We are one and love will find a way

Tamaki and the others had left the host club to attend a meeting with the chairman and haruhi was left in the club room on her on which she liked because she has secret which the others don't know about which is she can actually sing.

Haruhi goes to the piano that is in the music room and starts singing the song we are one this is a song that she wrote with her mother before her mother died

Haruhi's mother:

As you go through life you'll see
There is so much that we
Don't understand

And the only thing we know
Is things don't always go
The way we planned

But you'll see every day
That we'll never turn away
When it seems all your dreams come undone

We will stand by your side
Filled with hope and filled with pride
We are more than we are
We are one

haruhi :
If there's so much I must be
Can I still just be me
The way I am?

Can I trust in my own heart
Or am I just one part
Of some big plan?

haruhi's mother :
Even those who are gone
Are with us as we go on
Your journey has only begun

Tears of pain, tears of joy
One thing nothing can destroy
Is our pride, deep inside
We are one

We are one, you and I
We are like the earth and sky
One family under the sun

All the wisdom to lead
All the courage that you need
You will find when you see
We are one

The next song she sings is about a love that will find a way even thought the one that she loves doesn't even know it himself

In a perfect world
One we've never known
We would never need to face the world alone

They can have the world
We'll create our own
I may not be brave or strong or smart
But somewhere in my secret heart

I know
Love will find a way
Anywhere I go
I'm home
If you are there beside me

Like dark turning into day
Somehow we'll come through
Now that I've found you
Love will find a way

I was so afraid
Now I realize
Love is never wrong
And so it never dies

There's a perfect world
Shining in your eyes

And if only they could feel it too
The happiness I feel with you

They'd know
Love will find a way
Anywhere we go
We're home
If we are there together

Like dark turning into day
Somehow we'll come through
Now that I've found you
Love will find a way

I know love will find a way

At the end of the song she sang she gets up and leaves the clubroom and heads home tamaki came back to the club room because he forgot something and heard haruhi sing the last song he realises now that he loves her and just as she loves him.

I don't own ouran high school host club or the songs that are from the lion king 2 soundtrack.