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(A/N Ok, this is probably going to be another short chapter…. So….. yeah.)

Fangs PoV

As I tried to figure out a way out of this, Iggy stepped forward, looking determined. He rolled his shoulders. "Iggy, don't!" Max shouted, but it was too late. Iggy had already unfurled his fourteen foot wide, reddish wings. Iggy had wings. My parents gasped, and their grip on the girls weakened slightly. That was enough for Max to whirl around with a snarl, and unfurl her wings. Hers were brown, with little speckled white spots. It was her feather. I nearly died from shock.

Maxs PoV

Ok, Iggy already gave us away, so why the hell not? But I could still be surprised when Angel leapt to her feet and flung out 9 foot pure white wings. Followed by Gazzy and 10 foot blondish wings. Then Nudge, with the tawny wings to match her eyes. Then Fang, with the wings as black as night, fourteen feet wide, and matched my feather perfectly. The Collins looked at each other, then ran out the door, screaming. "Wimps." I muttered. I slammed the door shut, then slowly, ever so slowly, turned to face Fang. We were all staring at each other, except Ella, who had taken off up the stairs. Suddenly an unbelievable pain exploded behind my eyes, and I gasped, dropping onto the couch. Dimly, I could hear Fang staggering, Iggy's wince, Gazzy crying out, Nudge sobbing, and Angel screaming incessantly. Flashbacks poured through my mind, at the School, escaping the School, flying for the first time at the School, everything. All of my previous memories were gone. Suddenly I knew why. Those were fake memories. The School, that was real. I suddenly understood Ella and Moms strange behavior. They weren't who they said they were. And Jeb… that traitor! And Dylan! They were all just spies, trying to keep our memories locked away. As the flashbacks faded, I slowly lowered my hands from my head and looked around. Angel was still screaming, Gazzy was crying, Nudge was whimpering, Iggy was sitting on the floor with tears streaking down his cheeks, and Fang was standing tautly against a wall, face pale. I stood ,even though it made me want to puke, and dragged each of the still out of it Flock to the couch. I sat, with Angel in my lap, Gazzy under one arm, Nudge under the other. Iggy and Fang were on either side of me.

Fang was the second one to recover. He slowly straightened, exhaling deeply. Then his dark eyes found me. He surprised me by grinning. "I knew you looked familiar." He said. I laughed out loud, while he pulled Gazzy out from under my arm.

One by one they all woke up. We all stared at each other for a moment, then we all burst out laughing and hugged happily. We finally know who we are. Just then Ella charged down the stairs. Mom burst in the door at the same time, followed by Jeb, Dylan, Lissa, a woman I assume to be Anne walker, and Fangs "Parents" . I slowly stood. I glared at them for a moment, then finally spoke. " I have some questions and comments for you." I said slowly. Jeb frowned, looking confused. "Ella, were you ever a real sister, or were you fake?" Ella hesitated, then slowly said, "Fake." Iggy looked stunned, but Id expected it. "Mom, are you my real mother?" She slowly shook her head. "Jeb, what about Iggys parents?" He slowly responded, "Fake." "Oh, and Jeb. You're a satanic, psychopathic traitor." I turned to Fang, giving him a look that said, "Your turn." He looked at Lissa. "You are such a whore." He said coldly. Then he turned to his parents. "I don't even need to ask if youre fake." He said, this time bitterly. "Dylan, you are completely insane." He punctuated this with a glare. Then Gazzy and Angel stepped forward. "Mom?" Anne looked at them. "You are such scum." Gazzy finished. They all huddled around me, with Fangs arm protectively around my waist. "Now, everyone out." I said. "I want to enjoy our memories."


Six months later, and we were living happily in Florida, with our memories. No parents, no traitorous friends or stalkers. Just us. And we were happy.

Fang and I? Yeah, we ended up together. Iggy moved on from Ella, whom he'd had a major crush on. Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel were happy. We even adapted a dog, a scottie named Total. I wouldn't have it any other way. Yet, I couldn't help but be thankful to Jeb and the rest of them.

Because without them, even though they were all traitors, we never would have ended up this way if they hadn't stolen our Memories.

(A/N Yep, that's the end guys! Sorry its so short. Im going to start a new one, promise. If not tonight, then tomorrow or Wednesday. This story is over, and the next one will be wingless. Let me know if you like it!)

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