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1. A Day Like Any Other

A day like any other. I don't want to get up but like always Seiko, one of my personal maids, opens that darn door, which I don't want to see open in the mornings...

By the way my name is Lucinda Tsukino, fourth daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion.

- Lady Lucinda, it's time to wake up, breakfast is ready, also her parents are waiting for her - informed a girl with long black hair and eyes of the same color, Seiko Hosho.

- Yes, I will get up now, Seiko-chan - I answered, still half asleep.

- Lady Lucinda, I told her to call me Maid Seiko - she argued while opening the curtains.

- And I told you to call me Luci or just Lucinda - I interjected, sitting up on the bed, not really a bed since five people could probably fit all together.

- But.. Lady Lucinda, I can't. You are the princess while I'm just a maid.

- But we are friends, right? And you know that I don't like being a princess and stuff, so at least you, please treat me as just a friend.

Meanwhile I lied back down on the bed, feeling the softness of the pillow.

"What's this thing made off? It's super soft" I thought cuddling the cushion.

- Okay.. So in other words I can do this too, right? - she asked with a too innocent tone.

- Do what? - I asked trying not to sound scared, which worked.

- GET UP ALREADY! IT'S BREAKFAST TIME, YOU LAZY! - Seiko shouted lifting up the bed with both hands, thing that made me fall with a 'thud' to the floor.

"Such brute force.."

- Ouch! That hurt! - I yelled, standing up.

- Sorry Lucinda, didn't mean to hurt you. But look at the bright side, you got up - she commented, smiling happily.

"Now she's being sarcastic.. Great" I thought, giving her a dumbfounded look.

- Funny.. Where are my clothes?

- Already in the bathroom - she answered, pointing at the bathroom door.

Entering the bathroom, I noticed the clothes neatly sitting on a chair, waiting for me to wear them. A knee-length white dress with red polka dots and a halter neck style collar, additionally a big red belt for around the waist.

I stripped and got inside the shower.

- Lucinda, today starts the Best Princess Contest.. - informed Seiko, entering the bathroom to help me get ready.

- WHAT?! - was all I said, cold water hitting me hard.

The Best Princess Contest is, like the title says, a contest between princesses to see who is better. The thing is.. I have never participated. I mean, it's just a contest between spoiled papas' girl.

- Lucinda, calm down. This time you can't escape - she explained as she passed me the clothes, seeing as I had already dried myself. - Make an effort and remain at the party and maybe you'll have fun and maybe..

- 'Maybe' what? - I asked, putting on the dress.

- Maybe.. You will find a guy for you..

- Give me a break... There is no way a guy would fall for someone like me..

Turning towards the big bathroom mirror, I adjusted the belt and smiled sadly. I already knew there was probably no one out there who wanted someone like me.

- Don't say things like that! I'm sure out there there is a guy just for you.

- Maybe... Well, I'm off now - I said before going out my room.

Walking down a corridor I mentally started preparing myself to face my family. I stood before the dinning room door, staring at it intently.

"Okay, now I will calmly enter and say 'Sorry for being late'. I will count to three to enter: 1... 2... 3" I thought, gripping the door handle tightly.

Took a deep breath, opened the door and walked in.

- Ohayo*! Sorry for being late!

- Good morning, sweetie - answered my mother, Usagi or Serenity, now Neo-Queen of one of the five cities, Crystal City.

- 'Morning, chibi usagi - said a girl with short blonde hair and blue eyes, Lucia, one of my oldest sisters, the second to be precise. She's 18 years old and has our father's personality when he was younger but she can also be a real sadist when she wants.

My eldest sister is Chibiusa, who is 26 years old. She's not living with us because when she was 18 she decided to reconstruct the Silver Millennium on the Moon, now she's married to Helios and has a daughter named Chibi-Chibi, who is now 6 years old.

*Ohayo - for those who don't know it means "Good morning".