Darkwatch Story

Disclaimer: I own nothing! If I did I would change the endings a little and I would put Jericho Cross in Marvel vs. Capcom.

A.N: this story is going to be the retelling of the videogame's story, so I am not making this up completely. The story will be mainly 1st p.o.v. (Jericho's) and switching to an all p.o.v. (narrator's). Also this will be the first Darkwatch fanfiction ever! There might be one all ready out but I haven't seen it yet.

Chapter: Prologue

Welcome to the Wild West, circa 1876. You are Jericho Cross, seasoned outlaw.

Looking for a big score, you raid a secret treasure train. Unknown to you, this train belongs to the Darkwatch, an ancient organization comitted to defeating supernatural evils. (Think of the order from Van Helsing) The cargo of this train is not money or jewels, but a captured vampire lord being transported to the Darkwatch Citadel for interrogation.

You blow open what you think is the treasure vault on the train, only to release the oldest and most powerful creature of his kind. This guy is soooo powerful he could easily defeat Castlevania's Dracula) Perhaps from perverse gratitude, the vampire doesn't kill you. He just bites you, so you slowly turn into a vampire yourself!

With growing supernatural powers, you hunt Lazarous, the vampire that sired you. If you gun him down before the Curse overcomes you completely, you might win back your soul. If fail, youy will be damned to walk the earth as an undead monster, having condemned the West to despair under the rule of evil incarnate.

This was the introduction in the game's manual, I figured it would work. I will be doing each chapter 1-2 ingame levels at a time, depending on level's length. After I post this story's next chapter, I will put up a poll for whether or not Jericho does the evil path or the good path. This game was one of the best games I ever played; it may not be as amazing as Halo or C.O.D. but it was still really good. Please READ AND REVIEW!