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"So all we have to do is to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon, right Conan-kun?" Hakuba asked the grinning child, who just nodded,regarding him with doubt.

"Seem' easy enough." Hattori said eyeing the teaspoon filled with cinnamon.

"Yup, but you'll need this." Conan chirped. He took three large glasses from the cabinets and almost the whole cup with water. And he put it in front of the two detectives and one magician.

Said magician stared at him in question. "May I ask why do you have a video camera?"

Conan's grin seemed to grow wider as he chirped as happily as a kid getting a toy he really wanted, "Because I have my own reasons and I want to see your reactions."

At this, Hakuba rose an eyebrow. "Reaction?"

Conan's grin never faded. "Don't worry about it and don't start until I tell you to start." He told them and turned the video camera on, hitting record, the camera started recording. "Start." He said.

With that the three guys put the cinnamon into their mouths, attempting to swallow it. Only with Hakuba immediately started gagging, coughing the cinnamon out, immediately throwing up the cinnamon. Hakuba, still coughing pretty violently, his hand found his cup and he downed half the water before ducking at the sink. "Bloody Hell." He muttered before he started hacking again.

Next was Hattori, who was still attempting to swallow, his face looking absolutely stricken, finally gave in. He coughed, a cloud of cinnamon came out. Hattori drank some some water from his cup spitting it out in the sink, butting heads with Hakuba who glared at at Hattori and he gradually glared back. the two detectives went back to downing their waters and spitting out whatever cinnamon that stayed in, swearing in the process.

Conan let out a string of dark laughter at the two reactions from both of the teenage detectives. Conan's eyes focused on Kaito who was clenching the counter-top, attempting to swallow the teaspoon of cinnamon and keep his poker face plastered. Which was failing as his eyes squeezed shut, his facial expression as if he has just bitten into a lemon.

Getting over his throwing up fit, though feeling a little nausea, Hakuba noticed Kaito still attempting to swallow the dreaded cinnamon. "Kuroba is still at it." He pointed out nudging Hattori with his elbow.

Hattori straightened, wiping his mouth with his hands. "Ya' right." His voice a little hoarse.

Kaito hit his chest multiple times finally swallowing everything. Once after swallowing, kaito let out rasped gasps. A minute passed when Kaito finally decided to drink his water. Kaito finished the whole cup, he and the other two detectives turned to regard Conan.

Feeling the pissed off stares, Conan stopped recording and clicked save. He looked up and smiled as innocently as he could.

"Why da' hell did ya' make us go through tha' hell?" Hattori snapped at him.

Laughing nervously, Conan scratched his cheek. "I wanted to see you guy's reactions."

"You little brat." Hakuba and Kaito both said with threatening tone.

"Um, I think I should be going back to Ran-neechan now." Conan exclaimed, quickly dashing out the door leaving three pissed off teens behind. Yeah, he'll return to Ran after he put this video on youtube.

Authors note: My attempt on writing humor, I probably failed and I probably failed at Hattori's accent. Sorry for this one-shot for being so short. And before anyone ask or wonders, I've never done the cinnamon challenge before, well actually i did it with kool-aid powder instead, yeah that was fun. So please review and maybe give some advice if you can, I'll appreciate it.