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Gabriel was slowly panicking,gulping in deep unneeded breathes , and at the moment he didn't care he didn't need to breath. He had called Michael and Lucifer only a minute ago, sixty seconds, but with Lokiel's unrelenting screams in the background it felt like an hour . Lokiel's screams turned into soft whimpers and twitching. Gabriel was just ready to call them again when he heard the sound of wings and two Archangels rushed past him, lucifer jumped on the bed and held started stroking Lokiel's hair , while Michael jumped on the bed and started stroking his back. When the tips of the wings poked out, Michael slowly started cleaning off the blood and grace off the wings that started coming out, as well as a acidic black gunk like paste that would harm anyone but Michael or Lucifer if they tried to touch it. It took several hours of Lokiel's whimpers and the occasional scream that made them all cringe, before the wings were completely out and cleaned. Michael and Lucifer stared into their sons glazed over eyes before he past out. Gabriel noticed that Michael and lucifer put one of their hands on each wing and started a slow chant in enochain . Gabriel didn't hear what it was , as it only came to an angel when it was time for the parent to bless their Angelic child's wings, and Gabriel, despite what the myths say as his time as Loki, had had no children, giant snake or eight- legged horse or otherwise. As they finished chanting, Gabriel snapped out of his thoughts, and glanced at Lokiel's wings. Then did a double-take . Michael and Lucifer were staring in awe at Lokiel's wings. They were breathtaking. Six of them, they were mostly sapphire blue, with every tenth feather or so being gold with silver dotting on the inside, and sapphire blue lightened up till it got to the tips of the six wings, gradually lightening up so it ended on a silver color, that was outlined and dotted with Gold. Where the wings met his back, it was solid gold. The new wings were rising falling and twitching with every breath that the sleeping any angel took, a small smile on his lips, his long dark eyelashes fluttering softly against his face as he let out small puffs of breath, murmuring softly in unintelligible enochain in his sleep, the shadows playing on his high cheekbones and aristocratic nose. As they looked at him they could see all of themselves in him, as well as a few others, except, thankfully, Raphael. His hight was from Michael and lucifer , Gabriel may be short in his human form, but he wasn't by human standards in his true form, but by angelic standards ... Well, they always did call him squirt for a reason. Lokiel's cheekbones , nose and mouth he got from Lucifer and Gabriel . His hair he got from both Michael and Lucifer, the blond dominated the black, but strands of black could still be seen. The curls that haloed around his head and stopes halfway down his ears he got from Anneal , his eyes were a mix of all three of them, the blue from Lucifer, the gold from Gabriel and The silver from Michael . His wings were a mix of all three of them as well, but more breathtaking then all of theirs. His large childlike eyes and long lashes he got from Castiel, and his jaw shape and pianist hands and muscled form he got from Balthazar. They had no clue what his personality would be, but they bet it would be a surprise like the rest of him. His grace shined brighter than Lucifers even, which, Lucifer noticed with no small amount of pride, showed he would be also the most powerful in heaven and earth, only second to their father. Michael and lucifer looked at Gabriel , and Gabriel gulped. He knows what's coming now.

" Now little brother, you will tell us where you have been." Michael said.

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Gabriel looked nervously between his two brothers, before his shoulders slumped in defeat and he snapped up two couches that faced each other, and sat to the one closest to the door. Thank father for open space architecture . Michael sat down at the same time as Lucifer and they both raised their eyebrows the same way. That always creeped him out when they did that... Gabriel clenched his hands in to fists and slowly tale asked them, and took a deep breath, before it all came pouring out like a chocolate fountain at a wedding. "After the war ended , and after Lokiel..." Gabriel looked at the sleeping Archangel on the bed before taking another unneeded breath and kept talking. "And after Lokiel was taken , everything went to hell, or as close to it as you can get in heaven ," Gabriel added when they raised their eyebrows again. He snapped up a bar of mars and shivered. Still so damned creepy. "Castiel became emotionless and stiff, Balthazar locked himself in his heaven and didn't come out, for weeks, nothing would get him out of there. Annael ripped out her grace and fell, father disappeared. Lucifer went wild, training constantly and when he wasn't training he was either killing demons or snapping at everyone who tried to get him to relax or calm down, I remember Samandriel got a punch to the face at one point, from both of you, ever the peace -maker... And YOU, Michael, locked yourself in your study and researched for ways to find Lokiel, never coming out to rest or eat, and if anyone , including myself tried to snap you out of your funk, we either got snapped at or feathers pulled out for our troubles. Their was so much anger and pain. I didn't think you wanted me anymore. It seemed like you didn't or wouldn't care if I dropped dead at that time." Gabriel took another unneeded deep breath and clenched his teeth. "So I left. I left a not with the essence of my grace in it somewhere you could find, and went down to earth, and I made myself a vessel."

Michael nodded. "Yes, I remember you left the note under your favourite tree in the garden. I am loath to admit it took us weeks to snap out of it, and realize you were missing and found the note. But by that time you had hidden yourself from our sight. Even Lucifer and myself were not able to find you. " Michael had such a sad look on his face when he said this that Gabriel had to choke back a sob. Lucifer had a questioning look on his face. " how DID you hide from us brother? And where, by Father, have you been?!" Gabriel winced , then looked at his feet. He really wanted to avoids this but...

"When I went down to earth, I knew it was a matter of time before you came looking for me, and a week after I landed on earth I ran into this sorcerer . He said he could give me a new persona , one that could block my grace from those who wanted to find me. But there was a catch , I would have to become a Norse god, the one he had in mind I already had the personality for.." Gabriel could practically see the cogs clicking in his brothers heads as they figured out what he was talking about. Lucifer let out a long shocked breath. " you mean, after all this time you were hiding as a pagan god? As LOKI?" Gabriel nodded softly , still staring at the floor. He could feel the guilt pouring from both his brothers. Gabriel looked up when he heard a strangled sound coming from Michael's throat . He swore in all the language 's he knew.(all of them) and ran a hand harshly through his hair.

"By Father! We should have known! *I* should have known! Loki is the shortened form of Lokiel's name! I heard of the new trickster god named Loki, but I passed it off as a coincidence ! When we make a vessel it looked as close to our true forms as possible! If I only went and looked. If I only went and checked... I could have found you!WE could have found you. By Father, I can't believe I didn't realize..."

Michael and lucifer looked at Gabriel and noticed he was sobbing tears pouring down his face. Muttering in fast enochain, they could hear what he was saying, or chanting , over and over.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry! Very sorry. I know you must hate me now I'm sorry.."

Michael and lucifer looked at each other, then turned and grabbed Gabriel, and put his head in Michael's lap and his torso in Lucifers . Michael started running his fingers through Gabriel's slightly long honey gold hair, and Lucifer rubbed a comforting hand up and down Gabriel's back. Gabriel's sobs quieted down to soft breathing and his eyes stopped shedding tears.

Michael put two fingers under Gabriel's chin and slowly made it so Gabriel had no choice but to look into his eyes.

"I-WE, don't hate you, we never could and never will, sure, we were upset by you leaving, and worried, but wouldn't you be?" Gabriel nodded .

"Yes I would. But I couldn't just sit there and watch as my family tore itself apart. At first I had another idea on what I was gonna do, but I was a coward and couldn't do it.i tried and I couldn't, I couldn't , I was too scared." Michael and Lucifer looked at him in concern. " what did you try to do Little brother?" Michael asked. Lucifer nodded. " yes, I would like to know as well. " Gabriel looked at both of them before getting up. Or he tried to, Michael and Lucifer grabbed him and put him between them , however. Gabriel looked at the determined looked on both of his brothers faces and knew that would get it out of him, one way or another. Gabriel's face took on a scared and guilty look , and both brothers wonders what it was that would put such a look on their little brothers face. Gabriel looked down and started crying again.

"I...I...I t-t-tried t-to k-kill myself with my own b-b-b-blade." He whispered.

"B-but I..I c-couldn't d-do it. I didn't know what would happen if I did. And I didn't want you to find me like that... You had already lost Lokiel, and I knew that losing me too would destroy you, even if at the time it seemed like you didn't care." Gabriel started sobbing again, tears pouring down puffy red eyes, and Michael and lucifer comforted him. It took an hour but Gabriel camped down enough to talk about his adventures as Loki . Just then, they heard a groan, they gasped and snapped to attention. Lokiel was waking up.

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