Lt. Matthew Scott did not know what he had expected when he initially went into the stasis pods with everyone else on the Destiny save for Eli, but as he opened his eyes for the first time in three years, Matt was surprised to feel like he was just waking up from a good nights sleep. What surprised Matt even more then the wake up process of the stasis pods was who was waiting for him as he stepped out.

They say that time will change a person; this was very true when it came to the man that now stood in from of Matt.

It only took two days for Eli to figure out that he would not be able to fix the stasis pod. He was simply missing the necessary parts. Not all was lost though. The entire time Eli had been working on the pod, he had also been formulating an idea for getting extra power while the ship was in FTL. Now with only five days left before he would either have to kill himself or let the rest of the crew float in space for thousands of years, Eli was ready to test his plan.

Lowering the components that absorbed energy when Destiny flew through stars, Eli waited to see if Destiny could absorb the energy produced from its own wake while flying in FTL. At first nothing happened. This left Eli, not only depressed, but completely hopeless that he would live to see his next birthday. Sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall, Eli thought of all the things that he would have like to have done and seen before he died.

The first thing that came to mind was his mother. He hoped she would be able to get on with her life without him and not succumb to the HIV.

With those thoughts still running through his mind an hour later, Eli almost jumped out of his skin when the monitor gave off a soft chime. Practically leaping over to the console from where he had been sitting, Eli read the words that were being displayed on the screen before him.

His idea had worked, but not nearly to the level that he had been hoping for. Taking in energy from its own wake, Destiny would be able to sustain a single life for the next three years, and since Eli had figured out how to replicate food from the chair room, he would be able to stay alive and continue working for the entire time that everyone else was in stasis.

There was one small problem, by replicating food in the chair room, Eli would be using up a little too much energy. This meant that more then likely, the ship would jump out of FTL just before reaching the next galaxy. The crew still might end up staying in stasis longer then three years, only instead of thousands of years it would be hundreds.

Looking at the screen, Eli realized that he needed help. At first he thought about waking Dr. Rush, but he quickly discarded that idea. It was then he remembered the long-range communication stones. Going to the room where the device was kept, Eli sat down, wrote a quick note telling whomever he swapped with to not wander much, and placed a stone on the lit flat panel.

When Major George Hiller first found himself sitting in a chair on the Destiny, he thought that he had somehow been knocked unconscious and was dreaming. He had wanted to go to the Destiny using the communication stones, but the program was placed on hold for the next two and a half years. He was never told why, but he was one of the last individuals to touch one of the stones before he was transfered.

Looking around, he saw a note that had obviously been written quickly, lying on the table. Telling George to not wander to much and where to find things like a bathroom, food, and water, the note covered everything that he wanted to know except for two things: what the hell was he doing on the Destiny and whose body he was in.

Stepping out into the hallway, George walked around exploring until he found a surface that would reflect his image. What he saw was a young man in his mid twenties, clearly over weight and in need of a haircut and shave. He had a kind round face and from what George could tell by looking at the shirt, a good sense of humor.

Not knowing what else to do, George decided to exercise a little. He did not know what his host body would want him to do, but George had a routine and right now he would usually be releasing some stress at the base gymnasium. Besides, George figured that it wouldn't hurt the guy.

When Eli first arrived on Earth, he was nowhere near where he thought he would be. On an air force base in North Carolina, it took Eli about thirty minutes to find someone who was willing to let him call General O'Neill. Of course, as soon as he got in contact with the general, things moved at a surprisingly rapid pace.

Soon Eli was talking with other scientists whom would be able to help him figure out a way to prevent the Destiny from drifting through the void of space.

Major Hiller was enjoying looking around the area while exercising a little, when he suddenly found himself again on Earth. Taking a moment to get his bearings, George was not surprised to find that he was no longer in North Carolina, what was a surprise was that he was now sitting across a desk from General O'Neill. "Enjoy your adventure?" The general asked with a smile.

Having heard the general had a good sense of humor, something that most other men of his rank, Hiller had found, did not, he decided to say, "Well sir, the travel time wasn't too bad, but the distance was ungodly."

Snorting at the ridiculousness of the statement, Jack asked, "You know that all of this is top secret?"

"Of course sir."

"Good. Now what would you say to getting a transfer to a unit that will be using the communication stones on a longer term basis then just a few hours like before?"

"I don't understand sir."

"Eli, the young man that you exchanged consciousnesses with, was able to find a way to keep one person alive on the Destiny for the next three years while it is between galaxies, but like most people, would not be able to spend the entire time by himself on the ship. People who are much smarter then me want Eli to be able to spend some long term periods of time here on Earth. Because of this, we are going to need someone who is willing to spend that time on Destiny."

"What will be expected of me, and how will I eat?"

"Eli has figured out a way to produce food from the ship, of course it will only be stuff like rations, but it will keep you alive."

"I'm sorry, what do you mean like rations?"

"You know, has all the essential vitamins and minerals and other necessities, but no flavor or anything else that would entice a person to eat it."

"And how long will the exchange of consciousnesses take place?"

"More then likely, you will spend about three to five days there, and then spend about two or three days here."

"So I will actually have my weekends off?" George asked in a sarcastic tone. "That will be a change of pace."

Trying to keep from smiling, Jack only asked, "So what do you say? Would you be willing to do this?"