By the side Hinata couldn't help but shake her head at the strange master-apprentice relationship as a few chuckles left her lips. Leave it to Naruto to capitalize on a situation to increase the tor-training of his student.

But before the three could move on with whatever they had decided to do, a loud voice interrupted the three…


The three shinobi s turned their heads to the source of the shout, the girl that had seemed stupid enough to challenge The Uzumaki Naruto, though the girl wouldn't have any idea of the blonde's greatness. There they found a dark-skinned blonde standing with a look that suggested that Christmas had arrived early for her. It was only Naruto and Hinata that recognized her and it was to be so as she was a student from class 3A, the class whose homeroom teacher was Negi Springfield.

But unfortunately Sarutobi Konohamaru was devoid of this knowledge and being the brash teen that he was he blurted out, "You want to fight this (pointing at Naruto) Monster!"

"Monster?! Why you say –aru?" a completely confused Kū Fei asked.

She wasn't the only one that was surprised by the words of the brown haired boy, someone who had called the blonde his brother, even if he had than gone and attacked the blonde, but still to call him a monster… what the hell!

"Because he is one… I know of no living human that could possibly be able to fight him", Konohamaru said nodding to himself as if he had just avoided a great crisis, but he completely failed to see the crisis that was at his face.

"So now I am a monster, am I?" the blonde casually asked as he faced the brown haired teen that was now sweating.

But Naruto hadn't finished there as he spoke with a sweet smile on his face, "… and here I thought I was Akuma, Kishin, Oni and so much more."

With each passing the word the color of the face of Konohamaru was slowly draining, "You knew of all of them?"

"Indeed I did stupid apprentice, I am me after all!" Naruto responded in an awed tone.

"So, you aren't going to…?" Konohamaru asked in a frightful tone, the explanation Naruto gave was truly enough and now he truly feared the consequences.

"Well, since you were so generous to give me so many names, I should be grateful of you… and to show my gratitude, we go back to the Training Board to Training Method No. 89… it's on me to see that your Flames of Youth forever keep burning brighter, my apprentice", Naruto answered with a cheery deposition.

Though unlike the Master, the apprentice didn't share the cheery deposition as his face had gone completely pale and one could see the horror etched on it.

Turning around to face Kū Fei he spoke in an amused tone, "I would love to Kū Fei-chan (her face visibly brightened)… but we just recently moved to Mahora and it would be better if we get settled around a bit…"

"OH!" Kū Fei exclaimed and looked a bit sheepish when she gave a thought to it.

"… So, how about we schedule the challenge a week later?" Naruto asked with the infamous Kakashi-smile.

"Will do, Naruto-sensei! We fight a week later –aru!" Kū Fei proclaimed… she was too happy to get such a chance, and then it clicked her "… Is Hinata-sensei a martial artist too?"

"In a way yes", Hinata answered elating the face of Kū Fei even further.

"You too got to fight me –aru… and even Naruto-sensei's apprentice. This is going to be so much fun, to fight such strong people aru", Kū Fei exclaimed as it was hard for her to contain her excitement.

Neither Naruto nor Hinata could understand the kind of dilemma they had unleashed upon themselves and Konohamaru, though they were going to learn in a month's time.

The duo of Hinata and Naruto along with a half-dead Konohamaru whose face was etched with horror finally made to an empty clearing with an objective of confronting the five that still seemed to be on their tail…

"So, would you girls come out of your hiding spots? Or do you wish me to give you a helping hand?" asked Naruto out loud for the hiding girls to hear.

Neither of the groups had anticipated for both of them to know that they were being tailed, but their conclusion seemed wrong as it was as if they had known from the very beginning, their eyes indicated so… though the third didn't seemed to have noticed, or was it because he was just too much horrified to notice anything. And yet they decided to stay in hiding in hopes that it was nothing but a bluff…

Oh, how wrong they were!

For the next couple of minutes nothing happened, but then things changed within a span of a second as many things happened at once… a predatory smile appeared on Naruto's face as if a fox out to hunt and the sound of thousand birds chirping.

It was then they noticed of them being surrounded by birds and not just any ordinary birds, these were birds made out of lightning and the ones that emitted the chirping sounds. It was then that their survival and training instincts kicked in as the birds made out of lightning charged at them, obliterating the trees they used to hide behind moments ago.

This had the five girls on edge as they jumped into the clearing; to think that the blonde was able to form an attack without a moment's notice did not look good for them. The reason they were aware that it was the blonde that was behind the lightning attack was the same sort of lightning chirped of the right hand of the blonde, the same chirping sounds that the lightning birds made. But the most unnerving was the right eye of the blonde, it was no longer bright blue but was now was blood red with three black tomoe circling around the pupil, somehow that eye made them fear him even though he had somewhat of a goofy smile on his face as he looked at them.

For some reason Hinata was not liking the situation; not because they were outnumbered nor because the ability of the girls now in front of her was completely unknown to her, no it was because of that goofy grin that was plastered on Naruto's face as he looked at the girls, or rather he was looking specifically at the blonde. It didn't help that the blonde was quite good looking on the eyes and had a nice figure to boot whose beauty was lusciously adorned by the black cleavage-revealing, body hugging outfit of hers.

If it were anyone other than Hinata they would think that it was the black masked figure behind the blonde that must have caught Naruto's attention as it seemed some form of magic… the other girls were also on their guard as they had their weapons out, the oddest being the redhead who was holding onto a broom. But Hinata knew Naruto well, even though he might be interested in the doll-like masked figure behind the blonde and it had been one of the reasons of using the Sharingan to get more insight on the abilities of the mages and magical people, she knew there was something more to the equation that she wasn't able to add. It certainly wasn't the beauty and appearance of the blonde, albeit being as beautiful as she was Naruto had received offers and advances from girls all around as beautiful as the blonde and even willing to wear more revealing outfit for the sake of wooing the blonde hero.

Takane was getting really nervous under the direct stare of the blonde; the bright blue orb seemed to be admiring her form and beauty while the red eye made her feel as if it was stripping her down and analyzing every nook and corner of her body… it just didn't feel right, especially accompanied by that goofy grin.

Even the others seemed confused at the blonde males entire focus seemed to be completely on the blonde female, something neither the other girls nor Konohamaru could get an exact idea about… though their vague idea were closest to the truth.

"Say Hinata-nee-san, who are those…?" the question died into the throat of Konohamaru as he watched the Byakugan flare with unbridled fury, something he had seen many times back home since the end of the Great War.

"Would you mind explaining to me why in the world are you wearing such a ridiculous magical outfit?" Hinata demanded as her eyes locked on with the blonde female.

"Whaaa…? My magical outfit is not ridiculous… and the outfit is a part of my Shadow Control Magic and it greatly enhances my defensive abilities", Takane declared proudly.

"Then why aren't you wearing anything above or below it?" Hinata asked… it was getting really hard for her to keep her nerve and start attacking the blonde.

That question confused the all present or rather those without a Dōjutsu, to them Takane was certainly wearing clothing.

"Why would I? Putting on other clothing with the outfit reduces its defensive capabilities", Takane answered… the questions of the slightly older girl was making no sense to her.

"Why do you ask such a question Hyūga-sensei?" a confused Sakura Mei asked.

"How about I answer to that question in the stead of Hyūga-sensei…" Naruto spoke up as his eyes for the first time lay on the redhead.

"Mei… Sakura Mei, Class 2C, seat no. 13", answered Sakura Mei to the unasked question.

"Well Mei-chan (the girl blushed furiously at this)… my right eye and the eyes of Hyūga-sensei are special. These eyes posses' unique abilities; one of which I was a bit uncertain about, but with the demonstration of the magical ability by your senpai just cleared the doubt in our minds, the ability works on magic too", answered Naruto.

"And what might this ability be Naruto-sensei?" asked Mana… they too were now curious of this abilities that Naruto spoke of.

"The ability to see magical energy… which means that the magical outfit that you (glaring at Takane) are wearing in essence to these eyes it is magical energy… transparent, blue energy", Hinata answered as an very annoyed aura was circulating around her.

Takane's eyes flew between the blonde and her magical outfit and then back to the blonde, whose eyes were once again focused on her with that goofy grin back on his lips as her brain tried to put meaning to the words of Hinata…

"Oh, I can assure you that I am absolutely loving what I am seeing", Naruto said giving thumbs up to Takane.

… And then it clicked to Takane forcing a huge blush on her face and her hands and the shadows moved into cover her womanly parts as a loud scream ("IYAAAA!") shattered the area.

Meanwhile Naruto was forced to dodge spears of shadows that emerged from the masked doll, which were quite destructive in nature than he had anticipated. But it wasn't just the spears of shadow that he had to dodge as he moved at the last minute to dodge a direct attack from the masked doll… she was good and so were her skills and her ability to manipulate the masked doll, but he was Uzumaki Naruto after all. Sidestepping her direct assault by a single step forcing their faces to come very close and giving her a brilliant smile which forced a blush to appear on her face he whispered directly into her ears…

"Your skills are quite good and refined which is impressive… and as for your body, let me tell you that you are quite beautiful."

Takane just stood there frozen in her place, she had not expected such sincerity from his words or rather she had expected him to tease her or some sort of sexual comment and so the sincerity surprised her, making her heart skip a few beats. And then she rushed off an atomic blush on her face and a shout…


"Oi! If you want me to take responsibility, the least you could do is tell me your name", Naruto said to the retreating figure.

"T-Takane Go-Goodman, U-Ursula High, Class 2B, seat no. 28…" Takane answered and then rushed off.

"Eh! Eh? I-I am sorry Hyūga-sensei, Uzumaki-sensei…" Sakura Mei said with a small bow as she too rushed off after Takane "… Takane-nee-sama! Wait for me!"

There was an awkward silence in the clearing as everyone tried to clear their mind of the weirdness, though it still didn't help to curb the deathly aura that was now surrounding Hinata, something which was making Konohamaru edge away from her.

"That aside, onto serious things…" Naruto said as he looked at the other three girls with a serious look which made them gulp in fear for the blonde looked quite formidable and intimidating "… why is it that neither of you three are wearing any form of magical outfits, something similar to the likes that Takane-chan wore?"

Konohamaru could hardly control the snort that left his mouth at that question; leave it to Naruto to make the situation more deadly and yet entertaining for all if the deadly aura around Hinata-nee-san was anything to go by. But that was only the reaction of Hinata-nee-san; the reactions of the other three girls were quite amusing to see in his opinion, though he would never voice it as he was well aware and rightfully feared the wrath of a female.

The shortest with the fairest skin and black hair tied in a single ponytail to her left had her entire face turned crimson red and seemed quite shaken by the blonde's direct-indirect question.

"I have no such outfit -de gozaru", Kaede answered seemingly completely unaffected on the outside, but so was not the case from the inside.

As for Mana, she show her displeasure which was clearly oozing of her face by summoning one of the most potent and speedy of the magical guns in her arsenal and shot of a rapid-fire round. But to her and the surprise of her two companions the bullets just vanished into thin mere centimeters away from the blonde with no trace of their existence any further.

"That is quite an impressive form of weapon you posses Mana-chan, really interesting", Naruto said in an amused tone.

Even Konohamaru and Hinata were quite amazed by the weapon, a weapon which shot projectiles with deadly accuracy and speed and the likes they had never seen before.

Though Mana didn't seemed amused by it as again her bullet had failed to meets its target and to her annoyance it was the same blonde that had a few days ago dodged another of her shot… this was not sitting down well with her.

"All matters aside, what did you girls want from us?" Hinata asked… she decided that her anger at the blonde could wait for the moment.

"I heard of your sudden appearance and skills from the two, –de gozaru… and seeing how you suddenly became our teachers we decided to investigate", Kaede answered in a tone as of trying to solve a puzzle.

"Understandable! But it could have saved your time if you would have simply asked after class", Naruto answered nonchalantly.

"And you would have answered to all our questions, –de gozaru?" Kaede asked… the other two decided to remain silent for the time being.

"Not all, but certainly those we could answer", replied Hinata.

"Well, how about introduction to your apprentice Naruto-sensei?" Kaede asked.

"The name's Konohamaru, Sarutobi Konohamaru", Konohamaru said as he introduced himself, which was followed by introductions from the three albeit a bit reluctantly from the other two.

"By the way Nagase-san, are you a ninja by any chance?" Konohamaru asked… the kunai in her hand were a dead giveaway.

"That I am, -de gozaru. Chūnin ranked ninja of the Kōga Clan", answered Kaede proud of her ability as she had achieved her skills by herself.

Then she asked the thing that confused her most, "… though why do you ask –de gozaru?"

"Oh, because… Konohagakure Chūnin Sarutobi Konohamaru of the Sarutobi Clan", Konohamaru answered.

Taking his cue even Hinata decided to answer, "Konohagakure Jōnin Hyūga Hinata of the Hyūga Clan."

Now this was something that surprised all three of them, to think that the three were ninjas and above all for Hinata-sensei to be a jōnin that spoke of her skills and her power, to attain the rank of jōnin was not an easy task. Their eyes than turned to the third member of the group waiting in anticipation, after all the blonde had an apprentice who was a chūnin ranked ninja.

And Naruto didn't disappoint as a smirk lit up his face as he spoke, "As for me, I am…"

The anticipation was on high within the girls as this was the same person that had easily swatted of one of Takahata-sensei's attack…

"… no one important", Naruto ended with a completely bland expression as he just started walking leaving the three girls completely startled.

"I guess we will take our leave", Hinata said with a small bow and followed Naruto while shaking her head at Naruto's response... leave it to Naruto to make a complete 360 and turn the situation into a ruckus.

The trio of class 3A super-unnatural just looked completely bewildered, Naruto-sensei had just walked on them when it had been them who had decided to trail him and get some answers.

"Well, that was anticlimactic", Kaede said finally coming out of her daze.

"At least we learned a couple of things about Naruto-sensei and Hinata-sensei", Mana answered… the time according to her was not wasted even though it could have been better if the man didn't play them as rookies.

"Still it didn't make their situation clear to us", Setsuna grumbled… she really hated this feeling of uneasiness while around Naruto-sensei.

"But for the three to be ninjas… that was unexpected –de gozaru", Kaede commented.

Yes, it was truly unexpected as in these days and eras there were very few that were known to be ninjas, it was a dying art.

"So… any idea of what happened to your bullets Mana?" Setsuna asked.

"None that I can think of", Mana answered after a minute of silence… no theory came to her mind for the fate of her bullets.

The duo of Hinata and Naruto finally made their way towards the teacher's dorm; Konohamaru was made to live at the boy's dorm as per the school regulations… poor him. But at this very moment the fate of his apprentice did not seem much important to Naruto, his own fate and future seemed to be having dark clouds hanging above them…

"H-Hey Hi-Hinata…"

Any others forming in his mouth died down as the girl in question looked at him with a steel gaze and then walked away.

It was irony really, he who had faced shinobi whose powers were termed godly, he himself who was considered as a legend and his powers termed godly, covered under the gaze of his girlfriend-fiancé.

Ero-Sennin had ones told him that it was mostly the men who ruled the world, but no matter what every man was ruled over by a woman. It according to the old pervert was the law of the Gods and ancients.

The evening had been the most uneventful in his life as Hinata seemed bent on avoiding any form of conversation to even start between the two. He hated this side of Hinata; it could be more stubborn than even him.

Even dinner went on uneventful, but the least her cooking hadn't been affected by her mood as it tasted as great as ever. Neither had she decided to not make dinner for him; he couldn't cook even if his life depended on it. His childhood was the proof of it; he literally lived on instant ramen and the food he bought at Ichiraku's.

But it was not the food that mattered to him the most; if it came to it he wouldn't mind surviving on ramen, what mattered to him was she. He knew the cause behind her irate mood, but one couldn't blame him, after all having a role model like Jiraiya and staying him with over a long period of time he was bound to be affected by the man's perverseness.

But it wasn't just perverseness and shinobi skills that he inherited from the Legendary Sannin; he also inherited his will and ways to woo a girl, especially one you would put your heart down too. And so without further ado he walked behind Hinata who was busy washing the dishes…

"Hinata…" he whispered, and just like he anticipated his eyes were locked on with the steeled eyes of the Hyūga heiress. But unlike the whole evening, he did not cover under her gaze nor did he give her a chance to beat him away just by looks…

His lips met her lips, softly pressing on each other, shocking Hinata completely. It wasn't a kiss to convey his passion or lust for her, no it was a kiss that simply conveyed his love towards her.

It was slow, but gradually Hinata melted into the kiss and responded, the kiss conveying their love for each other.

"What was that for?" she asked after their lips had separated after God knows how long as she gently ran a finger on her lips.

"You seemed not ready to listen", he answered.

"Idiot", she muttered as she whacked his head with the ladle in her hand.

"That I maybe…" he answered as he rubbed the spot where she hit him with the ladle "… but am yours truly…"

And with that he ones again captured her lips, this time it wasn't just a kiss to show his love, it was that of passion and want.

The duo deepened their kiss as Naruto started to rub her lower back and Hinata started to rub his scalp lovingly, they were on the ninth cloud right now. Tongues intertwined, battling for supremacy, exploring each other as they immersed themselves to the electric sensation that bolted through their body.

As they further deepened their kiss, letting their passion run wild, his tongue tenderly entered her mouth before he fervently explored her sweet, angelic insides… Hinata truly loved her deserts. She moaned in his mouth while slurping sounds were made as they deliriously kissed each other, saliva dripping from both of their tongues.

"T-The bed-bedroom…" she somehow moaned out with her tongue still exploring the inside of his mouth.

So without further ado, he gently lifted her with his left hand while their mouths were still intertwined and walked towards the bedroom, while the free right hand proceeded to form one-handed seals, forming a barrier around the room to keep their adventure to themselves and a clone of him which proceeded to do the remaining chores.

"Well, that's new", Naruto commented as he watched a flailing Negi being carried on the shoulders of one of his own students as they made their way towards the school.

"That's not new, that's weird. A student carrying a flailing teacher to school… I always thought it was the other way around", Hinata commented as her eyes glanced at Naruto when she made the last statement.

"Oi, oi, I wasn't that bad", he mumbled.

"What weren't you 'that bad' at Naruto-sensei?"

The shinobi duo turned around to find one of the students from Negi's class, a girl with long, flowing reddish-orange hair, a mature figure and a mature calm surrounding her, Naba Chizuru. If it weren't for the school uniform – which was making some very lewd thoughts churn in the mind of Naruto – neither Hinata nor Naruto would have pegged her to be a middle school student, much less a fifteen year old.

"Oh, he was really bad! I remember three to four occasions each week when we were at the academy of our village when Iruka-sensei had to literally drag him to the class from the various hide-holes he would be at after playing a prank on someone", Hinata answered.

"Oi, Oi!" Naruto mumbled… that was something that needn't need to be discussed with what was probably going to be his student for the next few months.

Meanwhile the dark eyes of Chizuru sparkled with curiosity, to think that the young man in front of her, her soon-to-be sensei was far more relaxed person than she had first anticipated. Not only that, it seemed in his childhood he was more of an outgoing student then a studious one as she had anticipated.

"You used to play pranks, Naruto-sensei?" Chizuru asked with genuine curiosity.

But it was Hinata who answered, "He did, and still does."

"The best there was, the best there is, the best that will always be, I Shinshutsukibotsu Itazura-sha (Phantom/Elusive Prankster)", Naruto declared as he did a gentleman-bow and kissed the back of Chizuru's left hand causing the face of the young-mature girl to flame red.

At the moment Naruto's lips touch the back of Chizuru's hand, only one thought ran through her mind and that being that Uzumaki Naruto was quite an endear-a dangerous being as her face went flame red. He was far different than she had originally pegged him to be, and just to appease her curiosity she would observe him more observantly from now on.

Meanwhile the girls around just watched in jealousy at Chizuru, wondering why wouldn't someone as hot as the blonde try to woo them. Some of the girls in the crowd from 3A were actually quite surprised to see a blushing Chizuru, and to think that it was the new sensei that caused it, it was really too much for them.

Though one girl did not share the same sentiments as most of the girls around, as her hand whacked the back of the blonde's head making him fall flat on the ground as she glared at him.

"Umm…" Chizuru tried to say something seeing the glare of Hinata-sensei…

"It is none of your fault Naba-san, for there are very few who could resist the charm of this knucklehead playboy", Hinata muttered.

Chizuru's eyebrows vanished behind her hairline, Naruto-sensei was a playboy and by the tone of Hinata-sensei, she was used to his playboy eccentrics.

But Hinata wasn't finished, "I don't know what's worse, that he decided to live as the legacy of Jiraiya-sama or that he is better than Jiraiya-sama when it comes to such things."

"Jiraiya-sama?" Chizuru asked… Hinata-sensei's voice held both respect and disappointment.

It was Naruto who answered in Hinata's place, "Jiraiya of the Densetsu no Sannin (Legendary Three Ninja), the Gama Sennin (Toad Sage), author of Dokonjō Ninden (Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi) and the Icha-Icha series, mentor to Namikaze Minato and me, my godfather and above all a self proclaimed Ladies' Man and a Super Pervert."

So many questions floated in the mind of Chizuru, as to what did Naruto-sensei mean by Densetsu no Sannin or by Gama Sennin? Why had she never heard of the Book named Dokonjō Ninden and the Icha-Icha series? Who was Namikaze Minato? But none of that mattered as she understood by the latter part of the introduction of the person named Jiraiya as to why Naruto-sensei's seemed so fond about talking of the man – he was Naruto-sensei's godfather and mentor – and why Hinata-sensei's voice held a tone of disappointment – it seemed like Naruto-sensei had walked on his path as a playboy and possibly a pervert. In all of it, she did not fail to miss the tone of loss in Naruto-sensei's voice, indicating possibly to the death of the man named Jiraiya.

"He must have been a great man?" Chizuru couldn't help but ask.

"That he was", Naruto replied.

Chizuru couldn't help but blush seeing the wide radiant smile on the face of Naruto-sensei, while Hinata just shook her head knowing that another fallen to her boyfriend's charms by him just being who he was.

"Well, we can have this little chit-chat some other time, for its time for the school to start. So quickly drag your cute arse to the class before the bell rings…" Naruto stated.

"Eep!" Chizuru yelped actually surprised that Naruto-sensei just slapped her buttocks.

"Or do you want me to give you a ride to the class in my manly arms", Naruto said as he brought both his arms dangerously close to her waist.

Chizuru's face by now was flaming red, but the moment she felt Naruto-sensei's hand brush her waist a loud yelp released from her mouth as she dashed towards the school with her face flaming redder, all the while thinking as to how it would feel to be carried on by Naruto-sensei.

"Hehehe… that was fun. Maybe being here at Mahora for a couple of months wouldn't be that bad after all", Naruto muttered to himself as a shit-eating grin made way to his face.

But then…


Turning around to find a very furious Hinata, the grinning face was replaced by a pale and sweating one.

"I-It was j-just a j-joke, Hi-Hinata-chan. I…"

But it seemed as to Hinata was not in an intention to listen…

People would later wonder what that small crater did in the middle of the road, not knowing that it was where one Uzumaki Naruto was smashed into the ground by Hyūga Hinata.

"Well, we were told that class 3A was quite an amusing class to teach, but we did not expect anything as such."

Both Hinata and Naruto were certainly amused, the class of 31 (30 excluding the ghost) seemed to be scheming something big, all huddled together.

At the voice of Naruto, the girls quickly broke the group, their faces aflame. So caught up in their planning to cheer Negi-sensei were they that they completely missed the arrival Hinata-sensei and Naruto-sensei and now the amused look of Naruto-sensei had most blushing.

It took a couple of minutes for the entire class to gather their composure before they were able to properly greet the two new teachers for their first class. The amused look that adorned the face of Naruto-sensei made it really harder.

"Since this is the first time we are teaching class 3A, how about we do a small introduction to get to know each other", Hinata said.

"What do you mean Hinata-sensei?" the cheerful voice of Sasaki Makie asked.

Makie wasn't the only one that was confused…

"What Hinata means is, we tell each others about our likes-dislikes, hobbies and such", Naruto answered.

"Oh!" the girls were quite surprised by this.

"And to make things easier, we would go first with the introduction", said Hinata seeing a few nervous looks.

"By the way, is the class missing a couple of students?" Naruto asked, for the student rooster counted thirty one girls to class 3A.

"A single student Naruto-sensei… Evangeline McDowell", Ayaka answered.

"I see."

The way Ayaka had answered it seemed to be a regular thing to Naruto, something Naruto decided to look at, Evangeline was the same girl that had been the source of the dark energy he had been sensing since yesterday.

Deciding to think of it later, they carried on with the introductions.

"How was your first day as teachers?" Minamoto Shizuna asked.

"Pretty good", Naruto answered with an amusing smile on his face.

"And would have been better if most of the girls would have stopped eyeing Naruto-kun", Hinata answered with a twitch in her left eye.

The way Hinata spoke, it made Shizuna to wonder whether this was a normal occurrence. But thinking on it, it certainly would make sense seeing the person in question. Even though she knew very little of Uzumaki Naruto, there were a few things to the naked eye, especially the eye of a magical healer like her.

Uzumaki Naruto was strong, unbelievably so. He had already proven his strength the day they had accidently arrived, and from what the Dean had mentioned, he had done so without breaking a single sweat. In the past two days she had learned that boy was naturally kind and easygoing, something surprising especially for someone of that level of strength. And then there was his aura, so alluring, it was as if it pulled one towards him.

But she knew better, or rather she had been of the few that the Dean had confided into of what he felt of the blonde. To think there was such a depth to him, and it surprised her to think that he hided it with such perfection, almost as if all the things that the Dean had concluded seem fictional. But she knew to not doubt the words of Konoe Konoemon, for the man would never speak of such things lightly.

And it also helped that he was quite good looking on the eyes, from his sun-kissed, spiky, untamed blonde hair, his bright oceanic-blue eyes, the exotic whisker-like marks adorning his cheeks and the athletic body which spoke of both unrestrained power and speed. Then there was the way he held himself, albeit being a carefree by nature, being a warrior from heart had him hold himself in a carefree elegant manner.

So to her it was no wonder that an enigma as him coveted the attention of teenage girls. Truth to be told, even she couldn't help but be slightly interested in him. He was an enigma.

Also she had no qualms to say that if there were boys in this school, there would be the same trouble with Hyūga Hinata, on a lesser scale but it would still be there.

"By the way Shizuna-san, do you know where we could find Negi-kun or Takamichi-san?"

The question asked by Naruto brought her out of her thoughts and she somehow stuttered her answer…

"Eh… Ne-Negi-kun already left and Takahata-san is out on some errand for the Dean. Did you need something from the two?"

"Some information on a couple of students from 3A", answered Naruto.

"Well, if you want…" Shizuna was about to offer her help, but was cut-on by Hinata…

"Nothing to worry about Minamoto-san, we will see to it ourselves."

The way Hinata said it, it seemed to Shizuna that the girl had caught onto her little lapse and stutter and probably had a feeling of what she had her mind thinking on…


Hinata was frustrated, irritated and a load full of emotions muddled her mind only after the first day of teaching in a school. It was not that she minded teaching; on the contrary she enjoyed doing so and had decided to take on a team of genin s or an apprentice in a coming couple of years, and so had no qualms teaching here at Mahora.

But not only had a day passed and she was already regretting her decision, not because she didn't like teaching here, but it was all because of Naruto.

She had hoped she seriously had that being here in a place where people knew nothing of the blonde there would be less trouble surrounding him. But how wrong she was, for even here where the fame of Uzumaki Naruto was unknown to all, he somehow seemed to garner attention of great number of girls, almost more than half of the Middle School girl students they taught.

She should have seen this coming, for this was Uzumaki Naruto, someone who did not fame to somehow have the female population going gaga over him. The testimony of that was of the number of girls that he had unintentionally wooed before being the great hero that he was. She didn't even want to think of how things had catapulted after the Daiyonji Ninkai Taisen (Fourth Shinobi World War), it was complete chaos.

"Oi, Hinata!"

It literally took Naruto to shake him out of her stupor to come back to reality…

"Something wrong Naruto-kun?" she asked.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking that? You spaced out on me", Naruto commented with a look of worry etched on his face.

It was something expected as the war had brought affected her and others in many ways, and one of those were nightmares.

"N-Nothing. Just thinking of how different things are here", she answered… it was close to the truth.

"Yes, it certainly is far different here then back home", Naruto answered as he gained a far-away look.

"Naruto…" she silently called out to him, knowing full well the train of his thoughts.

"Don't worry, I am fine", he said.

She didn't question him any further, for if he wanted to confide himself in her he would without hesitation. And so she simply settled to drifting her hand into his to simply show to him that she was there for him.

He acknowledged her support by simply smiling, which she was content in returning.

But any further conversation was cut-short by the screams of the girl, an embarrassed scream…

"What was that?" she couldn't help but ask, somehow that kind-of-scream she was quite familiar with.

"Well, what do we know; we have a pervert on the campus… and no it isn't me", he said, the last part seeing the accusatory look from Hinata… his pervert senses had been tinkling for quite some time now.

For a second her accusatory glance stayed on the blonde next to her, even though she was certain that it had nothing to do with him, but still she couldn't help it as he had somehow channeled his inner-Jiraiya. That was just an excuse he had come up sometime in the past, an excuse to hide his own perverseness by saying that it was Jiraiya who had made him his successor.

How could the creator of the Oiroke no Jutsu (Sexy Technique) and its variations not be a pervert?

But further thoughts were cut-short as she watched one of the students from 3A rush past them… Kagurazaka Asuna if she remembered correctly. And by the looks of it she was heading to the same place those voices were coming from…

"Shall we?"

She heard him question, curiosity brimming within his eyes, and even if she wanted to deny it, she too was quite curious about it.

She didn't grace him with an answer; instead just followed the direction the voice came from and Kagurazaka Asuna had rushed to knowing full well that he would follow.

For the unknown time since the merging of his eyes with the Sharingan eyes he was once grateful of them, not in battle as he rarely required it, nor in any ninja missions, rather in his own self-induced missions… the recording ability of the Sharingan was truly god-send. And here once again the recording ability of the Sharingan came into play as the vision in front of him was forever burned in his mind… the image of most of the girls from 3A in their swimsuits and a handful in their birthday suits.

He stood by the statement of this morning… he was loving it here; Mahora had a lot to offer to raise his inner pervert.

As the one named Kagurazaka Asuna went onto berate the girls and Negi, he decided to make things a bit more interesting and so flashed in front of the child-teacher who seemed completely surprised by his sudden appearance…

Giving the brat a thumbs-up he said, "Negi-bōzu, you're the man!"

The implication of his words was quite apparent as Negi 's face as taken the shade of red similar to his hair while the girls yipped in surprise finally noticing him and rushed onto try and cover themselves by anything they would get their hands on, especially those whose swimsuits had been literally ripped off of their bodies.

"N-Na-Naruto-san, I-I… th-this is no-not l-like th-that", Negi tried to explain but was failing drastically as his face was as red as his hair.

"Oh… then how is it?" he asked, mirth playing in his eyes.

"I would love to know as well."

Apparently Hinata didn't share his amusement, rather her voice screamed of her annoyance. He could even feel a small amount of killing intent leaking from her and looking from the corner of her eyes found her eyes to be narrowed.

Hinata wasn't just annoyed, she was pissed off…

Shifting his eyes towards the girls of 3A, of whom most had found some piece of clothing to cover their bodies, he wasn't surprised to find them cowering under Hinata's gaze, those white eyes when narrowed looked quite scary.

The brave soul of Yukihiro Ayaka squeaked out her words, "Hi-Hinata-sensei, th-this, a-all this was because Ne-Negi-sensei was depressed… it w-was a cheer-up pa-party for Negi-sensei."

Outwardly it seemed like Hinata had bought the reasoning of Ayaka as her face now looked calm, but Naruto knew well this to be the calm before the storm… the girls were going to feel the wrath of Hyūga Hinata.

"I see…" Hinata muttered, and then turning towards Negi "… go with Kagurazaka-san, Negi-kun."

The boy didn't need to be told a second time as he rushed off to the side of the bell-wearing girl and both made a silent dash out of the room…

"… And I hope to meet you all in detention in about fifteen minutes in class 3A…" she calmly stated and walked out of the bathing house dragging a helpless blond by his right ear.

No word or sound was made in the bath house apart of the small splashes of water, the look of Hinata-sensei and her calm tone still had them quite shocked. But the look that Naruto-sensei gave them as he was dragged out by his ear was what had them frozen; a look of pity, a look that said that they had dug their own grave, and so they couldn't help but think so… had they really dug their own grave?

"We better hurry… we do not want Hinata-sensei to be angrier with us", Chizuru suddenly piped in bringing the girls out of their stupor and forced them to a mad dash to the changing room.

As warned, fifteen minutes later the girls of 3A that had been busted in the onsen were all in the seats of their classroom and not a word uttered from their mouth as they watched Hinata-sensei watch all of them with a silent calm.

"Well, I should take my leave… I have the rat to fry…" the blond-sensei said as he stood up…

The eyes of the girls widened, if Naruto-sensei were to leave they didn't know what their fate would be at the hands of Hinata-sensei… he was their saving grace.

"And Hinata, be lenient on them, would ya… their method may be utterly ridiculous, but their intentions were well placed…" Naruto spoke while his head turned towards the girls at the latter part, who had their shaking fervently to show they meant well…

"Hopefully…" the blonde muttered… that was too extreme a reaction the girls had and he had a feeling that there was more to the cheering of the depressed Negi, at least for a few… it really had his headache thinking that a few of the fifteen year old girls in front of him actually had a crush on a tend year old child.

In all essence the age gap of five years between two potential lovers wasn't unheard of, but when that difference is taken into account with teenage girls and a child, it was not something he wanted to think of.

"See you around…" he waved at the girls and by placing a quick kiss on the cheeks of Hinata, who glared at him heatedly, he walked off, he really had a rat to fry.

As he walked onto to find a secluded place to fry the rat he wondered what Hinata intended for the girls, but in a sense they would deserve what she would dish out for them, the things they were doing from what he learned was sexual harassment in lighter sense.

Putting that thought at the back of his mind as he found a secluded place in the forest around Mahora, he brought out the rat that he had put in a hypnotic sleep when he had caught him at the bath house…

"Time to wake up rat…" he said as he pushed chakra t break through the genjutsu induced sleep on the rat.


The rat woke up startled as if having a nightmare…

"Hohoho… so the rat can talk", Naruto said… this was quite amusing. He had noted the magic of the rat and had already guessed the rat to be some sort of magical being, but still it being able to talk was not on the least. It seemed that the Elemental Nations weren't the one unique with talking animals.

"I am no rat; I am an ermine-elf and the name's Albert Chamomile, or you call me Chamo…" the rat/ermine-elf shouted, and when it realized that he had talked in front of a human and tried to cover his mouth, but found himself bound.

"Don't bother Ero-Okojo (Perverted-Ermine), the binds aren't something you can free yourself from and also there isn't any use of hiding that you can talk after you gave such an elaborate introduction of yourself…" Naruto answered and you could see the white ermine sweating heavily "… and I am well aware of existence of magic…" the ermine breathed a sigh of relief…

"… though I wonder what should I do with, not only are you a pervert sneaking in a bath house full of teenage girls, but you are a lingerie thief…" Naruto said as he removed from a pocket a brassier of the part of the lingerie he was certain was worn by Konoka "… it is not like I am completely clean myself, but there are certain boundaries which can't be stretched, especially for a rat that seems to have human-level intelligence."

The ermine continued his mum, hoping that the blonde didn't get anything of him…

"Speak up, or I'll be forced to make you speak", Naruto said as his bright blues orbs turned to orange with slit pupils.

The moment that little transformation came into existence, the ermine started sweating as if a tap left open and parroted out of his reasons of being here, of there being a manhunt for him and of how Negi was his only saving hope. Each and every word that left the mouth of the ermine was the truth as he could not even think of the false story he had intended to give Negi.

"That's quite a story, and you intend to get your ass busted out of the situation you yourself created by Negi-bōzu… I wonder what I should do… should I even be thinking of letting a perverted, lingerie stealing and chain-smoking (he could smell the smoke of cigarettes from the rat) ermine near a ten year old innocent and pure child as Negi… I wonder what I should do… and it would be no wonder that you would try to use Negi's innocence for your own gains too… seriously what should I do…" the blonde wondered out loud, and with each of his words the small ermine was turning more and more pale, for the blonde in front of him had completely seen through his intentions. Even if he did intend to help Negi, he also wanted to gain from the situation…

"Say what should I do with you, Ero-Okojo?" Naruto said, his orange slit pupils boring holes into the ermine.

"I-I s-swear that I do-do not mean a-any ha-harm to N-Negi-aniki, a-all I in-intend to do is for the go-good of N-Negi-aniki… I s-swear on my e-ermine ho-honor", Chamo squeaked.

"And you intend no gain of it?" Naruto questioned.

"I-I do…" Chamo replied… he knew that lying here was asking for death.

For the next few minutes Naruto said nothing, his mind reeling on everything the ermine had said about mages and the information he gave him, it was clear that the rat had ulterior motives in helping Negi, but his primary priority was the growth of Negi as a magister… so the decision was simple…

And before Chamo knew it he was once again put into a genjutsu induced sleep and seconds later he was wrapped into another dimension in a swirling, distortion centered on the right eye of the blonde which had transformed into the Mangekyō Sharingan.

"Phew, yet another crazy day today…" Asuna muttered as she and Negi finally reached the dorms… first she had to deal with a nervous Negi, had gone and met up with Evangeline and then there was the party incident… what her fellow classmates had thought when they had decided to throw-up a party of that sort it made no sense, apart from them being class 3A.

But then Naruto-sensei and Hinata-sensei had arrived and things had looked good in some sense, it also helped knowing that Hinata-sensei had put all those at the Cheer-Up Party in detention… hopefully that would teach her classmates some restrain.

"But thanks to everyone that I have cheered up a little!" she heard Negi exclaim…

"Heh…" she couldn't help as a sweat-drop formed on her forehead at that… at least it had done something good in her opinion.

"I just wished that Hinata-sensei did not put them in detention for that, they were doing it for me…" she heard him sigh…

"Don't let yourself bother with it, the detention wasn't for the Cheer-Up Party they held for you, rather it was for their method… and it would be nice to have them a bit discipline at the hand of Hinata-sensei", she muttered… Hinata-sensei certainly seemed capable of disciplining them; after all she did it with Naruto-sensei, who seemed far harder to handle than a child like Negi…


Speak of the devil, and she was just thinking about him.

"Oh, and Asuna-chan is here too… if I remember correctly you live with Asuna-chan and Konoka-chan", the blonde said… the latter part was said to Negi.

"Y-Yes!" the child squeaked, the incident at the bath house still fresh.

"I hope you aren't all ecchi with Asuna-chan and Konoka-chan…" Naruto teased with a knowing smirk on his face as he looked at Negi.

"I-I do-don't…" the boy once again squeaked, his face gone blood red.

"Nah, I don't believe you…" Naruto answered, this time he looked at Asuna whose face had taken a bright shade of red and had her head quickly whip around the other way as their eyes made contact.

"I-It is the brat's fault; it is he who always sneaks up in my bed…" Asuna tried to shout, but it came out as a squeak… she already had been in a same situation with Evangeline an hour or so ago.

"I-It is be-because Asuna-san is like my o-nee-san…" the boy in question stuttered out at his own defense.

"Hohoho… so you are the type who loves to sleep in with their parents or older siblings…" Naruto said to which the red-head child's face was flaming…

"Well, that is not what I was here for in the first place…" Naruto said… teasing time was over.

"What do you need, Naruto-sensei?" Asuna asked… she was really enjoying that teasing session.

"Say Negi, do you know a rat by the name of Albert Chamomile…"

Naruto didn't get to finish his sentence as Negi blurted out, "Chamo-kun… how do you know him? And he is not a rat, but rather he is an ermine-elf."

"Hohoho, so the rat was indeed telling the truth…"

And before either Asuna or Negi could ask what he meant, the right eye of Naruto changed into a red and black pupil with a peculiar design in it and from it came out in a mass of swirling, distortion a white ermine-elf…

"CHAMO-KUN!" the child teacher shouted as she found the bound and unconscious ermine… so worried about Chamo he was that he completely forgot the feat that Naruto just pulled.

But so wasn't was the case with Asuna as she stared at the blonde with wide eyes, he mouth slightly hanging open…

"Y-You are a mage too, Naruto-sensei…" she questioned.

"No, rather I am a shinobi…" Naruto answered with a smile directing at her and then turning towards Negi "… and you don't need to worry about your little friend here, he is just in a genjutsu induced sleep."

And to prove his point Naruto placed a finger on the rat's forehead and released the genjutsu.

The now awake ermine looked around frantically "NEGI-ANIKI!"

The ermine called out desperately to the child, and it seemed his plea had effect has the child tried to rush to his aide, but a single glance from Naruto stopped him in his track.

"Not so fast Negi-bōzu… wait till the rat confesses of his crimes", Naruto said.

"Crimes?" the child teacher wondered out loud.

"I am certain you remember him Asuna-chan…" Naruto said as he made the ermine face Asuna.

"What do you… isn't that the rat that was responsible for all the pervert things that happened at the bath house", she said… she was really twitching to get a go at the rat after Naruto, after all the rat had half-stripped her off giving Naruto-sensei a clear view of her bra-clad breast and the front side of her upper body… her face gained a red hue at that memory.

"That he is…" Naruto smirked…

"Chamo-kun!" the young boy was scandalized.

"I-I c-can explain…"

But he was cut short in mid sentence by Naruto, "No lies rat, for if you do lie I wouldn't mind giving you some electric therapy…" and to prove his point his free right hand crackled with lightning.

The lightning had the desired effect as Chamo sang like a parrot, of his perverted deeds and of the people on his chase and how he wished for Negi to help him.

Asuna couldn't believe everything that she had heard so far; to think that there was a talking ermine, and not only did he talk, but also was a lingerie-stealing pervert. But the most shocking was that Negi actually decided to help him…

"A sucker is born every minute they say…" Naruto muttered.

Asuna turned towards the blonde and with wide-eyes asked, "Seriously?"

"Trust me, this is better than the fake story the rat had planned to tell if his lies were caught on…" Naruto stated.

For the next few seconds neither spoke a word, and as more seconds passed by the cheeks of Asuna flamed more and more as those bright crystal blue orbs continued to stared at her without blinking an eyelash as if savoring her to the entity.

"N-Na-Naruto-se-sensei…" Asuna squeaked out, her face already super heated.

"Oh, sorry about that Asuna-chan, but I just couldn't help it…" Naruto said and trailed off at the very end with a far-away look.

"What you couldn't help…?" Asuna asked… now that she thought about it the way that Naruto-sensei looked at her wasn't in a perverse way; rather he looked at her as if remembering something… that didn't mean that he had not looked at her and her body with admiration.

For a few second Naruto didn't grace her with her answer, but when he did his eyes were locked on with her heterochromatic eyes…

"You have eyes like her, the mismatched pair of blue in the left and green in the right, even have hair in both color and styled as her, except she wore ribbons instead of bells, you even look a lot like her if my image of her growth is right, and above all she would be your age…"

Asuna didn't know why as her heart skipped a bit and started going doki-doki…

"… but there is where your similarities end, especially in your personalities, they are like complete contrast of each other. You seem to be exuberant, self-confidence, brash, violent, short-tempered, inattentive, naive, and simple and someone that would rush to a friend's aide no matter the consequences…"

She along with Negi were gawking at him as he summarized Asuna's personality…

"… And the one I was friends was with was different; it's just hard to describe her personality in words, but it was certainly a complete opposite of you."

"What was her name?" Asuna couldn't help but question.

"Don't know…" Naruto said with a shrug of his shoulder.

"Eh!?" the three croaked in unison.

But Naruto paid them no heed as he continued, "… hell, I don't even remember her name, or neither the place, the circumstances and how we had come to meet. Those memories of her are completely hazy, and I am certain that she wasn't the only one that I met that time… but apart from remembering her I remembering nothing, not even her name… sometimes it feels like it was all an imagination my mind that wanted friends, a hopeless dream of a lonely child…"

"NO! I don't believe it was a dream Naruto-san!" Negi suddenly spoke up and seeing the curious eye of Naruto focused on him he continued "… y-your e-emotions while you spoke o-of the g-girl, and the way you re-reminisced the past, there is n-no way that could be a dream."

Crouching to the height of the brat Naruto gave him a reassuring smile and said, "And neither do I believe it to be a dream."

The ermine and Negi failed to notice the conflicting emotions that went through Asuna, and even Naruto was barely able to register them…


The chorus of many girls reached his ears and turning around he found the entire of class 3A, or rather those that had been in detention with Hinata make their way up the floor.

"Hey girls! I hope Hinata wasn't much harsh on you guys", Naruto said as he looked at them with amused smirks.

Most girls flushed under his gaze, they had just been reprimanded by Hinata-sensei for their obscene actions even if their mind was to some essence of the right thought…

"Hinata-sensei wasn't, and even if she were she had the right to for even if we had the right thought, our method of going through it was wrong, especially considering the age of Negi-sensei…" surprisingly it was the ever cheerful Shiina Sakurako that spoke up and did not sound as cheerful as she always did.

It was quite unusual sight to behold the girls of 3A look so solemn and apologetic, but there was always a first time and they needed to understand that their actions could have consequences…

"It is good to know that you are willing to see your fault…" there was no usual mirth in Naruto's voice, rather his voice held an undertone of seriousness…

As he was about to walk down the stairs, Naruto turned around and shuffling through his jeans pocket he removed something…

"Yo, Konoka-chan…" Naruto called out beckoning the said girl towards him "… here…" and when she had walked up to him, he handed Konoka the thing that he had fished out of his pockets.

The moment the thing had touched the palms of Konoka, the girls watched in amusement as Konoka's face took on a crimson shade, and before they could wonder what had Konoka's face turn such a color the girl in question stuttered out a question…

"W-Where d-did you fin-find this Na-Naruto-sensei?" Konoka questioned; her face flaming red and her eyes interested more in seeing the ground rather than meeting those crystal blue orbs.

"The rat had it with him, the one that was the cause of the chaos at the bath house, and the one that Negi-bōzu is currently holding onto…"

Konoka's head whipped around so fast that many wondered why it was still in place as she question, "Why is Negi-kun holding onto that rat?"

"Apparently it is his pet…" Naruto-sensei answered.

"Oh!" It made so much sense, but still it didn't tell her as to when did Negi-kun get a pet.

But before Konoka could say or do anything else, the girls watched as Naruto-sensei bend to her level and whispered some words directly into her ears, and with each word whispered the face Konoe Konoka turned more crimson then humanly possible. By the time Naruto-sensei had finished his whispering they could see that Konoka had gone blood red from head to toe, and not knowing what had been whispered they watched as Naruto-sensei winked at the now red-skinned Konoka and then wink at them while having a foxy grin adorn his face Naruto-sensei left.


The girls were so stunned by the actions of Naruto-sensei that they were frozen in place and only the noise of Konoka falling on the floor unconscious brought them out of their stupor, and soon they rushed to the fallen girl.


Reaching her they found her not only unconscious and her entire skin turned blood red, but also found a dreamy smile adorning her face. But the one that had their most attention was the thing that she firmly held in her hands, the thing that Naruto-sensei had passed to her, and if no one had mistaken then that thing was the bikini top of Konoe Konoka that had gone missing after the rat scurried through the bath house creating an ero-chaos.

"Staying in Mahora is certainly going to be fun…" the blonde muttered in excitement with a goofy grin on his face.

This was the third time in the day had such a thought rush through his mind, and he actually meant it. The place was just filled with such eccentrics to be exploited that it would be bored around, especially class 3A…

"You can come out now…" he said out loud looking at a tree to his left… the entire street was devoid of any human movement, which was slightly strange in his perspective, but it seemed that the two following him were the ones behind the street being void of human activity.

And without further ado from the tree from the left jumped out two girls, both of whom he recognized as students from 3A - Karakuri Chachamaru and Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell, the latter one being the one that he and Hinata wished to gain some information about.

"It's good to finally meet one of the students that decided to skip our class for today", Naruto commented offhandedly, especially considering the situation.

Unlike Naruto Evangeline didn't wish time talking of things in and around and so her first sentence was directly to the point…

"Who are you?" Evangeline asked.

She had seen it yesterday and even today, and even then it was hard for her to wrap her mind against what she had seen and her mind had concluded it to be… the very idea of an individual being able to manipulate folds of space and time was frightening. Her resort was one such example, but it needed a huge amount of preparations and concentration of Mana through numerous magic circles. It had taken her years to build something like her resort, but now here was a boy who manipulated the folds of space and time with such ease… it was grating her nerves.

"Me, I thought I already introduced myself in the…"

But his words were cut short as a vial filled with some crazy liquid emitting Mana was thrown at him, and touching him the vial shattered and sprayed Naruto with the liquid, and within seconds the Mana within the liquid was released encasing him in ice…

"Not so tough…" Evangeline muttered seeing the blonde encased within her Gelidus Capulus (Freezing Ice Coffin)…

"You say something!"

It happened so fast that Chachamaru standing by the side of her master couldn't help but wonder as to how her master's head hadn't been snapped of her head… maybe it had something to do with her immortality. But even she understood her master's sudden reaction, for not even she had sensed any moment from Naruto-sensei and yet the man now stood behind them. Her mechanical eyes swirled around and landed on the ice coffin and to her surprise there was no one encased within the freezing coffin, and she was so certain the Naruto-sensei was caught with Gelidus Capulus.

But apparently Evangeline didn't stand back and try to analyze the situation as she tossed three more vials at the blonde now standing behind her and as the vials shattered and sprayed the liquid on the blonde and released the magic within it, she watched in morbid fascination as the magic within the liquid was countered by the blonde by an concentrated electrical discharge flowing from the blonde's entire body…

"So violent…" Naruto commented as the Chidori Nagashi (Chidori Current) easily tore through another of Evangeline's vial ice magic…

All the while Evangeline couldn't help but grit her teeth in annoyance as the blonde easily tore through her surprise attacks, and even with Chachamaru by her side she didn't believe this would go her way as the green-haired maid was nowhere close to the prowess of the blonde… it was hard to say it but the blonde was at a tier that only the weakening of the seal on her would allow her to fight the blonde, though then it wouldn't be much of a match in her eyes.

"I ask again… Who are you?" Evangeline asked again, this time her voice laced with command and power.

If she was trying to intimidate Naruto into answering then she was doing a good job, but not the way Evangeline would intend to, especially now that Naruto had a good look at her…

"Kawaii!" he couldn't help as the words left his mouth… the girl in front of him looked like a manifestation of the most exquisite and sumptuous of dolls with hime-style haircut with long, free flowing, bright-blonde hair, porcelain skin, doe-like bright-blue orbs and doll-like body beneath the school uniform, he just couldn't help it…

"Wh-What!?" Evangeline stuttered… there were very few to ever call her cute even when she had a body of a ten year old with a look of an exquisite doll, for she just gave of an aura that repelled most and even if they did approach her they certainly did not think along those line…



Don't go questioning the skills of Uzumaki Naruto; each and every skill he possesses is well earned. As for the Sharingan in the right eye, wait and watch for there is a reason for him possessing the Uchiha Dōjutsu.

The Evangeline-Naruto confrontation… I just love cliffhangers.

And for information, Konohamaru will not be playing a major part, at least for now.