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Extra chapter: We meet again.

Years have passed since the death of Lucinda but life still continued, all thanks to her. Many in her honor decided to carry on and be happy for her too instead of being sad and making her upset from where she was surely watching them.

Especially Shade with his new looks, black hair and dark brown eyes, tried to restart over by being friendlier towards the other princes and princess.

Currently it's the end of the Best Princess Contest, which is, like always, held at The City. The City palace, which was partly destroyed from the battle between Lucinda and the others, was reconstructed and the old throne room was made into a memorial place for the deceased princess: an open garden with the princess's favorite flowers adorning the place and in the middle of the garden is a gazebo with a statue of Lucinda with angel wings. By sheer coincidence today was her death anniversary, many planned to head there once the party was over.

- Coming here reminds me of that battle - mumbled a girl wavy brown hair held in a high ponytail and emerald green eyes.

The one standing next to her nodded, she had shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes.

- We probably aren't the only ones, Karen-chan - she said.

- You have a point there, Ma-chan.. Who can forget such a fight? - Karen said looking at her drink, her eyes full of sadness.

A girl with long raven hair and purple eyes approached them.

- Karen, Marie, have you seen my brother Shade? - asked Cassy with an annoyed tone, she had been searching for her since she got there.

- We haven't seen him, Cassy - they both answered.

A good thing that came from fighting together was that there were no more formality between princes and princess, the wall that they kept between each other was taken down. They could know treat each other equally.

- The party is about to begin.. Why do I have such bratty brothers? - wondered the raven head sighing.

The other two girls chuckled nervously, everyone knew of the 'fight' going on between Cassy and Daisuke, the smallest of the Fire City siblings.

- I saw him - said a girl with short black hair and red eyes passing by them.

- Where? - asked Cassy, clearly irritated that she out of all people knew where her brother was but it was surely due to the fact that she was a stalker.

Feli turned around, she was as irritated as the Fire City princess.

- He was going towards that b*tch's memorial - she answered rudely before walking away.

There was a common thought in that moment between Cassy, Karen and Marie, which was: "If there weren't this many people.. I would kill her.."

It was true that Shade was heading towards Lucinda's memorial, he didn't care about the party right now, that could come later.

- I haven't been there since it was created - he mumbled walking down a long corridor.

"Today is the anniversary of her death.. At least today I should go and visit it.." the prince thought.

He stopped before the grand doors of the old throne room.

- Here we go - he whispered as he opened the door.

The place before him was beautiful, it was full of light and flowers, reflecting perfectly Lucinda's image.

Slowly he walked down the path towards the gazebo which was surrounded by white and red roses, the blonde princess's favorites.

- Talking about roses, if I'm not wrong a hybrid rose seed was planted here… And it has yet to bloom.

The boy lost in his thoughts didn't notice the person standing inside the gazebo, right in front of the statue until he was just a few meters away.

The person there was surely a woman, she had long golden blonde hair, a hair tie with small white wings and she was wearing a pastel pink dress with a light blue jacket and dark brown boots.

- Hey, what are you doing here? The entrance is closed to the public - Shade shouted at the intruder.

- It's been a long time.. Six years, right? - said the woman with a soft tone. her voice sounded oddly familiar.

The prince raised an eyebrow at the woman, was she crazy or something?

- What are you talking about? - he asked.

- You're hurting me… I thought you would have remembered me even after such a long time - she said with a saddened voice before she turned to face Shade revealing familiar green eyes, porcelain pink skin and rosy cheeks.

- L-Lucinda..? - he stuttered shocked.

- I told you that we would meet again Shade.

Without thinking twice, Shade ran to hug Lucinda. He held her in his arms, making sure that she was actually there and wouldn't disappear again.

When he was sure that she was really in his arms, he stopped hugging her and took her face in his hands.

- I had faith that you would come back - he said in a sweet tone.

- It was fate that let us meet and it will be her to reunite us.

- That's right.. - said Shade.

Suddenly realizing something he let go off of the blonde and looked at the floor with a pained expression.

- Shade? - the girl asked worried.

- I'm sorry..

The blonde looked confused at him, why was he apologizing?

- It's all my fault if you were possessed and died… Because I was such an idiot..! - he confessed.

- ..Shade… - Lucinda whispered as she walked towards him but he moved away.

The prince looked up, finally facing her. He was smiling, smiling painfully, like he was trying his best to not cry.

- I'm really sorry - he said and turned around.

A vein popped on the princess's forehead, this guy surely knew how to get on her nerves.

- IDIOT! - she shouted kicking him to the ground.

Shade turned around and faced her, he instantly flinched when he saw the dark aura surrounding her.

- You are doing it again! Stop treating me as if I am as fragile as glass! I won't die if I use my powers! - Lucinda shouted angrily.

The boy sat on the ground and looked at her surprised.

- Maybe I could have died back then but… I would have been happy if I did it for you! I love you! I have since back then that's why I didn't mind using my powers to have you back from Feli's claws. I didn't care if I died but at the same time I wanted to live longer to be with you.. I.. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore! - the girl shouted, she was even crying by the end.

- Lucinda.. - the prince whispered, he felt like slapping himself.

He wasn't the only who felt insecure, Lucinda must have probably felt even worse! Idiot, that's right, he was a total idiot.

Slowly he stood up.

- I am an idiot - he mumbled as he hugged the girl gently.

- Yes.. you are… a big one too.. - the blonde sobbed resting her head on his broad chest.

The boy chuckled as he patted her head.

Once the girl was done crying, which took about five or ten minutes, the two just stood there, hugging each other.

- Lucinda… there is something I have always wanted to tell you.

The blonde looked up, perhaps only now realizing that the boy was way taller than her now.

- I love you - Shade confessed.

Those three words were enough to fill Lucinda's heart with warmness and make her heartbeat increase.

She hugged him tightly when she felt that she could no longer look at him in the face, she was just too embarrassed now.

- I… love you too.. - she whispered softly with a small smile.

Finally finding courage within her, she looked at him in the eyes.

Slowly the gap between them got smaller until their lips touched, it was their second kiss. The kiss was sweet and tender, expressing their innocent love for each other but it was also passionate, showing how much they have longed for each other.

Unknown to the couple, two red and white hybrid roses were blowing next to them. That was the proof of their love, those two roses signed the beginning of their forever, a forever in which they were together.