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Chapter 1: The legend of the Golden Heroes.

Since ancient times, people have harbored a second or third soul within their own. These souls are their guardians, but many call them demons. The demon is born when the human is, but are not seen until their human partner is in trouble and need their help. The demon is there to help and guide them through life, but also to be a friend. Living together in peace and harmony, even as demons, they learned to peacefully co-exist with each other, lovingly and in friendship.

But one day, that harmony was destroyed. The ruler of the demons grew envious and angry as time wore on, seeing his loyal subjects live in peace with lowly humans. He sent his minions out and stole the demons of the humans. He forced them apart, causing much pain and sorrow, as separating a demon from its human host brings nothing but torture and pain for the human and demon, even cause death to most humans. Humans and demon were dying left and right for many years, but one day three young men and their demons fought back.

They combine their powers with the powers of their demon guardians and fought the evil demon king. In order to seal the demon king away the three Golden Heroes had to separate themselves from their demons and to use all of their power, strength, and life force. In doing so they took down the evil king, but at a cost they sentence themselves to death and made their demons immortal when they were separated.

As the demons guardians watched their partners dying for them, and the people and demons of the world, they prayed and summoned all their magic to case a spell that would bring them back. For they knew that the seal the heroes cast would not keep the evil king at bay for long. As the Golden Heroes died, the demons guardians promised to look out for their future masters and train them for battle once again, but to also ensure order between the humans, their demon guardians, and the demons of the world. Five thousand years have passed and the seal has stayed strong…but nothing last forever…

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