinata decided to step on for his rescue, "Naruto-kun, that is enough, or poor Negi-kun would start hyperventilating."

It was true as the red head was close to hyperventilating from all the blood that had rushed to his face.

"Jeez gaki, can't handle some light hearted teasing…" Naruto said as he ruffled the hair of the child teacher making him relax.

When the boy had finally relaxed, Naruto continued in a semi-serious tone "… but still Negi-bōzu, you should think twice before you speak something like that. You are quite lucky that the girls look at it as your innocent mistakes and see a chance for some mild teasing, and we also didn't think much of it… but there will be some who will not be so generous and not take a liking to your words and brand you as a pervert or worse."

Thinking of it Negi couldn't help but agree, even Nekane-O-nee-chan Springfield had also drilled through his mind that one must respect the female sex, and as Naruto-san he was truly extremely lucky that the girls believed it to be his stupid mistakes, which they were…

"Hai. I will try my best from now on to make such mistakes", Negi answered.

"Hohoho… not only do we have a pervert-in-making among our midst, but a gentleman-pervert-in-making", Naruto teased casing the boy to once again blush as if he was on flames.

"Stop it Naruto-kun", Hinata said as she punched the blonde into the floor.

With that the three decided to just spend their time in silence, but that didn't happen as the three of them felt a subtle amount of killing intent leaving the classroom and to the surprise of the two ninjas it seemed to be focused on the red head. But to Naruto it wasn't just killing intent as he could feel the malice and hatred that accompanied the short dose of killing intent, something that just didn't make sense. What could a ten year old possibly have done to receive this much malice and hatred?

The eyes of Hinata and Naruto met and with a subtle nod it was deiced that the two would look into this, or the least ask the people who could possibly have some knowledge about this.

But any further discussions were cut-off as…

"Sensei! We've got a problem! Makie is… Makie is…" Izumi Ako was dashing towards them, with her face clearly showing signs of worry and distress.

But before either the three teachers could as the distressed Ako the cause of the problem or what was wrong with Sasaki Makie, the doors and windows of the classroom opened with a bang, exposing the girls inside, in full blown lingerie and all.

Naruto immediately turned his back around; his mind now forever engraved with the female figure of almost every fifteen year old girl from class 3A.

Negi, looked like a fish out of water as the girls were accidentally flashing themselves at the poor kid.

Standing outside the infirmary both the shinobis to all may seem relaxed, but in truth a lot was going through their mind. Both were at a considerable distance from the patient who was sleeping peacefully and let her friends, classmates and Negi circle around her with each spouting their own theory of how Makie had been found asleep on Sakura Lane.

It was only visible to their trained eyes, the almost invisibly small bite mark on the neck of Makie. To the Byakugan of Hinata and a unique sensor as Naruto the energy radiating from the bite mark of Makie was quite clearly noticeable. Also neither failed to see the shift of emotion on Negi's face, which was a dead giveaway of something not being right.

"Looks like Negi-kun has noticed it too", Hinata commented as she watched the red head subtly try and inspect Makie.

"Yeah… but I don't think he has any clue of the perpetrator it seems", Naruto said.

"What are we going to do?" Hinata asked… they were here in a completely new world and they had no intention of making a scene here, yet it was neither in her or Naruto's nature to let something simply slide, but they had to tread carefully in this world and so it would be Naruto's call as he would be considered the superior.

"We'll just wing things as they go on… it s too much hassle to think on it", Naruto simply answered to which Hinata couldn't shake her head, Naruto was never known for his subtle approach.

The remaining the day had gone without any further hitch as they stayed in another of Negi's lecture. Despite his age it was clear that the boy had a good grasp of English, but had poor class managing skills. At least the girls were more tolerant and surprisingly showed more maturity while learning under a child teacher.

Currently Hinata and Naruto were waiting at a designated spot for them to meet up with Konohamaru. Neither had missed the five that had been tailing them since they left school grounds. It didn't take long for the two to recognize that four of their pursuers had been there when they had made a bombastic entrance at Mahora, and three of them were the students of Negi. For the time being they decided to play the game of 'wait-and-watch hide-and-seek'.

Finally the person they had been waiting for came into view and one could clearly see the frown that marred the face of the fourteen year old. Oh, how the distress and annoyance was clearly oozing from the face of the brown head, it was just too funny for Naruto who was really trying hard to hold back his laughter.

"So how was your first day at school, brat?" Naruto asked… but in doing so he couldn't hold back his laughter and was by now rolling on the floor with laughter.

This garnered the attention of all the passersby wondering what had gotten into the blonde, but even before their questions could be answered, a war-cry of a brown haired caught their attention…

"THAT'S IT! YOU ARE DEAD NARUTO-NII, YOU ARE DEAD!" Konohamaru declared as he rushed at his master with speed that shocked the gathered crowd.

But the most surprised among the crowd was one blonde as she watched onto the moments of the brown haired. At first it started with random movements and attacks to random parts of his victim's body, but as seconds passed by the style started becoming more refined and by the end of a minute it closely resemble Monkey Kung Fu, as if a furious money was clawing at his target.

Oh, how giddy she felt to learn that there was another person on the campus that had been trained in one of the animal mimicry styles, and if he anger wasn't clouding the boy's judgment she knew that he would be more refined with his movement. But that was just the icing on the cake; the cake itself was the one the brown haired attacked, the blonde teacher that had joined Mahora.

Even with the impressive speed in attack and movement, coordination and balance the brown haired had yet to lay even a single strike on the blonde. Each and every of his hand strike, claw swipe, palm slap was easily evaded by the blonde with speed uncharacterized. And all the while the brown haired continued the attack; the blonde just goaded him more with more laughter increasing the brown's rage.

Her eyes than shifted to the third member of the group, the second teacher that had joined Mahora today, and to her surprise she just stood there sipping on cold coffee enjoying the show as if it was daily occurrence. But suddenly she saw her face morph into that of a bit of a shock, looking back to the fight she tried to find the reason, but couldn't as she watched that the brown haired had gained some distance from the blonde was forming some weird shapes with his palms.

And then it had happened, faster than any eye could see, not even her trained eye could follow the moments and its result. There the brown haired laid face-first into the ground in a crater of his size in the same place he stood weaving those signs with his hands, and above his body sat Naruto-sensei. When had the blonde moved was the only thought that raced her mind, as she had not even witnessed a reflex of his muscles before he moved with such blinding speed.

But one thing was certain from this, Naruto-sensei was strong, probably the strongest she had ever seen. And she needed to challenge him to see where she stood against someone of that strength. Her eyes now were orbs of thousands of small, twinkling stars.

Meanwhile in their hiding places, the five girls were fairing no better either. As they had continued to watch the brown haired attack the blonde, it was clear that the blonde was far superior in both skills and speed, and that was saying something considering that the brown haired was not shabby either, actually brown could easily match them in skills. But the blonde's superiority was finally proven when he had subdued the brown haired, and that had happened in such blinding speed that even the best amongst them had only caught on a blur.

"Is it really wise to confront Uzumaki-san, Takane-nee-sama?" asked Sakura Mei completely unsure of the decision they had made before tailing Hyūga Hinata and Uzumaki Naruto. As it was the magical staff of Mahora was made aware of their circumstances, though not to full extent, but still enough to make everyone understand that the night they arrived was an accident and what followed was a misunderstanding.

"Indeed. We have to see it for ourselves. Even if Dean-sama and Takahata-sensei seemed to have no objection against them, the blonde was the one who had knocked out Tōko-sensei and Kataragi-sensei", Takane D. Goodman answered in a confident tone… a tone that was a result of the shadow armor she and Mei currently wore.

Meanwhile on the other side, the other three who to were tailing the blonde and lavender haired teachers had found their third target of discussion back in the class. But now witnessing the raw speed of the blonde they were having second thoughts on their action.

Meanwhile sitting atop his apprentice Naruto couldn't help but shake his head in disappointment as he spoke, "stupid apprentice, always rushes in with anger rather that using his tiny brain…" eyes then focused on the form below him "… and did you forget that we were no longer home, and the things the Old Man Dean spoke us about… and yet in your anger you completely disregarded it all."

By now Naruto had already stood up from his sitting position, giving a chance to get up as a frown still marred his features.

"You know as well that it was a completely uncalled and unwise move you were going to pull", Hinata spoke up before Konohamaru could say anything… this had him lower his head him shame as it was indeed true, they were warned about secrecy.

"Sorry", he muttered looking at the two older shinobis… by now the crowd had started dispersing.

"Well, we have to see that all that energy and anger of yours is to put to some good use, so guess I will have to toughen your training regime", Naruto said making Konohamaru go pale.

"It's time to rekindle the youth within you", Naruto proclaimed loud enough with a good-Gai pose making Konohamaru look at him with horror-struck look.

By the side Hinata couldn't help but shake her head at the strange master-apprentice relationship as a few chuckles left her lips. Leave it to Naruto to capitalize on a situation to increase the tor-training of his student.

But before the three could move on with whatever they had decided to do, a loud voice interrupted the three…


As must be noted in the very first paragraph the story takes place two years after the Daiyonji Ninkai Taisen (Fourth Shinobi World War).

Hyūga Hinata may seem as an OC, but it should be understandable and as mentioned in the story war changes people, she too had many life changing experience through the war and in the past two years where the nations are fighting trough the back-draws of the war. How strong she is? Well certainly not at Takamichi's level, but a respectable jōnin.

The story of Naruto's life mostly follows the manga through the time period of the war, where it starts to deviate. Even before the war there would be slight AU in terms of Naruto's skills from after the Hidan and Kakuzu Arc, a small difference.

It is a Naruto-Hinata pairing… don't like it, I don't give a shit… and of course it is a harem, MAHOU SENSEI NEGIMA! manga is based on the harem theme and so I would go by it.

On to other notes: updates and status of my other stories is going to be posted on to my profile, so read it before asking any questions about my other stories.