Author's Note: This is the next chapter of Lithuania's Diary~ including the date I told you about last chapter. There will be a debut of a few characters and a little romance on that side, as well as the normalness of Diaries~

Thanks again for reading guys~

Dear Diary,

The date went very well this afternoon. I took Feliks too a local café specialising in American cuisine. He seemed to enjoy it very much.

It was so amazing, I loved it! I ordered something I recall America talking about and eating at our last world meeting, a hamburger! Also a huge ice cream Sunday for desert!

I ordered a serving of French friesand a cheeseburger which were rather nice, although I prefer my own cuisine honestly. Whilst eating the doors slamming open brought both me and Poland to attention as to what was happening, and who we saw was highly surprising.

England stormed in, a scowl on his face muttering incoherent words I shouldn't repeat, followed by a cheerful America. The duo saw us and came to sit on the table we were at. They quickly ordered their meals, although more complaints came from England as they didn't serve his desired fish and chips. Slinging his arm around England's shoulders, America started laughing and ordered England's meal from his personal experience in the café. Apparently he was a local, which wasn't much of a shock as it was him we were talking about.

Poland happily contributed to the conversation, talking with America about how much he was enjoying the food whilst I tried to talk to England, but he wasn't really in a talkative mood, only nodding occasionally. That changed however as America tried to feed him some food, Poland got a little excited so I ended up doing the same for him.

After finishing I stood up, offering Poland my hand and saying my goodbyes to both England and America and walking out. We then made our way home, then watching a few episodes of my little pony; friendship is magic, before going to have a nap together.

More cuddling!

I woke up to find Poland on the floor, colouring in some sort of picture. Looking closely I found it to be his favourite pony, Pinkie pie. Getting some glue out of the draw Feliks took you from the bedside table, and stuck it in.

Pinkie pie's my favourite and Liet's Diary was getting boring! It looks really good in the diary, and my colouring skills are the best!

Now I'm sat writing in you sat on the floor with Poland, he says he wants to change the colour of our carpets too, so wish me luck. I'm getting tired again, so am going to go to sleep. Goodnight.