Lokiel slowly woke up , the memories hitting him as his brain cought up with him. He was the son of lucifer luciferson and Michael Michaelson , not lily and James potter . He was never a wizard , Dumbledore stole him from his real parents and de-Aged him to 15 human months ,( he was , before being de-aged 160heaven years old and 16 human years) gave him to the potters after blocking most of his angel powers(since he was so young it was possible , but still extremely draining) so he seemed like a very strong wizard and when he blocked the killing curse with his angel powers, dropped him off at the Durslys . His previously erased memories coming to the surface. Ones ware he figured out who he really was and realized they were all using him. Even Hagrid was using him! He grew very angry and didn't notice that at some point he had stood up and things were shacking around him. "Hey Loki! Calm down!" Arms wrapped around him , which startled him somewhat. But he was shocked when he reached out with his grace to find another's grace that he hasn't seen since he got taken. He gasped and his eyes widened . "Uncle Gabriel ? " he said with his new musical but childish voice. "What?how?but..." Lokiel had a rush of emotion come over him and he burst into tears . He felt somewhat embarrassed from being this weak in front of his archangel uncle. Gabriel grabbed Lokiel into a hug. It was somewhat awkward seeing as the hight difference was so great. All the sudden he felt a somewhat pleasant tingling feeling on his shoulder blades , that was quickly replaced by a pain that was unlike anything he had ever rep before. Lokiel collapsed on the bed screaming and thrashing , before curling into a fetal position , but still screaming. Gabriel didn't Know what just happened. One moment, he was holding Lokiel in his arms the next his was curled up on the bed and screaming. " Lokiel ! What's wrong!?" Gabriel then saw Lokiel's back. The shoulder blades were shifting, growing something else. Then he realized what was happening , Lokiel was growing his wings!only His parent could remove than from the skin to grow in, all others would get burned. And without help, the angel would die slowly and painfully. Gabriel was frantically thinking of a way to get Michael and lucifer down here on earth, and more importantly, to their son. Then he had an idea .