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The world of light and darkness

Chapter 1

An old life?

"So, this is how it ends for me" a sad toned voice called out.

Azure eyes, blue as deep as the ocean, staring up into the starry night sky above for what he knew would be the last time. These azure eyes belonged to one Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, son to the deceased Minato Namikaze and his wife Kushina Uzumaki and jinchuuriki to Kurama, the nine-tailed fox. His hair, which was usually a spiky blonde, cover in the blood of his grandmother Tsunade, who had taken a fatal blow to protect him for Madara's Perfect Susano'o. He had three whiskers like marks on each cheek, blood dripping down his face from the small cut to the forehead he had gotten from Sasuke just as he unleashed a Bijudama point-blank. All that was left of the Uchiha was his broken sword, which laid yards away from the battlefield. Naruto's clothes were ripped and torn in several places, his jacket and undershirt were ripped open, revealing a seal just over where his heart would be.

The seal had the classical Uzumaki symbol on it, but it had magatama surrounding it and seal marks that twisted together to look like chains encircling the symbol. This was an ancient seal that the Rikudou Sennin had left to the world as a last resort to the possible return of the Juubi. He had left this dangerous seal with the Uzumaki clan, who would later be known as the greatest seal masters in the world. After Naruto and Bee had left the Turtle Island to join the war, they had stopped at a village that was in complete ruins. Naruto had started to think that it was caused by the Fourth Shinobi War until he saw a spiral symbol on one of the columns, remembering what his mother had told them about the Uzumaki clan and their village, Uzushiogakure. This was his mother's home, the place she was born and where she had to leave to become the second host to the Kyuubi.

He had look around the village and came to what appeared to be a temple, as he entered it he saw a giant faded out painting of the Rikudou Sennin facing the Juubi with his staff at the ready to fight, and the Juubi's image was really faded due to the age of the painting. It amazed Naruto that one man could fight something that powerful on his own, and survive to live up to an old age according to Kurama. As Naruto stood amazed at the wall, he brought his hand to the image of the Rikudou and as soon as his hand touched the painting, a seal appeared. It glowed bright for a few seconds and a small hole opened up with a scroll popping out, it had turned out to be a seal that would not only seal the juubi away, but the seal would destroy itself and whatever inside after the hosts death. Naruto quickly memorized the seal and headed off to battle, knowing that it might be his last.

Now here he was after the long battle to the death with Tobi, who turned out to be Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Sasuke and the revived Juubi, dying from the sealing and his body screaming out in pain. But instead of his death bringing anger or sorrow, the only Naruto felt was happiness. It was true that he did not become Hokage, not that he wanted to be anyway after finding out Konoha did nothing to aid the Uzumaki clan when they were attacked, but the fact he was able to save his precious people. He was also able to complete the final task given to him by his sensei and godfather Jiraiya and his fellow pupil Nagato, to bring peace to this world.

"Saving the world at 16 years old is not bad at all," Killer Bee said, while sitting next to Naruto as a final act of respect to the younger Jinchuuriki, so that he would die in peace, "I just wish you didn't have to fall."

"Someone had to do the sealing; otherwise people would try to use the power to do bad things." Naruto gave out a smile after saying that

Naruto definitely did not want anyone to use this power for their own gain, it was better if it was destroyed rather than used for another weapon. Especially people like Akatsuki and Konoha, they were the prime example of power going to their heads, when they weren't bending over for the Uchiha.

"So, do you have any regrets?" Bee had asked in a serious tone

"Of course I do, everyone has regrets or desires, ttebayo" Naruto replied "I have a few desires myself; my parents being alive to raise me for one. Almost makes me wish this wasn't a shinobi world so there would be not Biju."

Bee nodded. He may have not known Minato and Kushina that well, but he had major respect for them after they fought each other during the Third War. He could also understand a world without ninjas, anyone who had seen war wished for it at some point. But then he smirked and said to Naruto.

"True your life had no class, but at the end of the day you were pretty badass!"

"Heh, your right about that, dattebayo. Hey that last one was not that bad, you should right that one dow-" Naruto stopped with a sweatdrop when he saw Bee was already writing the rhyme down with his ink. Naruto just sighed and looked back to the sky.

Naruto continued to look at the sky, even when he heard many voices crying out his name. He felt someone kneel down next to him and he turned his eyes to see a teary eyed Hinata. But she was not alone; behind her were many of the allied ninjas that he had met during the war. The sexy Mizukage and the bulky Raikage, as well as the Tsuchikage, who has being carried by one of his ninjas, all looked at him in respect, and the other shinobi that he had helped. He turned his head and saw that next to Bee was Gaara, who actually had tears going down his eyes.

" Naruto Uzumaki" Gaara tried to say more but for some reason words would not come out.

"Hey Gaara, what's up?" Naruto said trying to lighten the mood

"Naruto, you helped bring me back from death and yet I-"

"Don't worry; I knew coming here would most likely mean the end"

Hinata and Gaara could not believe that Naruto came in this war ready to die. They had expected him to enter this war without being full confident he would live. Hinata couldn't hold her tears back, they kept coming out and almost all the ninja's surrounding them was the same. Even the Kages could not hold their emotions back, the hero that save them all was dying and they could do nothing to help. Naruto then started to breathe hard; his time getting closer to the ending and his sight was starting to go black.

"Gaara, I have a favor to ask you. Please make sure Hinata is safe, protect her."

"I promise Hinata will be safe, I won't let anyone hurt her."

"Hinata, I want to live a long life; find a man that you will love, have children, and if you can when you're an old woman, die with a smile on your face from having a awesome life, dattebayo." Naruto smile before coughing a little, it's almost time.

"I will try Naruto-kun, I might not be able to move on but I will try." Hinata trying and failing to smile back

"Bee, Thanks for everything and I hope you have a good life."

"Ah crap, I got tears in my eye; I have never been good at sayin goodbye."

Naruto's sight was almost completely gone now, and as he started to close his eyes he turned his head to the sky with his best smile. Then as his eyes started to feel heavy, he saw a small orb of light fall down from the sky slowly toward him. Acting upon the last of his strength he lifted his arm into the air to try and touch the little ball of light, and as his finger lightly touch the ball, Naruto Uzumaki took his last breathe and his world went black, not hearing the cry of fiancée that he had left behind.

{Unknown Area}

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and saw nothing but white. He noticed he was laying on a relaxing bed, the softest one he has ever slept on.

"Where am I?" he spoke hoarsely.

Slowly he pushed himself up until he was sitting on the bed, feeling a little dizzy. He looked down to see himself wearing his ninja outfit which was free of any damage he had received from his battle. As he brought his head up he remembered everything that had just occurred, the final battle for the world, his final words to his precious people and finally the orb of light before he awoke in the current room. He looked around the room to see if there was anyone else around, but all he could see was a room with no windows.

"Almost as bad as the hospital rooms when I was younger," he mused "I wonder where I am. Hello! Is there anyone around?"

Almost as soon as he said that, he heard multiple footsteps running outside. The door burst open and then all of a sudden all Naruto could see was a blur of red and green before he found himself being choked in one of the tightest hugs anyone could experience, by none other than his mother Kushina Uzumaki. This continued for a few minutes before Naruto started to turn a little blue from lack of air, which surprised him sense he need air even in death. He could feel his mother being removed from the death hug and saw it was his father who came to his rescue. Tears were falling from his eyes as he looked at his parents, standing together looking at him with love, concern and sadness.

"Mom, dad why are you here?" Naruto said as he started to tremble, tears going down his cheeks, happiness from seeing his parents, the people who gave their lives to protect his.

"Naruto, you don't have to cry, we're here." Kushina said while giving her son a comforting hug, Minato stood by, figuring that a mother's touch would be better right now.

After a few minutes Naruto had finally calmed down a little bit, he had to admit though, it actually felt kinda nice crying in his mother's arms for the first time in his life. He looked toward his father, who gave him a smile and a proud look on his face. Before anything else could be said, a blur came crashing through the wall and crashed next to Naruto. The figure turned out to be a heavily damaged Jiraiya; his face was bruised and his body looked twisted in a few places. A angry female voice echoed through-out the room.


"Granny Tsunade you're here two?" Naruto said

"Naruto what are you-" Tsunade started to say before she saw Kushina and Minato, "Minato and Kushina? You're here too?"

After recovering from Tsunade's rampage, as well as the beating he got later from Naruto and Kushina for not being there for Naruto when he was growing up. As the perv was recovering, Tsunade and Naruto told the two parents about what had happened during the final battle. Naruto also told Minato about how the Tsuchikage and him fought together and form a mini alliance that was mostly due to Naruto getting married to his granddaughter, Kurotsuchi. Kushina was happy that her son was able to find someone to love, though a part of her did wish she had gotten grandchildren before her son's death.

Naruto then asked "So why are we all here? Where is here anyway?"

"Maybe I should explain." a sweet voice said. He quickly turned and looked behind him to see a gorgeous woman with long raven black hair, rich pink eyes and had creamy coloured skin. She was robed in what looked like a white traditional Kimono. The female looked at him with a warm smile before speaking.

"I have always wanted to meet you Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. You have always been spoken off very highly by many that have come and I wanted to see for myself what the Hero of Shinobi was like" she said.

"Thanks I guess, but who are you?"

"I have many names, but you know me as Kami."

Naruto's eyes widened and his jaw hit the floor. "Y-Your Kami? You're the creator of everything."

Kami chuckled at the expression on Naruto's face.

"Yes pretty much. Don't have a problem with me being a woman do you?" she asked raising her eyebrows.

"No, No not at all, I never thought Kami would be such a beautiful woman" he spoke with honestly.

"Well thank you Naruto" she said. "You're very sweet. Most would think I'm some kind of old man for some reason" she said pouting.

"So where am I, Kami "Naruto questioned "Is this heaven?"

"No, this place what you would call Limbo, a place in between. You are here because of a certain miracle that only happens very rarely. Do you remember that orb of light that you touched before your death?"

"Hmm, oh yeah" Naruto remembered the strange ball of light that fell from the sky "I remember reaching out to touch it and after it touch my finger, I died."

"Yes, that orb of light is known as "Light orb" and they are a powerful source of power that exist every world that I have created. They are created whenever any person helps someone else achieve happiness by completing a goal. They are powerful on their own but can also be a powerful force collectively, and can cause miracles to occur" Kami explained "These orbs can grant wishes, but like all things, they have limitations."

"What limitations?"

"There are three that are the easiest to remember, the first is that the Light orbs will only do exactly what's asked, nothing more, nothing less which means you have to be really specific. The second limitation is that wishes are only granted if they're genuinely wanted, if you do not truly desire it with all your heart than the wish won't be granted and the last limitation is more focused on another subject involving children."


"Yes, you see the children are the culmination of their parents' hopes and dreams, you could say that they are Light orbs themselves." Kami finished with a smile

"So you are saying that I have one of these Light orbs and I can have any wish?"

"Yes, however your wish can not involve returning to your world. You have already completed your life cycle there and can no longer return."

"I-I see" a small look of sadness on his face, "Can I just ask you two things then?"

"You may"

"I was wondering if everyone lived their lives and were happy in the end." Naruto started, "The second is about Kurotsuchi, did she ever find someone else, and did she find happiness?"

"You do not have to worry, you precious people all live rich and fulfilling lives, though there is one thing you should know about Kurotsuchi" Kami saw the look on his face and quickly said,"don't worry she is fine, and she does love again however there is something you should know."


"Kurotsuchi gave birth to a baby girl a few months after your death, she had given her the name Naruko, after her father."

Naruto had mixed feeling upon hearing that, shock that Kurotsuchi was having a baby, his baby, and happiness that he was a dad and sadness because he was leaving his daughter fatherless. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned his head a little to see his father giving him a sad smile, Naruto realized this must have been how his mom and dad felt the day he was born and the day they died.

"It's okay dad, it's true that my daughter has to go without her father. Something that I did not want her to go through because of my own experience, but I know that Kurotsuchi will make sure she is love and she will raise Naruko to be a strong and wonderful person" Naruto said with a sad grin on his face before he turned around to Kami to ask her a question.

"So how will this wish work exactly? Do I click my feet together three times or something?"

Kami gave a small laugh, "All you have to do is wish for something that your heart truly desires and it will happen."

Remembering his small conversation with Bee before his death, Naruto knew what he wanted to wish for but he wanted to make sure of something.

"If I want a new life, would I remember everything from when I was a ninja?"

Kami gave him a solemn look and replied "You are going to a new world where you will experience new memories all the way from your birth in that world; I would have to remove any knowledge about your life as a ninja."

"I am not surprised," Naruto replied "but could I just have my chakra and the knowledge on how to use it in case of an emergency?"

Kami contemplated it for a few minutes before nodding with a smile "Yes you may keep your chakra, however I will have most of your chakra sealed away, is that all right?

Naruto nodded and looked toward his family before asking "Is my family going to be there, I am guessing that they won't remember anything either?

"The answer is yes to both to your questions, as well as a few extras to that list. Now it is time for you to make your wish, whenever you are ready."

Closing his eyes he began to concentrate on his wish, with a world with no ninjas and a world that he had his family in his life. Naruto started to feel warm; it was a nice feeling kind of like a being wrapped in a soft blanket next to a fire. He opened his eyes to see he was starting to glow a bright yellow-orange color, turning to Kami he heard one last thing before he disappeared.

"Enjoy your new life, child of the light. But beware of the one who stays in darkness, he seeks to devour the light"

{New World}

Eyes opened to the world, they looked and saw a white ceiling, and the eyes stared up for a little while before blinking. The body of those eyes started to rise from the bed, from the figure of the person it was a man, he looked around in confusion.

'Where am I?' he thought while looking to his side to see a machine that was attached to his arm "A hostpital? But why am I here?"

He tried to remember something to tell him why he was there but nothing came to him. It wasn't just how he got there that he could not remember; he could not even remember his own name. He saw a mirror next to him, and he reached out to grab it. Reflecting the mirror to his face, he saw a man face looking back; he was in his late teens with spiky blonde hair, blue eyes and what looked like whiskers on each cheek.

'Is this….me? the man thought as he continued to examine himself "Who..am I?"

His attention was shifted when he heard a gasp coming from the doorway his left, followed by something hitting the ground; he turned his head to see a nurse looking at him in shock before running out of the room. He looked down and tried to think.

"How come I can't remember anything?"

A voice rang out "Naruto!"

He turned his head back to the door to see two people standing there; one was a woman in a doctor's coat; she looked to be about in her late-fourties to early fifties, she was very beautiful and youthful, she was a fairly tall, light-skinned woman with light golden-amber eyes and straight blonde hair. Her hair is waist-length with shoulder-length bangs framing both sides of her face and she had a very slender yet curvy frame. The second woman was another beautiful woman with long red hair that had a hairclip to keep it off her face, she had amethyst eye and her body was also slender and curvy, see had tears building up in her eyes and a smile on her face. He looks at them in confusion, trying to figure out who they are.

The blonde woman noticed the look and walked up to him.

"Naruto, are you okay? What's wrong?" her voice was full of concern.

"Naruto…is that my name? I can't remember anything?"

The women were shocked before the redhead went right next to Naruto, she put her hands on his shoulders and asked him.

"Naruto, do you remember me? It's me, you mother."

Naruto could see the heartbroken look on her face as he looked at her in confusion. There was a noise at the door and a man ran in, he looked like an older version of Naruto without whiskers.

"Naruto, please tell me you know who we are." The blonde woman said again, Naruto slowly looked at everyone and said "I'm sorry but who are you?" That one question brought shock and tension to the room. "I can't remember any of you."

"That can't be,' Minato walked to Naruto's bed "I'm Minato Namikaze, your father and this is Kushina Namikaze, your mother. Are you saying you don't know either of us? What about Tsunade, she is your grandmother."

Naruto started to feel worse than when he saw Kushina's face, he could not even look at any of them in the eye. "I'm sorry, I can't remember anything about my life, before you came into the room I didn't even know my name."

"You must have gotten amnesia from your accident." Tsunade said.

"What accident, what happened to put me in the hospital?" Naruto asked

Kushina was the one who answered this, tears falling down her face "You got hit by a drunk driver while saving a classmate. You were in a coma for six months and no one knew when or if you were gonna wake up, dattebane."

"Okay Kushina, I need you to go sit in the chairs over there with Minato" Tsunade said pointing to a couple of seats "I am going to give Naruto a little check up okay." The couple nodded and sat down as Tsunade began her work, she started by checking Naruto's physical health and after she confirmed his health was good she moved to check his mental. She started with basic knowledge that everyone knows and he passed those questions easily, and the same results for using simple tools, his reading and writing was okay as well.

"Okay Naruto, I know you said that you can't remember anything but I want to really concentrate and try to see if there is anything that you can recall anything at all."

Naruto closed his eyes and started to concentrate, trying to recall anything. 'Come on, there has to be something' he thought, and then suddenly something did come to him.

"Silver hair" he said "I remember a girl with silver hair." At this the parents smiled a little before Naruto asked, "Who is she?"

"She is a friend of yours." Kushina said with a small smile on her face

Tsunade nodded before talking to the people in the room. "I figured out what has happened with Naruto, he has received Retrograde amnesia, it's a disorder that removed everything prior to his accident. It's as if he never went through it, the good news is that it is not permanent because Naruto was able to remember a little bit of his life. I suggest he go home with you both tomorrow and try to find something that can trigger his memories, reunite him with his friends and his life. Something will more than likely help him remember his past."

After that almost everything that happened with Naruto was a blur, they let him out of the hospital so Minato and Kushina to take him home. Waiting at home was his grandfather Jiraiya, Tsunade's husband, and his little sister Mito, they were told earlier that Naruto had temporarily lost his memories and agreed to help in anyway. Jiraiya is an old man who looked, like Tsunade, looked good for his age with spiky white hair that went down his back and Mito look like Kushina when she was younger but had her hair in a ponytail.

It had been a week since Naruto had returned home and after getting back on his feet and doing things by himself, Kushina had decided to send him to a bakery to pick some stuff up. When he asked why he was going alone, she just smile and said it was something he would figure out when he got there. So Naruto got his stuff together and headed out the door to the Furukawa Bakery, which his mother told him to go to specifically.

{Furukawa Bakery}

A young red headed woman was putting out some fresh bread well humming to herself when she turn around to say something but when into shock when she saw Naruto

"Hello is this the Furukawa Bakery? I was told to come here by my mom Kushina" said Naruto when he was hugged tightly by the red head

"Oh my god you are really awake Naru-chan, I had heard it from Kushina but I didn't think you be here! Akkio, COME IN HERE NARUTO AWAKE AND HERE TO SEE US" yelled the red headed woman as a man ran in wearing an apron with a cigarette in his mouth

"Really the little fox woke up" said Akkio as he saw Naruto and pull him into a hug "You're really are awake little buddy Nagisa going be so happy, right Sanae" said Akkio

"Yup" Sanae answered with a grin on her face

Naruto just stood there and blinked at them, confused about their behavior. He continued to stare at the happy couple before saying.

"Okay I'm sorry but what are you talking about?" Akkio and Sanae looked at Naruto and remembered what Kushina had told them about Naruto's memory.

"That's right, you don't remember anything do you" Akkio said before taking his cigarette out of his mouth "Let me introduce ourselves, the names Akkio Furukawa, I am your mother's twin brother making me your uncle and this beautiful lady here is my wife Sanae and we own this bakery here."

"So you two are my aunt and uncle? Who was that Nagisa girl you were talking about before?" Naruto asked, wanting to know more about his family he had unfortunately forgot.

"Oh, Nagisa is our daughter and your older cousin. You used to play together when you were younger and you both were really close" Sanae said while her face was glowing from joy at remembering the past.

"You were really protective of her even though she was older and when I wasn't around, you made sure no one messed with her." Akkio added, he had a grin on his face as well.

"I see….Did you tell her about me losing my memory?"

At this they both shook their heads "We told her you were awake and recuperating but we were going to tell her later today before going to visit you, but maybe now that you're here we can tell her now." Akkio said putting in a new cigarette, his eyes closed in thought.

"I see."

"How would you like to see her? I am sure she would be happy to see you." Sanae questioned, she had brought her hand together at the proposal.

"Uh…sure if it's not going to be an issue" Naruto hated to think it but he was a little nervous 'Meeting someone that was an important part of you past, sure no pressure there.'

"Nagisa! Are you almost ready for school? Someone is here to see you before you leave." Sanae yelled out to the house behind the store.

"Okay mom, we're almost ready." A female voice replied back

Naruto noticed what the girl had said and turned to Akkio who had walked around the store to make sure everything was ready for business "We? Is there someone else here too?" Naruto asked

Sanae was the one who answered "One of Nagisa's friends is having trouble at home so they are staying with us for a while." She walked to one of the trays and grabbed one of the breads, which made Akkio a little scared at the one she picked, and handed it to Naruto "How about some bread while you wait and don't worry this one is free."

"Are you sure, I don't want to ruin things by taking one for free." Naruto replied, not wanting to get in trouble. Sanae was quick in answering before Akkio could get Naruto's attention about the bread in his hands.

"It's not trouble at all, your family and think of this as congratulations on waking up." Naruto couldn't find himself saying no to his aunt.

"Thanks then I guess" he brought the bread to his mouth and took a bite of the bread, but instead of just the usually taste of bread there was something else too. He chewed for a bit before swallowing the bread; he looked at the bread and saw some jello inside it.

"So what do you think" Naruto looked at Sanae as she looked at his in expectancy "That is my newest release for the bakery, you are my first taster."

Naruto looked at the bread before taking a few more bites; much to Akkio's shock and Sanae's delight. After he finished the bread he looked at Sanae and asked "Can I have another?"

Akkio rushed to his nephew's side and started to shake him by the shoulders, checking to see if anything was wrong with Naruto. He looked at Naruto before letting him go and gave a big sigh, crossing his arms and spoke out loud. "Now I know something is wrong in your head if you loved Sanae's jello bread and asked for more."

"So that it huh"

Akkio snapped to attention at the sound of his wife's voice and tried to talk but he only stuttered his words.

"SO ONLY THE PEOPLE THAT ARE MESSED UP IN THE HEAD WOULD EAT MY BREAD." Sanae yelled out as she ran out of the bakery crying, Naruto saw Akkio panic a little, stuff some of Sanae's breads into his mouth and start to chase of after Sanae. Naruto could hear Akkio yelling out to his wife that he loved her bread and to come back to the bakery.

He had the feeling that this might take a while, Naruto decided to have another one of Sanae's delicious breads and wait for his strange aunt and uncle to return. As he ate the bread he could hear movement coming from the entryway behind him, he turned his head to see two people, a boy and a girl, standing there looking at him. He took the bread away from his mouth and did a quick study of the two, they were both teenagers and they were both wearing uniforms. The boy had blue hair and grey eyes while the girl had brown eyes and hair.

"I was going to pay for the bread when they came back." Naruto said as the girl started to walk toward him but as soon as she was less than four feet away, she leaped at him.


He grabbed her as she latched onto him and took a step back to keep his balance, he could already take a guess and say this was Nagisa and the boy was the friend that was staying there. Looking at the girl he could see that she was sniffling as tears were starting to build up in her eyes. He decided it would be better to tell her the truth later when her parents where there to help him explain it.

"Come on now Nagisa, you don't have to cry, I am right here." He said as he tried to calm her down. For some reason she stiffened for a second and then started to calm down after a few minutes. When she fully calmed down she looked at Naruto who was giving her a comforting smile which made her smile back "Now I think you both should get ready to go, don't want you two to be late, right?" At this the boy behind her gave a small snort in what seemed to be annoyance and amusement, which made Nagisa turn to him.

"That's right we have to get ready Okazaki" She turn toward Naruto and said to him "We will talk later okay Naru-kun." She grabbed her bag from the counter and they left out the door, but then Nagisa popped her head back in "Tell mom and dad that we will see them later after the club meeting" Naruto nodded back in confirmation before Nagisa's head disappeared again.

{With Nagisa and Okazaki}

As Nagisa and the boy were walking, the boy noticed that Nagisa seemed a little distracted about something and pulled her out of the way when she almost his a street light.

"Nagisa is everything alright?" the boy asked in concern as he made them stop walking for a second.

Nagisa looked at the boy and nodded "Everything is fine Okazaki why do you ask."

The boy sighed and said "First, you can just call me Tomoya and second you were so distracted about something you almost hit a street light. So what is the matter, I thought you would be happy that your cousin was awake, you had told me that you two were really close growing up."

Turning away Tomoya she started to walk again "I am happy he is awake and that he is walking around but I have a feeling he is not 100% okay."

"What do you mean, how can you tell something is wrong?" Tomoya asked with a bit of curiosity in his voice and Nagisa's answer was quick and simple.

"Because the one and only time Naruto ever called me Nagisa was when he met me for the very first time, after that it was always Nagi-chan."

{Back with Naruto}

Naruto had to wait a few minutes before Akkio and Sanae returned to bakery, Sanae looking much better, like the scene before never happened in the first place. Even though Naruto thought it was strange, he got the feeling that it was better left unsaid. Akkio had decided to watch the shop while Sanae and Naruto went into the house so they could talk, Sanae had told Naruto about the times he and Nagisa played together and also show an old photo album that had pictures of them as children, including one picture of a little Nagisa giving a younger Naruto a hug while holding a big dango family keychain that Sanae told Naruto gave her and that Nagisa still has it to this day. They talked for a few minutes, with Akkio yelling out somethings to add to stories Sanae had told, before Sanae stood up to go to get some drinks.

"Oh no!" Naruto heard Sanae say while she was in the kitchen.

"What's wrong Aunt Sanae?"

"It's Nagisa and Tomoya's lunches that I made for them, it looks like they forgot to take it with them."

Naruto was silent for a few seconds in thought before suggesting to Sanae "If you want, I could take the lunches to the school if you want." At this Sanae looked at Naruto, seeming to think about it.

"Are you sure you want to do that? I could bring them myself." Sanae tried to talk Naruto out of it, but one look at him and she knew he still had that Furukawa stubbornness.

So she relented and told Naruto the directions to the school and gave him the lunches. Naruto started to walk out of the bakery, saying good-bye to Akkio and Sanae, and grabbed one more of Sanae's breads before walking out the door. He could hear Akkio yelling out something about paying when he gets back.

{Hikarizaka Private High School}

It took a while Naruto to arrive at the school, he had walked up the steep hill slowly taking in the sights. Even as he was walking to the school, he had to admit the view was great and he loved looking at the trees. He continued upward until he saw the school and stopped at the gate, a sort of nostalgic feeling going through him as he looked at the school. He shook his head as he continued to the school, students on their lunch period and socializing.

He remembered the class number that Nagisa was in, but as soon as he got there she was already gone and he asked one of the students that were still in the classroom if he knew where she was.

"Why are you looking for Nagisa?" the female student questioned

"I'm her cousin, Naruto, I am here because she forgot something at home and I am bringing it to her." he answered her and she stared at his face looking for any deception before relenting.

"She is most likely in the Drama Club room with her other members." Naruto nodded in thnaks

"Thank you, which way do I go?" The student gave him directions before returning to her friends who were giggling about something before the girl silenced them. Naruto started down the hall, following the girl's directions before hearing what sounded like yelling coming from around the corner. He walked to the noise before coming to a scene with three people; the first was the boy earlier standing with Nagisa at the bakery, there was another boy with blonde hair which he tell was bleached to look like that, and a silver-hair girl that he couldn't get a good look at due to her moving around and kicking the blonde out the window.

….Wait…what the…

Naruto rubbed his eyes real quick before confirming that the girl kicked the boy out the window, seeing how calm they were, he figured that the boy would be fine. The girl walked into the bathroom as he called out to the blue haired boy.

"Hey" The boy turns to him, a little startled that someone snuck up on him. He scowled a little at Naruto before speaking.

"Naruto, don't sneak up on me." Naruto was now confused

"How do you know my name? Did Nagisa tell you?" Tomoya was a little annoyed at this and replied

"What are you talking about, we have been friends since middle school remember."

"I'm sorry but I actually don't. After my accident and went into a coma, the damage had cause me to get amnesia. I couldn't even remember my own name when I woke up." Tomoya was shocked at this news, but he could tell Naruto wasn't lying.

"Woah, well if it helps, my name is Tomoya Okazaki, 17 years old."

Naruto head begins to hurt as soon as Tomoya finished his introduction and he clutched his head in a little pain, memories flashed through his mind so quickly but he could remember each detail. He was actually remembering his middle school years, from meeting Tomoya to hanging out with him, to them getting ready high school.

"Are you alright Naruto?" Naruto shook his head a little before looking at Tomoya

"Yeah I am fine Tomoya, I think some of my memories came back." Tomoya's eyes widened at that before replying

"Wha-but how?"

"This might sound weird, but I think it was because of you and your name. Because of our past, it might have triggered something and while not much it did bring back my middle school years." Naruto explained so Tomoya could understand

"So to get your memories back, we just need to find more triggers to awaken the rest of your memories. " Tomoya concluded from Naruto's explanation to which Naruto nodded his head "So maybe something involving Nagisa could restore your memories too."

"It's worth a shot, let's go" Naruto said before he and Tomoya started their way to the Drama Room, but as they were passing the bathroom the silver-haired girl walked out and bumped into Naruto.

"Oh, sorry" the girl said

"Yeah, sorry" Naruto answered back as they turned to look at each other the girls eyes widened in shock


That one word was all Naruto heard as he saw her face for just a second before his head was filled with pain and everything went black.

{At the same time as Naruto passing out}

In a dying world a young girl with red hair was hideing in her house with a robot made of junk

"Do not let it see you" the girl said with fear in her voice well hiding behind the window as the junk robot look out the window it saw black mist riseing from the ground and cover the light balls in the air it look like it was eating it suddenly a golden eye with a dark blue line in it look right at the robot it feel like it soul was being pulled out but was saved by the girl who drag it behide the wall

"If you let it see you. You will lose your light and soul"

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