Eli was sitting at a table in Cheyenne Mountain, looking over an equation when a soldier suddenly entered the room. Immediately behind the soldier came Colonel Carter. Not knowing what was happening, Eli asked, "Is there something wrong that I should know about?"

Frowning at the question, Colonel Carter asked, "Eli, aren't you supposed to be on the Destiny right now?"

Looking up at the clock, Eli's eyes widened realizing what the time was. Turning to the colonel, he asked, "Do you know if anyone has tried to shut down the long-range communication stone that connects Major Hiller and myself?"

Telling the soldier stationed in the hall to contact the individual watching over the device, Eli could tell from her quick commands that Colonel Carter was also concerned that Eli was still in control of Major Hiller's body. Eli had agreed to the policy that if he did not turn off his end at a specific time, George could do so on his end. This arrangement had developed after Eli had lost track of time and not turned off his end when he was supposed to. Major Hiller had been forced to turn off his end a few times since they had agreed to doing this. That he had not shut off his end when Eli had again lost track of time was a serious cause of alarm.

Running out of the room and heading down the hall with Colonel Carter hot on his heels, Eli tried to think of any reason that Major Hiller would not have turned off the machine at his end. Eli had been told enough times how George did not like missing his time on Earth, so he knew that if George had not disconnected on his end, something major was wrong.

Opening the door to where the communication device was kept, Eli felt a weight form in the pit of his stomach. The surface that was usually lit when the machine was working was dark and the stone had been placed on the table by its side. Turning to Colonel Carter as she entered the room, Eli saw that she too was shocked. "What's going on?" Eli asked worry filling his borrowed eyes.

Shaking her head concern obvious on her face too, Colonel Carter replied, "I have no idea, but if this is not fixed, we are going to have serious problems." Turning away from Eli, Carter started giving orders, getting people to gather any and all information and data that a person could find dealing with the communication stones.

Eli was left to stand and wonder what he was going to do now that it appeared he was going to be stuck on Earth in another person's body for the foreseeable future.

When Colonel Young first awoke within the stasis chamber, he was happy to find that everyone seemed to have come through without any obvious negative side effects. Like most, he made sure to take a few moments to get his bearings before he did anything else. Seeing Lieutenant Scott walk in the room, Young called, "Lieutenant."

Finding the Colonel in the group, Scott walked over and asked, "Colonel, what can I do for you?"

"I want to see Eli as soon as he thinks that the rest of the crew no longer need his assistants. Have him report to me and make sure to get Rush to report as well. I want to know what is going on with the ship and how the crew is doing before everyone starts to go off on their own. Also, get T.J. to give everyone a quick checkup. I do not want something to go wrong when we have just woken up."

"Yes, sir." Lieutenant Scott answered saluting and heading out.

As the Colonel watched the young man head out, he knew that if anyone deserved promoting, Scott did. Also, he wondered what had happened to Eli during the previous three years. While everyone else on the Destiny had not changed, he was sure the young genius must have grown in some way to survive without the rest of the crew.

George Hiller was not a scientist. He knew that if he even tried to mess with the communication device that he would cause more damage then anything positive that might happen as a result. Therefore, with nothing else to do, George made a decision: he would at least turn the body he was in into one he could be proud of. With this in mind, George kicked up his exercise routine to the next level.

Because of the ration like food the ship produced, Hiller knew he would not have to worry about dieting. However, he knew Eli had probably never done any extensive exercise of any kind in his life. Having only been going on jogs, doing sit-ups and push-ups and other minor exercises, George now started to use more intense activities.

Everyday, George would stop by the room where the communication stones were housed, but as the days passed into weeks, Hiller slowly became accustomed to waking in a different body. After almost two months, he lost all shock upon not seeing his own face in the mirror, and where he had always referred to his current body as 'Eli's' before, George was now half the time would think of it as his own.

Unfortunately, Hiller knew that this way of thinking was not good, and he knew the isolation was not helping the already difficult situation.

While George Hiller was having trouble finding things to occupy himself with, Eli's time was spent, not only at the base in Colorado, but he currently found himself studying some of the Ancient's technology in Atlantis. When Eli first heard about the ancient city, he had wished to see its beautiful towers and study its amazing technology. Being on Destiny, Eli never believed he would get the chance, but now as he surveyed the planet the city rested on through a tall window in the central tower, Eli could only think about how he wished he was there under different circumstances.

More though, he wished he was in Atlantis within his own body. Though Major Hiller's body was excellent, there were many times he still had problems getting his parings and feeling as though things did not quite feel right. It was in those moments, however, he had to remind himself he was in another persons skin. In spite of the times Eli felt this unease, he was noticing two things: the moments of awkwardness manifested less and less often, and Eli even forgot sometimes, the face looking back at him in the mirror was not his own. His daily exercises, forced at first by Major Mark Johnson, now had become routine.

At the present moment, Eli was working with Dr. McKay; they were working on way to produce more energy from the naquita generators. Though the generators produced enough energy to power most of the different systems the city used, Stargate Command wanted to see if Eli could figure out something so the forcefield could be powered, if only temporarily.