Summer is almost over and the new school semester is coming. Mimi has avoided both Taichi and Sora. She didn't answer his calls, text messages or emails. Taichi would go over to her house to try to talk to her. She wouldn't answer the door. Mimi's mother always had to make up excuses for her.

"Mimi you can't keep doing this. You're going to have to face him sometime. Sweety please tell me whats wrong. I can't stand seeing you like this. Your not yourself." She said in a worried tone.

"Mama! Please just let it go. I don't want to see him." Mimi yelled out. Mimi stopped going to her ballet class just so she wouldn't see him. She just stayed in her room listening to music. Her phone started to ring. It's been going off for the last hour non-spot. She knew it was Taichi.

"Damn it voice mail." Taichi said as he kicked the soccer ball. It hit Yuko right in the chest. It knocked the wind out of him.

"YUKO!" Kei yelled out in distress. A bit overly dramatic as usual. "Are you ok? " Kei said. Taichi walked over to make sure he was ok.

"I'm sorry Yuko I didn't mean too." Taichi said as he gave Yuko a bottle water.

"It's ok I'm fine." Yuko said while rubbing his chest.

Taichi walked home alone again. He knew Mimi didn't go to her class. "Its been two weeks why hasn't she talked to him. I mean I know I should have stayed but I couldn't. Not with Sora there. This is all fucking with my head. Mimi won't talk to me and Sora won't leave me alone. How did I get myself into this." he thought. Taichi looked up and saw Sora standing there up ahead. She was wearing a flowery sun dress. He stopped at the sight of her. She was wearing the hair clips he had bought her before she started going out with Matt. His feelings were mixed. He's always wanted Sora. This very moment was what he had wanted the most. To be with her. To have her as his girlfriend. It all could still happened for him but he still felt at lost.

"Taichi." Sora said softly. She was blushing. He loved everything about her. "Can I walk home with you."

"Yeah." Taichi said. They walked home together. They stayed quiet. Taichi couldn't stop staring at the redhead.

"Pfffttttt. Look at that. " Yuko said.

"I know its gross. She's such a cunt." Kei said.

" So much for our plan. He's lost it. She has him right where she wants him." Yuko finished. Kei and Yuko watched them walk home. Disappointed. "Well it's over now." Yuko continued.

Taichi and Sora got to his apartment. He was about to speak when Sora cut him off. She grabbed his hand.

"Taichi. You never responded to my text. And when we are together you don't say much. Do you not like me anymore?" She said in whimpering hated seeing her like this. He didn't want to hurt her. But he would be lying if he said he didn't like her.

"It's not that. The fact is I'm very happy. You're all that I ever wanted. When you went with Matt..." He paused. He turned away from Sora and took his hand back." I couldn't stand how you talked to him. How you looked at him. How you held his hand. How everything you did with him should have been with me!" He exclaimed. Sora was surprised at Taichi's reaction and felt like a complete fool. She began to tear up. She looked up him with tears running down her cheeks. Taichi couldn't stay mad at her. Not when she looked so sad like she did. Even when she was crying he thought she was beautiful.

" I'm here now. " She said. Taichi sighed and smiled as he wiped the tears of her cheeks. She stood on her toes and kissed him. Taichi kissed her back. He couldn't help it. He still loved her. She knew that too.


Mimi had just got out of the shower. Her phone had stopped ringing. She changed and got ready to go out with her parents for ice cream. Next to her phone was her new school uniform. "School starts in a week. I'll be forced to see him and Sora. Ugghhh fuck me." She thought to herself. "I don't want to lose anyone. They are my friends. I can't go after you Taichi." Mimi finished getting ready. She wore a colorful pink and green striped Mimi dress with her denim jacket and plain black flats.. Her hair in a high pony tail and she wore gold studd ear rings. She walked downstairs. She heard other people talking besides her parents. She walked in and saw another family in her living room.

"Sweety we want you to someone. They are the Somas. They are our dear friends who we finally convinced to move back into the neighborhood." Her mother introduced her.

"Yes Mimi this is their son, James." her father said as he pushed her gently to the teenage boy.

James Soma was the same age as her. He was a bit taller than her. He was the same height as Taichi. He was light-skinned. He was slim and very attractive. He had dark black hair that was a bit long in the front and short on the sides and the back. He had his hair a bit messy but he threw his hair back away from his face. He had bright blue eyes. Which Mimi thought were so amazing. He wore slim fitted black jeans with his grey beanie hanging in his back pocket. He had on a light grey t-shirt with a til blue thin jacket over it. and grey slip on shoes. He had a slim slender athletic body. Which she lusted over very quickly. "Oh DEAR LORD! He looks like a freaking Francisco Lachowski. I'm in love." She thought.

"Hello I'm James. " he said as he walked up to Mimi. She stood there blushing after he took her hand and kissed the top of it. "By the way it seems like we are being set up on a date. I hope you don't mind." He added with a smile. Mimi turned red and felt like she was twleve years old meeting her favorite boy band. She felt like steam was coming out of her ears. She was a boiling coffee pot. She was lusting over him. "Why am I freaking out so bad. At least my parents did good this time." She thought. James opened the door for Mimi and they went on their date. "Maybe this won't be so bad. I mean he seems pretty cool so far." They spent their evening having ice cream. James was everything Mimi could ever want. He had style, he was really funny, he loved to play sports and he was even going to the same school as her. Their date could have been one of the best ones she's ever been on.

"Thanks for the ice cream." She smiled. James walked her to her door.

" I'm happy our parents set this up. You know you really are something Mimi." He smiled.

They exchanged numbers. Mimi wanted to text him right away. But as soon as she saw her phone screen her happiness turned sour. She had seen all the missed calls and texts from Taichi. She went up to her room and threw herself on her bed. " This is for the best. This way I can keep both my friends. He's probably just trying to call whatever we are off. It was fun while it lasted." She thought." It was just a summer thing anyways. Those things never last anyway." She got under her covers and went to sleep.

Ok thank you for reading this far! I'm going to start a new story that continuing A Summer Between Two. It will be out as soon as I can. Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it.

Part Two: A Winter Between Two.