Almost three years had passed since Henry and Mavis had found Tony, the tech operator, shot to death and the system being deleted. Though the system that switched the operatives back and forth from their civilian personalities was quickly and easily replaced, the information that had been on the computer that would allow the members of Edward's Project Janus team to fix the problem with Henry and Edward was completely lost. Both Henry and Edward knew that there was a way to repair them, but only Tony had understood what that was.

Now after over two and a half years of missions, Henry was a very different person from who he had been when he had first awoken in Russia, when the chip had first malfunctioned. Henry could now hold his breath for four minutes, and he had shot three people and stabbed another to death. Edward, now, did not always feel like he would die if Henry took over in the middle of a mission.

Though he could not speak thirteen languages like Edward, Henry was now competent in five: Spanish, French, Russian, German and English. Plus unlike Edward, Henry had also learned some basics in Welsh, a language that Edward had never considered learning. It was because of his knowledge of the Welsh language that Henry had a chance to escape from the men that now held him and Raymond.

Edward had been on a mission in Argentina. A group from one of the drug cartels, was giving the local government serious problems and since there was mining operations in the area that helped the United States, Edward and Raymond had been sent to clean up. While listening in on the group from the cartel, neither Edward nor Raymond could understand what they were saying.

As Edward and Raymond continued listening, Henry awoke. As per norm, Henry was confused by his surroundings, but within a few moments, Raymond had gotten him up to speed. Of course, Raymond was very surprised by what Henry said after asking in frustration, "What the hell, are they saying?"

"They are talking about what way they are going to take to get to an airfield." Henry answered.

"W-What?" Raymond asked shocked. In all the years in which he had been forced to work with Henry, Henry had never been much help. Henry was not much of a hindrance anymore, but the fact that Henry could understand a language that Edward could not seemed like something out of a fairy tale, but today would be a surprise for Raymond when it came to Henry.

"Also, they are trying to decide what they are going to do with us and how they are going to find out what we know." As Henry finished translating for Raymond, the door to the room where they were being held opened. Over the next few days, Raymond would be even more surprised by Henry, multiple times over, as Henry withstood serious torture at the hands of their captors. Unfortunately, while Henry would have welcomed the awakening of Edward, Henry's other half never showed.

Sitting against a concrete wall within a windowless room, Henry awaited the return of his captors from Raymond's latest round of questioning. Henry knew with the return of Raymond, he would be taken for interrogation. After almost a week of suffering at the hands of the cartel, Henry knew he was loosing his ability to separate himself from the pain.

The fact he was able to separate himself from the pain, something Henry had never learned to do, caused some red flags to appear in his minds eye. Henry knew separating oneself from pain and pushing forward was something Edward had learned; therefore, as he sat in his cell, Henry wondered what was happening to his division from Edward.

Henry first started to be concerned six months previous to the current mission. He had just opened a book to continue his studies in Russian, when Edward awoke for the first time in almost a week. Edward seemed to be coming to the surface less in the past few months, but while Mavis did not like this, Henry could not complain. With Edward less active, Henry did not have to worry so much about his family safety for the few times Edward awoke.

While Edward waking less was fine for Henry, this time Edward was different from his coming forward all the times before. Henry was in Mavis' office going over a mission he had been forced to complete without Edward ever waking up.