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(A/N I know this is kinda overdone but this storyline is driving me crazy so please deal with it.)

Chapter One:

Maxs PoV

The Flock waited tensely in their crates, waiting for Jeb Batchelder to come and let us out. As I waited, I nervously brushed my sandy streaked hair behind one ear. "Max." I turned to my right to see Fang watching me through his scruffy black hair. His obsidian eyes stared intently into my brown ones. "You ok?" he asked. He was wearing a faded black t shirt and too short black jeans, a look completed by his olive skin. I gave a tight smile in answer. He could read between the lines. For once, Nudge was completely silent. Nothing short of a miracle could cause that, which this basically was. We were escaping the School. Just then, the door banged open and we all jumped, except Iggy who had heard it coming. Jeb walked in, looking nervous. "Kay, kids, you ready?" he whispered. "Yep." Nudge whispered back. Angel was too little to fully understand, Gazzy was asleep, and Iggy and I just nodded. Fang stared at Jeb and did nothing. Jeb unlatched my cage first. I quickly climbed out and popped the lock on Fangs crate, which I noticed made Jeb blink. WTF? Fang got out and walked over to Iggys crate while I let Angel out, pulling her into my arms. Fang let Iggy out, then scooped Gazzy out of his crate. All of his actions were smooth, efficient. Nudge took Iggys hand to lead him. "Ready?" Jeb whispered. We all nodded, except for Fang, who was still staring at Jeb. I shrugged it off. Here we go.

Fangs PoV

Ok, so I should be thrilled that we were finally escaping this hellhole, but I was alert, suspicious. Something wasn't right. Jeb headed back through the doors, and I forced myself to follow Max. Gazzy had woken up, and tightened his small arms around my neck. I clutched him closer as we winded through a maze of black hallways. This was too easy. There should have been obstacles, something. But not one thing happened until we reached the loading bay. Nudge led Iggy inside and followed Jeb over to a truck, but before Max could go in I put my hand on the wall, blocking the door. "Don't go in there." I said quietly, scanning the room with my raptor gaze. Nudge and Iggy had disappeared behind a truck with Jeb. "Why? Whats wrong?" she asked. When I didn't answer, she set Angel down and pulled Gazzy from me, setting him on the floor as well. "Go find Jeb." She whispered to him. He took his little sisters hand and trotted under my arm, which wasn't too hard considering he was 4 and I was 10. "Whats wrong?" she asked again. "Im not sure." I murmured. "Something feels off." She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything there was a cry of anger, a wail, and then a series of thunks. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. I grabbed Maxs hand and yanked her behind me. "Run." I whispered. But she didn't. She stayed. Then Jeb emerged from behind a truck, with a syringe in his hand. Traitor! I knew it. Jeb started for us. I yanked Max back again and whirled to run, only to find the door we'd come through was closed. I tugged on it, but it was locked. So I pulled Max behind me again, staring Jeb down. I felt Max huddle against my back as Jeb came closer. "Traitor!" I hissed at him. "Im so sorry Fang. But this is the only way." He answered, almost looking sad. "Like hell it is!" Max snaps from over my shoulder. Jeb was almost on top of us now. I spun around and smashed open a window behind us. I felt a sharp stinging pain on the back of my neck, and an icy chill ran down my spine. "Max, run!" I shouted as my knees buckled. As I fell to the floor, I spotted Max sprint and jump, catching the sill of the window and pulling herself up. She swung her legs over, then looked back at me. Little spots of black were flitting across my vision by now. "Go." I whispered. "But I love you Fang. I cant leave you here." She said, near tears. "Please just go." I muttered before the blackness overwhelms me.

Maxs PoV

I was on the verge of sobbing, and when I saw Fangs eyes close I nearly burst into tears. But Jeb was right there with his killer poison. Traitor. I jumped from the window, hitting the ground and rolling. But before I could stand, there was a pain on my leg. I looked down. Jeb had thrown the needle, and it was imbedded in my leg. I yanked it out, then ran a step. Then another. Then another. That's when my legs gave out and my world is swallowed in darkness.

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