Of Rails and Ties

Disclaimer: I don't own AMC's Hell on Wheels
Spoilers: None

Summary: A collection of drabbles about Hell on Wheels, mostly Cullen/Lily
Chapter Summary: A drabble on Cullen and what or who might lurk in his dreams at night.

Drabble: (as defined by Wikipedia) A drabble is an extremely short work of fiction of exactly one hundred words in length, not necessarily including the title.


# # #

If you ask Cullen Bohannon why he stays, he'll likely not say anything about how he dreams of her.

He thinks it's his dead wife Mary, at first.


But the dream ends the same – with Lily's eyes, her golden hair, shining abnormally bright.

When he wakes, he ponders the course of his life. Torn, twisted, Hell bent on revenge. He doesn't look for atonement. He feels – knows – he doesn't deserve it. How could he?

So, why is it that he stays?

Is it really for Hell on Wheels?

For Durant?

Or could it be – for Lily?

# # #

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