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It was the summer. The sun rays were hot and humid. School was out, and the days were filled with bored teengers. Things have gone back to normal after the battle for both worlds occurred. Back to "normal life". The sun was starting to go down. There was a soccer game just finishing up, when a young girl cuaght the eye of the enitre team as she was passing by

"Wow check out that girl!" said Kei as he ran up to his fellow team mate.

" Your right, she's totally cute." Yuko said as she wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Hey Taichi check that girl out." Kei said as he waved for his attention. The chocolate haired boy turned around as he was picking up his soccer ball to get a glance. While all his team mates were falling head over heels, he noticed she was dressed funny. She had her hair pulled back into a high bun and a pink backpack. She wore a long grey cardigan over her black leotard, white leggings and black flats. She was walking down the street over looking the soccer field. From the goal post, it was hard for him to make her out, besides her cherry pink hair.

"She's a ballerina. She has to be. Theres a new dance studio thats just down the street." Kei said as he was staring." She's so hot. What a babe! Just think of it, I'll be done with practice and we'll walk home together while watching the sunset." Kei said while picturing that very situation in his mind.

" Aren't you getting ahead of yourself Kei?" Tai said while he begins to sweat at the back of his head. " I mean you dont even know her name and your already planing your summer with her..." Taichi explain. "...besides it's kind of creepy." Taichi said while directing his eyes away from his two love stricten team mates.

" A ballet dancer? How werid." Taichi thought as he was getting his backpack. "Well shes not going to give any of you clowns any time of day if she catches you drooling over her. She probably goes for the ACTUAL good looking guys."Taichi said as he luaghed.

"Taichi your nuts, she's totally my type." Kei said while smirking. "Besides a babe like that wouldn't even dare to look twice at you or any of these dorks." Kei teased him as he got Taichi into a head lock and digging his knuckles on his head.

" Fat chance. You'll have more luck finding a four leaf clover." Tachi muttered as he got Kei's fist off his head. " I'll see you guys tomorrow for practice." he yelled out as he ran up the bleachers stairs to exit the soccer field.

Once on the sidewalk he notice the lovely ballerina was gone. " studio? I'didnt know that ballet was still popular."

Taichi walked home, covered in grass stains, dirt on his face and mud on his cleats. I wonder what Sora is doing. She's probablly at Matt's band practice. Great, Taichi pouted at the very thought. "I better clean up before mom freaks out." He thought.

A few days later...

Tachi was on his game. He was scoring goals left to right. He's mind was set on winning, even though its just practice . After their game was over Tachi and his friends were drinking water at the side of the field.

"Whats gotten into you today? I know practice makes prefect but shit Tachi, I almost lost my legs out there." Yuko said as he took s drink from him water bottle.

"Sorry dude." Taichi smiled. " I mean when you got it you got it."Yuko began to sweat at the back of his head at Taichi's remark.

" Be quiet! Here she comes!" Kei said as his eyes filled with stars and excitment. " Todays the day. I'm going to ask her out on a date." Kei said while standing in a victory pose extending his right arm in the air.

" I bet I get a date before you do. Have you seen yourself? You're a compelete wreck!" Yuko said as he pointed at Kei.

"Alright I'm willing to bet. By the end of his summer she will be so in love with me she will be my super hot ballerina girlfriend." Kei blasted out with high confidence.

" Well, this should be funny." Taichi said as he crossed his arms over to watch.

Kei walked up the bleachers to the sidewalk and stopped the young ballerina. From their stand point Yuko and Tai couldn't see much. Besides the two youngsters looking at eachther. All that they saw was their friend do a lot of arm movment.

" Don't tell me that idoit is playing charades?" Taichi and Yuko soon saw her friend crash and burn. The mystery ballerina walked off and left Kei standing lone.

" She said no." Kei said while spiraling into great dispair. Taichi and Yuko made it up and found their friend in compelete sorrow.

" Kei, why are you in fetal position again?" Taichi said in confusion. "Is this really necessary?"

"Can't you see Taichi? The love of my life just turned me down in cold blood." Kei cryed out.

" HAHAHA!" Yuko busted into laughter and tears. " Guess I'm up tomorrow." Yuko winked looking at Taichi. "Don't worry. You'll get your chance next week."

"You guys are so cruel!" Kei cried out Yuko continued to tease him on his defeat.

Taichi just stared at his two idiotic teammates with narrow eyes. "These guys are idiots.. Why am I friends with them again? " He thought.

"See you next time." Taichi said as he walked on home leaving his two crazed friends.

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