Of Rails and Ties

Disclaimer: I don't own AMC's Hell on Wheels
Spoilers: S2:Ep5 – The Railroad Job

Summary: A collection of drabbles about Hell on Wheels, mostly Cullen/Lily
Chapter Summary: Cullen considers what Lily might really be telling him. One hundred words on the dot.

A/N: Thank you MrsB108 and Guest for you reviews/comments, they're so greatly appreciated. Also, I realize I'm portraying Bohannon as a bit thick. Meh, he's killed for revenge, he probably doesn't think he deserves anything good.


# # #

Lily's covered in blood.

Sitting across from him, confessing her shame over her fleeting relief in the event of Thomas' passing leaves Cullen surprised.

She says he'd be free. Which never entered Cullen's mind. He won't dwell on why it's the first thing Lily considers – his freedom.

His past is why Durant is dying.

When Doc exits, Cullen tells him to do the best he can. He acknowledges, somehow, that Lily's fond of Durant. And begrudgingly, he admits that it bothers him some.

Because if she's so fond of Durant, than why would she care if he was free?

# # #

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