Author's note: I am back! Diaries this time? How about that, It's not really interactive. But I am open to any ideas (sent by P.M or review if you are a guest.) I guess I owe this to whoever came up with the diary idea.

All the best,


The Diary of Lithuania:

Hello Diary,

I have decided to write one of these because I needed somewhere to vent. Don't we all?

Should I introduce myself first? I'm sure that's what you do in diaries. Well, I'm the personification of Lithuania. I am twenty years of age and have a best friend and lover called Feliks, who is also Poland.

I used to be under the control of Russia, and well, that was horrible. I would tell you more, but I don't feel I'm quite ready to yet.

It's nice to have somewhere to write also, my blog didn't really work out. (Although I did manage to confess to Poland.) I'm actually really happy right now, so no need to complain. I'm over Poland's at the moment and writing this while he lay on my shoulder watching his daily TV shows.

Yep, the shows are like, so good! Lithuania also loves watching them with me! O.M.G, I need a diary now, so Liet and I can totally be Diary buddies! I'll just settle for writing in his when he isn't looking for now! Watch out though!

I must have dozed off for a second because when I awoke, Poland had you in his hands and was writing something with his bright pink gel pen.

I have to go for now, it seems Poland needs something.