A/N: I know you'll probably want to get on with reading this but I think I should quickly explain my lack of updates for the last 11 or so months. About eight months ago, my mother passed away in an accident that claimed the lives of four others. It's been a really tough few months for my family, made even worse by my slightly estranged father taking my step-father to court over custody of me and my siblings. I'm sorry I haven't had the time to update any of my stories but honestly I really haven't felt a compelling urge to write recently. Thanks for your patience.

A/N II: This is just a selection of short crack-fics and drabbles that originated from my friend Emily and her wonderful optimism to keep my spirits up over the past months. These are mostly Emily's pieces of work but a few of the more cracky ones are mine!

Basic Structure: All these fics are based around the same idea of John having two other siblings as well as Harry. The Watson family has no parents and the four siblings are left to look after each other. Eldest being Harry, then John, followed by Rory (yes – slightly crossover-y but not enough for me to put it under crossovers!), and then the youngest child: Elsie – about 14.

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Sherlock frowned at the young teen inspecting the flat. She paused by the fireplace.

"Why do you have a skull on your mantelpiece?"

She asked, sitting down in the chair opposite her brother. Sherlock paced the room, thinking over their latest case.

"It used to be my colleague, now I have no use for it"

John peered over the rim of his teacup at his youngest sibling.

"It's not worth asking"

She nodded, taking a bite out of her toast and skimming the headlines on the front page of the telegraph. The silence in the room wasn't awkward, it was companionable. Warm and soothing, and the air smelled of tea, biscuits and buttered toast.

Sherlock groaned loudly, standing up quickly and pulling John's army-issue gun out of his dressing-gown pocket before swiftly placing three new bullet holes in Mrs Hudson's wall.

"BORED!" he yelled.

Elsie sighed.

"Oh do shut up – I was enjoying the moment!"

Sherlock stuck his tongue out childishly and began to pace furiously.

"It's not worth it, Elsie", John said knowingly across the room, "Trust me, it's not worth it..."