the second story but i`m still writing a sequel to adventures in rio. this story came to me in one hour and i wrote every details of it. enjoy!

Chapter1:The beginning.

15 years ago:

Every bird was happily dancing and singing until…nets suddenly fell from the sky and cages trapping birds inside. A family of blue macaws hid inside their hollow to keep themselves safe and won`t get separated from each other.

"dad…wh-wh-what`s gonna happen to us?" asks the young and small female blue macaw.

"We will stay here so we don't get separated, ok, jewel?" said her father.

"Ok, dad." Said jewel frightened.

Suddenly, a white cockatoo and a harpy eagle wearing a black dark cloak landed in front of them.

"Is this them?" asks the cockatoo.

"it`s them Nigel. We must kill their species so they can`t stop us from completing our ultimate goal. And that is to be the gods!" declared the harpy eagle.

The blue macaw family got even more scared and saw the two hostile birds creating a ball of fire in their wings without getting it on fire. They were about to throw the ball of fire to the blue macaw family until a more powerful, but less deadly ball of blue flames hit them from behind.

The ball of blue flame came from another family of blue macaws who was holding staffs in their wings. They landed in front of them and entered.

"Are you alright?" asks the male blue macaw.

The blue macaws nodded slowly. The younger blue macaw from the other blue macaw family went to jewel and said. "Are you alright?" he asks. Jewel nodded slowly to the small and young male macaw. "My name is blu." it said. "I'm j-jewel." she stammered.

The two fallen birds of prey came back with fire burning eyes towards the macaws that hit them with aura. "You! You will pay for that!" declared Nigel. "Avada kadavra!" he exclaimed holding his left wing at them. The male macaw summoned a bubble shield that absorbed any spells thrown at it.

"You have to do better than that, Nigel." Said the male macaw fiercely.

The harpy eagle summoned a hidden magical snake and the snake went to the blue macaws without anyone noticing but blu. Blu pulled his staff and pointed it to the snake and said: "finte incantatum!" blu yelled.

The magical snake exploded into dust and disappeared. The harpy eagle saw this time to distract them all and kill them. "Conjunctivitis!" he declared to the boy pointing his wand at him.

They spell made an invisible impact at the boy and completely and painfully blinded the boy permanently. Blu cried at the pain his occurring in his eyes. His parents went to his aid while the other blue macaws watched helplessly. Blu`s eyes once chocolate, amber eyes turned to pearl white dull eyes. And the pain deceased.

His father looked at his enemy with burning eyes of anger. "What were you saying 'we have to do better that what?" said the harpy eagle. His father was about to cast a spell to the harpy eagle when he was hit by a murdering spell.

His mate looked at her mate as he fell on the side of his child limped. "Merlin!" she yelled as she went to him and cried.

She turned to her son and went to him. She casted a spell that would protect the boy at any murdering spell. She then was hit by a death spell that killed her. Blu heard his mother`s cry of death and heard a thud on the floor.

His anger rose so high that his staff began to glow of colors of: blue for water, red for fire, green for earth, yellow for wind and white for lightning and thunder.

Even with his blind eyes, he studied his opponents' positions. "Don't worry boy. I will make it very painless this time." Said the harpy eagle. Jewel and her parents were getting more terrified at what was happening.

Blu stood up and pointed his staff at the two birds that killed his parents. "Oh look, Ludwig…he want revenge for killing his parents." Mocked Nigel. "He is too young to cast any spell that would even hurt us. His parents might have thought him chore spell." Mocked Ludwig.

Blu was so angry that instead of casting a spell to disappear, he casted a fire spell. He was then engulfed by a red light of aura and manna.

"Inferno inflatus!" he declared. Both Nigel`s and Ludwig`s eyes went wide as blu casted a deadly spell against them. A large fire ball the size of a macaw went straight right from the staff.

They casted a shielding spell but the spell blu casted was so powerful that it killed them and roasted them to dust.

After casting the spell, the light disappeared and blu fell to his knees next to his deceased parents. It was so powerful that it took most of his energy.

Moments later he collapse to the floor and jewel and her parents went to him and decided to adapt him as their own, not for saving them, but also wanted to take care of him after his parents brutal deaths.

15 years later:

A fully grown blu was outside levitating above a rock with his legs folded in a sitting position and was being surrounded by five fire balls while his staff poked in the soil. A blue ball for water was circling him diagonally towards the left and a red fire ball was circling him diagonally too, but to the right.

A green fire ball was circling him from left while a yellow ball was circling him from the right and a white ball circling him from above. It was forming a circular barricade that has its own ways of showing its pure energy.

Jewel landed in front of him and saw his eyes closed and was floating an inch on the ground. She knew he was meditating and was focusing on the elements that were surrounding him. She spoke quietly and slowly in order to get his attention gently. Blu opened his eyes and reveling pearly white eyes at her. "Can I help you?" asks blu teasingly as he unfolded his legs and stood on the ground.

"can you tell me again how you know where everyone`s place without even having to see their faces?" asks jewel. "I listen to the wind, and noise they make." Said blu. "In fact, you're standing right in front of me." Said blu. Jewel giggled and blu smiled at her.

"So, what do you want to do?" he asks. "I just want to talk." Said jewel. "Bout` what?" he asked. "about…I don't know…tell me how you control the elements of nature?" she asks. "that? It came from my parents and I trained and trained every day after their death to make them proud of what I am today." Said blu as he pointed his head to the bright blue sky.

"They are proud of you, blu." suggested jewel. "yeah, I wish I can see what`s around me and your face." Said blu as he pointed his head towards her. Jewel blushed. They heard their mother`s voice calling the both of them. Jewel looked at blu and said. "Race you there?" she asked.

"You're on." Said blu. "Ready…set…last one`s a rotten egg!" declared blu as he jetted of to the hollow. Jewel looked at him and said. "No fair!" she exclaimed and flew right behind him.

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Avada kadavra: murdering spell.

Conjunctivitis: damages oppenet eyesight.

Inferno inflatus: fire blast.

PS: sequel to adventure to Rio should come out in a week or so. so stay tuned to this author! it might have sounded like the last air bender and harry potter compressed in Rio.

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