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Chapter 5: Return In One Piece Or Pieces?.

Days has past and Blu and Azul`s plan worked. After convincing jewel with travelling next to blu and azura who wasn't that hard to persuade.

Now, Blu is outside waiting for his noble, yet bothersome companions. He always loved the jungle and this part for it was and always will be his home. He loved how peaceful the wind flows and how it calms him every time.

His peace was then interrupted by wing flaps and arguing, from the same two female blue macaws, he calls family. Ain`t it amazin`?

Like it or not, he is stuck with them with no other else than his understanding pathfinder: Azul. "You are the most irritating travelling partner to go too, y`know!" Well, that would have been azura`s voice.

"Like you're not!" Shrieked jewel. "When will this two get together?" Blu muttered impatiently under his breath.

"Alright, break it you two. Now where`s Azul?" He said breaking the fight that was almost in the verge of being a war to the death.

"Right here, man." Said Azul landing next to Azura who took one step away from him. Azul sighed sadly on how he will get through Azura`s heart without getting skewered by her talons and beak.

"Alright! Now that everyone's here. Why don't we get going?" Blu said. "Yeah, let's get going." Jewel said with a hint of boredom.

"So where to Azul?" Blu asked. "First, we go to the Paradise. I got a friend who knows the myth better than I do." Azul said. "C`mon." Blu said as they all rocketed to the Paradise.

When they reached the paradise, booming music was heard away from the tarp that was separating them all.

The four entered the Paradise and the music suddenly stopped. Every last bird stared at Blu with fear, lust (females), awe and respect.

Jewel walked up to Blu and said, "They`re looking at you. Say something." Then she pushed him forward.

"Oh, hi everyone. I know that ya`ll know, but please, go back to whatever ya`ll been doin." Then the song played once more.

Nico and Pedro saw their blue friends and flew over to them, "the king of house rockin finally came home." Nico teased.

"Yeah lovehawk, came back to get some thin` doin?" Pedro said leaning on him. "No guys, we were kinda lookin for someone right now." Blu said. "Whoa ya lookin for?" Pedro asked landing on the ground.

"We`re lookin for Arlene. You know the Scarlet macaw that performs here once in a while with me?" Azul said.

"Did somebody called for Arlene the Scarlet macaw?!" A mysterious feminine figure said in an announcer's voice.

Azul turned to the macaw and said, "Arlene! Best buds, what happen to ya?" Arlene had an amazing body, dazzling electrical blue eyes and majestic assortment of rainbow colored feathers.

"Oh my, handsome Azul cares for me so much?" she said spinning and landing on Azul`s strong wings. "Cuz, you matter so much to your old partner on arm, bud." Azul said twirling Arlene around.

Azura felt jealous because no one would do that for her and turned away.

"Arlene, these are my new friends, Blu, Jewel, and Azura." Azul said and Arlene shook wings with them all.

"Oh, your blu? Fire bug here hasn't stopped dreaming and yappin about going to an adventure with a guardian." Arlene teased.

"Oh shut up will ya." Azul said. "We need your help chicka." Azul said. "Oh, what kind of help?" Arlene asked leaning closer to Azul.

"We need you to show us the entrance to the Steps of Ravenclaw." Interrupted Blu. "Ok, but with a price." She said. "And what would that be?" Asked Azura. "Just this." And Arlene smashed her beak on Azul who was shocked but kissed back.

Azura`s jealousy flared but she showed an emotionless face.

After the kiss, Azul was dazed and had a dreamy face while Blu used his sonar hearing to see and was laughing like crazy with Nico and Pedro.

Jewel was leaning on Blu too cuz she knew the girl had a big crush on Azul because of how she acts and how he`s so oblivious about it.

"Ok, I`ll help ya." She said.

After that, the group was made and now consisting with seven birds: Blu, Jewel, Azura, Azul, Arlene, Nico and Pedro.

They were about to go until Nico and Pedro suggested bring old Raffy with them. "Why not? The old man has been stuck in the nest after his wife`s pregnancy." Blu agreed.

They flew to Rafael`s tree and was suddenly ambushed mid-air by his little de-I mean, good, little angels(Not!). They were all sent doing a kamikaze towards the ground which ended with a loud thud enough to break a bone and a beak.

"WHY ME?!" Nico and Pedro cried at the same time.

"Hi!" The demons said all at once.

"Hey there you little dem-I mean kids." Blu said earning himself a few chuckles.

Moments later, Rafael poked out his head and saw his good amigos. He quickly flew down to them and greeted them, "Sometimes, you should use your powers Blu." Rafael said getting his children off them and getting them all back up.

"Please I beg you to remind me next time." Blu said miserably. Rafael and the crew (Nico and Pedro) chuckled. "Noted." Rafael said.

"So what brings ya here with your ladies Blu?" Rafael asks. "We need your help actually, since you and the crews` are the only birds for the job." Blu said.

"Sure, what ya need kid?" Rafael asked. "I need you to come with me in a quest." Blu said listening to his surroundings for Rafael`s ferocious wife.

"Sure, this daddy needs a break. My feathers are already turning gray from stress." He said waving his piano black wings.

Then out of nowhere, Eva, Rafael`s wife, came scaring most of the birds with her infamous glare she`s giving everyone.

"Who`s going where?" She asked threateningly. "M-me?" Rafael squeaked coming more like a question. "Where?" she growled. "he`s going with me Eva." Blu said trying to save his dear friends from his (Rafael) wife`s wrath.

"Let me think about it. Hmm… how `bout no? Sounds good for you?" Eva sarcastically asked. "Eh… no. We need Rafael Mrs. Eva. Like the whole world is needing Rafael`s help unless you want to live in a barren world filled with monsters, rapist, murderers, and other bad things." Azul lied in which he prays works.

"if that is the situation, fine. but you better bring him back in one piece unless you want to return wherever you came from in pieces!" Eva said. "Sweet! Thank you Mrs. Eva! You don't know how much your decision made the world a better place to live with your little dem- I mean wonderful kids." Azul said trying to pry the baby toucan off his tail.

Once everyone was ready, they all head to the west in the land of the dead. Where lies the three booby-trapped and maybe a little, ok, a lot, overkill ahead.

"Please may every last gods out there return me back home in one piece cuz I still want to have a family." Azul miserably said to himself. He already imagined how Eva was gonna murder him with a single talon. He shuddered at the thought and said to himself, "You`re gonna make. You`re gonna make it." Three times. But on the other side of his mind, "Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!"

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