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World of light and darkness

Chapter 4

The broken beast

It was a clear and beautiful morning as people started making their ways to their destinations, whether it was work, school or to some other random area. Currently walking down the street with a school bag over his shoulder was Naruto, who was wearing the school uniform. It was the start of the week, and Naruto was heading to the school for the first time as a student. However, he was having some… personal issues at the moment.

"Ugh, I hate this uniform. I just don't get why there's no orange on it." Naruto said to himself as he walked past an empty restaurant with a "for sale" sign hanging in the window, he paused a little to look at the place before shrugging his shoulders.

"It seems the rumor was true, fool ya fool," A voice was heard coming from behind Naruto, making the blond turn around to see a dark skin man with a goatee wearing ripped jeans and a sleeveless shirt and a pair of sunglasses. "Here I am walking and you come out from out of the blue!" Naruto blinked at the man's horrible rapping, before feeling a sharp pain in his head, more memories of his past returning as he remembered his time apart of the Saint Beasts, and his old friend Killer Bee.

Shaking his head a bit, Naruto gave the man a grin before lifting his fist up, "Hey there Bee! It's Been long, ya know!"

"I know what you mean my friend," Killer Bee grinned back before bumping his fist against Naruto's. "It's Been years since our adventures came to an end!"

"So what are you doing here? Last time I saw you, you were going to a college the town over because of a music scholarship." He questioned as he stared at Bee with a look of confused.

The man's grin dropped as he spoke in a non-rapping voice, "The Beasts are back Naruto, and we're going to need your help."

"What!? But why, did something happen?" Naruto asked in a shocked voice, that was certainly not what he was expecting his former comrade to say. Back when the Saint Beasts were still together, Bee was the one that tried to keep things peaceful, but when he fought he was one of the two within the group that could fight Naruto on even ground.

"I can't say anything here, I need you to follow me." Bee said as he turned around and motioned for Naruto to follow him.

"Huh, but I-"

"Just follow me, ya fool" Bee replied as he continued walking. Naruto turned back to look at the direction of the school before looking down at his watch, one that Tomoyo had given him to replace the one that had Been destroyed when he had gotten hit by the car.

He still had plenty of time before he had to be at school, the only reason he was trying to get there this early was because Tomoyo had to be at school early with her responsibilities as the Student Council President. Shaking his head a few times, Naruto mentally apologized to Tomoyo before following after Bee… after all, if the rapper was so focused on this then it had to have some importance. Besides, Tomoyo didn't need to wait on him to do her work.

{Saint Beast Hideout 2 - Under the bridge}

Walking under the bridge Naruto could see two people he thought he would never see again. Stand by the wall was a man in his late 30s with red hair put into a ponytail, and a goatee with pointed beard. Naruto blinked a bit when he saw the man was wearing a dress suit, which made him look like he owned a successful business or bank, but Naruto knew underneath it was a body that was perfect for fighting. This was the leader of the Saint Beasts, Roshi the Monkey Fist of the North, the second person in the group that could fight Naruto on even ground and actually beat him. Sitting by the river was a girl who seem to have her feet in the water, enjoying the cool liquid brushing against her feet and legs as it passed. She had shoulder-length mint-green hair that had an orange clip in it that matched her eye color. She was wearing a high school uniform that belonged to a different school then the one he was attending. This was Fu, the Beautiful Dragonfly of the East… and Naruto's ex-girlfriend.

"No way Fu-chan? You're here too Roshi-nii?!" Naruto exclaimed in shock at seeing them, after all Fu and her family had moved away soon after they had split up. And Roshi had quickly gotten a job at a company, though he never said the name of it, and later married a lovely woman named Yayoi. From what Naruto could piece from some of the memories he got back, he was even one of Roshi's groomsmen, and he hadn't seen the man in the years since the wedding.

"It's been a long time Naruto, I heard about what happen to you… How're you doing?" Roshi asked as he walked toward Naruto, placing a hand on his shoulder in concern. Roshi had always been a leader and an older brother to everyone in the group. "I had heard that you had a bit of amnesia, but I figured Bee would be a could trigger to help you get some of your memories back."

"He's fine Roshi-jiji, it'll take more than a car to take this baka down." Fu said without even turning to look at Naruto, the schoolgirl looked down to the water before muttering under her breath, "It's too bad it never hit that whore though."

"I heard that Fu! Do you want to repeat that?!" His eyes turning to a bluish-silver, Naruto growled a bit at Fu as angry started to build towards her for calling Tomoyo a whore. The tan girl simple let out a loud hmph in response as she still hadn't turned to face him.

"Now now you two, this is no time to fight. The reason I've called you here for a meeting after so long is because of a problem in the city," Roshi said holding up his hands to halt the tension between the two. "I know this might be strange with how things had ended, but the Saint Beasts are needed again."

"You're talking about the two gangs of fools who think they own this show," Bee said from his seat against the wall with his legs and arms crossed. "Straight up bastards are ruining the town's peaceful flow."

"Yeah I know what you mean their baka of a leader thought he was good enough to date someone like Fu, but he did not even last a minute in a fight." Fu said as she kicked some water, making it splash high into the air. Fu was always good at using her legs in a fight.

"Wait a minute, has this gang been messing around with people in the area?" Naruto asked looking at Roshi, thinking about the other day with the guys that were messing around with Ryou.

"I think so they been fighting this gang from the South for months now and several people have gotten hurt when walking by." Roshi placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder, "I am letting you know this since the South is your region Naruto. If you see anything please handle it like you always do."

"Um… and which way do I always use?" Naruto asked, he was still getting used to the memories he was getting back so there were some blanks here and there. But he should get used to them like the others by the end of the day.

"Oh right, you forgot a lot of your past… Well try talking to them to settle the matter peacefully, you and Bee were always the ones to not go for the let violent approach." Roshi replied. The sound of laughing was heard coming from Fu, making them turn in her direction.

"Yeah right the Naruto Fu knows is one who let his fist do the talking, this Naruto is nothing like the old one. I bet he can't even fight." Fu said in a mocking tone as she stood up and stretched a bit before finally turning to Naruto, silently amused at the pained look on Naruto's face "I'm out of here. See you guys later." With that said Fu grabbed her shoes and began to walk away from the group, Naruto watching her back as she walked away.

"Don't worry about it Naruto, she just never really got over the fact you dumped her." Roshi said in a comforting tone as he walked towards a car parked at the top of the hill, turning to look at the blond as he opened the door. "No matter what happen Naruto remember you are you no one else."

Naruto and Bee watched as Roshi's car pulled away, before Bee stood up and walked up behind Naruto, patting him on the back. "He right you fool you might forget you might lose but your always you, oh yeah."

"I'm always me, huh?" Naruto said to himself as watched the man dance as he walked away. Letting out a sigh, he started his way up the hill and headed towards the school. He had a lot to think about and the day had only just started… great.

{At the Cherry Tree Hill}

Walking up towards the school Naruto saw Tomoyo waving by passing students as they entered the gates with her back facing him. With a smile on his face, Naruto sped up his pace up the hill. As soon as he made it close to her, Naruto cheerfully called out to her.

"Tomoyo-chan!" Naruto exlamed, but was surprised to see her body suddenly tense up as her hand greeting the customers fell. "Are you okay, Tomoyo-chan?"

The girl quickly spun around and looked at him, studying his appearance for a few seconds before bringing him into a tight hug. Her sudden actions had caught him by surprise and caught the attention of the many of the student surrounding them, some of them whispering to each other. "Please do not yell like that Naruto-kun, it bring back... bad memories."

Understanding what she was talking about, Naruto brought an arm around her as well, "I see, sorry Tomoyo-Chan… Come on, you can show me where the main office is so I can find out which class I'm in." Tomoyo looked away from Naruto to the gate and saw that the number of students walking through had died down a bit in the past few minutes, she turned to her boyfriend with a smile and nodded her head.

"Alright, then as the Student Council President let me be your guide for now." Tomoyo grabbed his hand and led him to the main building, neither paying attention to some of the students that were staring at them including the other members of the Student Council.

As the couple walked towards the main office, Naruto turned to his girlfriend. "So why did you want to be Student Council President, it didn't seem like something you would've been interested in before."

"Becoming the president of the Student Council was a necessary step towards my true goal… You probably didn't know this since you were in a coma, but they're going to get rid of the cherry blossom trees outside the school," Tomoyo explained as they turned the placed their shoes in their lockers, Naruto taking a while to find his. "I want to preserve the school's cherry blossom trees, and becoming the president would help me do that."

"Those cherry blossom trees are very important to a lot of people." Naruto said as he recalled how many people would just stare up at the trees with warm smiles, 'Now that I think about it, your family walked under them after your brother had been released."

"That's right, and he had said that he would love for us to walk together again… But I also have another reason why the trees are so important to me, it was under them that we had our first kiss." Tomoyo closed her eyes as she tightened her grip on Naruto's hand. Back then everything had been so perfect, but it ended so suddenly with the car accident… and all because of that stupid argument.

"Tomoyo-chan…" Naruto looked down at their hands and smiled before squeezing back, "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

"You were gone for so long, it felt like world around me was disappearing beneath my feet." Tomoyo started to say as she looked up at him with a sad expression. "But when I saw you were awake, I was so happy…"

"I know. You don't have to say anymore." They soon arrived at the main office and Naruto acquired his class, which was just in time because the warning bell was getting close to ringing. The two made their way to the stair and began to walk up, Naruto starting another conversation while they walked. "So I met up with an old friend of mine."

"Really? It was someone you remember?" Tomoyo blinked as she turned to Naruto, holding onto the railing as she continued to walk up.

"Not exactly, he was actually a trigger as well. But some of the memories are still a little fuzzy so I will need some time to process them."

The headband wearing girl nodded her head, "I suppose, that's how it was with your amnesia and all… So who was the trigger this time?"

"It was Killer Bee, we actually talked a bit before I actually saw the other two." Naruto replied, making the girl's eyes widen a bit as she came to a stop.

"You… met up with your old gang… and her?" Tomoyo's trembled a little at the thought of Fu, Naruto's previous girlfriend before he broke it off. "Did they… need anything?"

"It was mostly to see if I was fine, though Fu could probably care less… They also wanted me to keep an eye out for the two gangs that have been causing trouble for everyone, since the Saint Beasts were a gang that protected the people from ruthless gangs like them." Naruto thought back to what had been said during the meeting.

"I see, so they remade the Saint Beasts and are asking you to join." Tomoyo simplified his explanation, making the blond nod his head. "… And what did you say?"

"I didn't say anything really, I was a part of something important and fighting was always big in my life. They're a part of my life just as my family and friends are." Naruto replied as he looked away from Tomoyo. "But with the way things are now, I don't have any clue on what to do."

Naruto felt Tomoyo's hands place themselves on his cheeks and turned his head back to face her, he could see the same determined eyes he fell for looking back at him. "You had once told me that while you miss your friends, you didn't miss the fighting."

"Huh?" That was all Naruto could utter as he tried to think of when he said it.

"When I had asked you if you missed being a part of the Sacred Beasts, you had said that it was in your past… and the peace-filled moments that you experienced after they disbanded were some of the best times in your life." Naruto tried to think back to when he could have possibly have said that, because he knew that Tomoyo would lie about something like that. However, no matter how much he tried to think about it, it felt like there was still something blocking him from his memories. He didn't have much time to think as he felt Tomoyo lightly kiss him on the lips, thankfully they were alone on the stairway, before pulling back. "We had better get to our classes."

"You go on ahead, I need to think to myself for a bit." That made Tomoyo blink a few times in surprise.

"Are you sure? You don't want to be late for class, do you?"

"Don't worry, I'll make it there on time. There's only one level it can be on after all, but you should hurry. It would be a bad example if the president of the Student Council were to be late because of me." Naruto smiled at the girl as he motioned for her to move along.

She stared at him for a few seconds before nodding her head, "Alright, I will see you later then."

Naruto watched as she turned around and made her way to the next floor and turning the corner, before letting out a sigh. 'I don't really remember any of that… and there are still a lot of blanks in my head.' Naruto thought back to what people have been saying to him ever since had woken up, 'They say that I will be going back to normal with time and that I will still be the same Naruto… but I don't feel it.' Naruto started to slowly make his way up the steps, 'Right now, it feels like I'm just trying to live someone else's life. Like I'm living with another person's family, taken their friends… and even the person he loves. There's the Naruto from the past and the Naruto who I am… but they haven't been waiting for me to wake up, have they? It was him that they wanted, who they're still waiting to come back.' As he got closer to the floor where Tomoyo had turned, he could hear the sounds of someone speaking.

"Would you care to repeat that? Since when did you or anyone else on the Student Council have a right to discuss my love life." There was an edge in Tomoyo's voice as she spoke, Naruto peeked around to see she was talking to a male student wearing glasses.

"It's not that, we're just worried on how something like this will cause trouble for you." The boy adjust his glasses as he stared at Tomoyo, "You had just become the President a little while ago so everything is still new and up in the air on how people will see you. Having a boyfriend could get in the way of your goals… especially with his condition." Naruto's eyes widened as he continued to listen in on the two.

"… And just what do you mean by that?" Tomoyo questioned with a blank expression.

"It may have only been last week, but news about your relationship with a new student has already circled around the school." The student shook his head a few times, "A few people believe that you would become too distracted by him to accomplish your plan to save the trees."

Tomoyo lowered her head a bit, her hair hiding her eyes from view. "I see… is that all you wanted to say to me? If so then I need to get to class." The man blinked a few times in confusion as she walked passed him, watching her as she opened the door to her classroom before entering.

Naruto closed his eyes as he thought about what he had heard, before shaking it a bit and letting out a sigh. He didn't have time to think about such things now, class was going to start soon. He made his way up the stairs to the level that was on the paper, he continued down the hallway until he made it to the classroom with the sign 3-A above it. After he entered the room everything else seemed to breeze by, he was introduced to the students and had found out he was in the same class as Kotomi. The next good thing was that the open seat was right next to her… and then came the lessons, while Naruto could understand what was going on and took notes, time just seemed to go so slow. It was a little while later that the bell had sounded, signaling that it was lunch time.

"Are you okay Naruto-san?" Kotomi asked with a tilt of her head. The blond was leaning back against his chair with an exhausted look.

"I'm fine, I just forgot how exhausting these things could be… no pun intended." Naruto stood up with a stretch, having memories of going to class was different from actually experiencing them. "It'll take me a while to get used to it."

"… Maybe I could play you a sound with a violin to help you relax." Kotomi offered, making a few people in the class flinch as she mention playing a violin. Neither took notice to it however they continued to converse.

"You play the violin?"

A smile grew on the girls face as she nodded her head, "Yeah I do, I use to practice every day when I was a child.

"Interesting, I look forward to hearing you play." Naruto said with a friendly grin, which the girl mirrored… again, neither paid attention to the class as some of the student started to cry and shake in fear. "So where is a good spot to each lunch?"

"Well a lot of people just go in different areas so it's hard to say which is good, before I joined the Drama Club I would eat in the library." Kotomi replied as she took out her bento, "But now I eat with Nagisa-chan and the others in the Drama room."

"The Drama Club, huh? I remembered Nagisa used to be so fond of it, I'm glad I could help her out with her play… It really seems important to her." Naruto said as he thought about how passionate she was when she was describing the story.

"Even with your memories gone, you really seem to care about her." Kotomi noted as she and Naruto walked out of the classroom and headed towards the clubroom with Kotomi a few feet ahead of him.

"I guess, but isn't it normal to help people when they want to achieve something like that?" Naruto replied to the girl before stopping as he heard someone call out to him, making him turn around to see the student Tomoyo had been talking to earlier was walking up to him. "Can I help you?"

"Do you mind if we talk a bit? It will only talk a moment." Naruto narrowed his eyes a little before nodding his head. Telling Kotomi that he would be at the Drama Clubroom in a bit, making the girl hesitantly nod her head in understand as she watch Naruto follow after the boy.

{School Rooftop}

"So what did you want to talk about?" Naruto asked the man as they stood across from each other, "You're the one who was with Tomoyo-chan earlier."

His comment did bother the boy as he simply adjusted his glasses, "I had a feeling someone was listening in on us. Then let me make this brief, please stay away from her."

"… What?" Naruto had figured it was something like that, but he didn't expect the boy to be so blunt, "And why would I do that?"

"Because you know as well as I do that Tomoyo can reach high in the world, she is a hard worker and diligent. She can go to better places than a town like this." The boy replied as he narrowed his eyes a bit, "But if she stays with someone like you, she'll never reach that potential."

"And what gives you the right to say something like that?" Naruto gritted his teeth as he glared at the glasses-wearing student.

"All I am doing is stating a fact, and a lot of people agree with me as well." He turned away from Naruto and started walking to the door, "She'll be too worried about your amnesia and it will bring her down with you… It may even cause her pain and ruin her life, because it's possible that you won't get all your memories ba-"

He was cut off as a fist went by his head and slammed against the wall, causing it to crack a bit. "I don't care what you have to say about me and my memories, but I will never hold her back." Naruto's eyes flashed for a second as he stared at the startled boy, before bringing his hand back and grabbing the door. "I'm not going to hit you or anything, just warn you to stay out of Tomoyo-chan's love life. She is free to be with whoever she wants."

"D-Do you even still remember her? H-How m-much of her can you actually recall?!" The boy shouted making Naruto freeze as he took his first step down the stairs, slowly turning his head back to glare at the boy.

"What I do and do not remember is none of your fucking business! So why don't your shut the fuck up and stay out of our relationship!" Naruto growled out before storming down the steps, leaving the shivering boy behind… it was like he was staring at a wild beast.

Naruto continued to make his way to the Drama Clubroom, each step seemed to calm him down before he came to a stop a few feet away from the room's door. Just where did all that rage come from? It was like he was a different person… though that was probably a weird choice of words. Shaking his head a bit he reached for the door and slowly opened it to see that Nagisa, Tomoya, and the others were already inside, the only one missing was Tomoyo.

"Oh Naru-kun, I was wondering where you were!" Nagisa greeted, which was followed by the others as the blond walked into the room and noticed an open seat next to his cousin with an orange clothed bento on the table, "Tomoyo was here a little earlier but she had to go to a Student Council Meeting, but she left you a bento."

"… Thanks," Naruto sat down in his seat and unraveled the cloth, lifting up the lid to see an organized lunch fill plenty of delicious food. "She really went all out for me, huh?"

"Man I'm so jealous, not even a day into school and a girl is already making you lunch." Sunahara whined as he chewed on a loaf of bread he bought earlier.

"Maybe if you weren't such an idiot you could find someone, though I doubt THAT will be happening anytime soon." Kyou said with a smirk as she continued to eat her home cooked food, making Sunahara turn to her with a defeated look.

"Come on Sis, I'm sure there someone for him out there." Ryou said to her sister with an awkward smile.

Tomoya snorted a little, "If there is then she would be one hell of a person to be able to handle him."

"Oh yeah, I am pretty awesome aren't I?" Sunahara puffed his chest as he smirked.

Kyou gave him a deadpanned look, "… You're something alright, but awesome isn't one of them."

Nagisa turned away from the conversation and noticed her cousin was being unusually quiet, "Are you okay Naru-kun? You seem… distracted."

"It's nothing much," Naruto replied as he ate one of omelets in his bento. "… Actually Nagisa, in the past... have I ever… got really angry?"

"Angry, what do you mean?" Nagisa tilted her head cutely.

"Did that person from before say something to anger you?" Kotomi asked, making the others look between her and Naruto, who nodded his head before telling them what had happened.

Of course, Nagisa was the first to speak up. "That's horrible, you and Tomoyo have every right to be together!"

"Yeah, I know… but back to what I was asking before."

"Well, when I think about it. You always got angry and beat up kids that used to bully me when we were kids, but other than that you were pretty peaceful around me." Nagisa put a finger to her chin as she tried to think back to when they were kids.

"And you weren't that bad when we were in middle school," Tomoya added before his body shivered a bit. "Though when you got into fights it was as if you were a different person. But as I said, after you and your gang had broken up you were pretty peaceful until the accident."

"Maybe something happened during the accident that change you a bit," Kyou said as she looked at Naruto. "It might be because of your amnesia, but you're a bit different from how you were before the crash."

'I'm different from how I was before?' Thought from earlier came back to him as he continued to think, ignoring the others as they conversed. 'So I was right even now, it feels like I'm a complete different Naruto from the one they want… Do I really deserve all the things and people that that Naruto treasured so much?' With that thought in mind, Naruto came to a decision… a painful decision.

{Time skip/ Weekend}

Sitting against one of the walls outside the park, Naruto was waiting for Tomoyo to bring back some ice cream. Earlier he had told her that there was something they both needed to talk about, so she had brought them here to have a nice treat while they talk. Naruto could only stare at the ground as he tried to build up the will for what he was about to do.

"Sorry for the wait Naruto-kun, there was a huge line" Tomoyo gave him a smile as she made it back to the blond before handing him his ice cream, "So what did you want to talk about?" She asked as she took a lick of her ice cream.

"… I think we should break up Tomoyo." Naruto finally said, looking down at his ice cream so he did not have to see Tomoyo shocked face as she slowly turned to face him.

"W-What… you shouldn't make jokes like that Naruto-kun…Something like that is too sad." Tomoyo started to say, but Naruto looked away.

"That's why I'm not joking."

"But why?! What happen Naruto-kun everything was fine at school!" Tomoyo questioned as she tried to keep her tears back, "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, it not you Tomoyo-chan… you were perfect. The problem is me, I'm not the Naruto you love… You belong to the guy before the hit and run, I am not THAT Naruto. You're his girlfriend, not mine." Naruto replied standing up as the ice cream in his hand fell from his grip, he could feel his heart breaking as he continued with a single lie. "I do not even know if I'm still in love you."

"But you are you, you're still the same Naruto! I love the same guy who did so much for me!" Tomoyo raised her voice a bit as tears started to fall down her face. "I love you so much."

"It's better this way Tomoyo, and this way you will not be held back by anyone. Especially a guy who can't even remember who he is…" Naruto said as he leaned down to her face, placing his forehead on hers. "I want you to promise me something."

"What is it? You're not going to say I should find someone else or something… or even forget about you." More and more tears kept coming as she stared into his azure eyes, the same she loved to stare at all day. "Because I can't do that."

"… I wasn't going to say any of that, just continue to reach high and save the cherry blossom trees. And never give up on your dreams, okay?" He lifted his head up and kissed her forehead before he turned and started to walk away. He could feel his body trembling a little as he continued to walk, he felt sick. "Goodbye Tomoyo-chan…"

Tomoyo watched his back with dull eyes as tears continued to fall, once he was out of sight she bowed her head and her body began to shake. "…You idiot…" The ice cream in her hands fell to the ground as she brought her hands to her face, "… You were always a bad liar when you tried with me, why are you doing this? How could things go so wrong after I had just gotten him back.

"Hahaha it looks like Daddy finally kicked you to the curb, too bad… Not!" A mocking voice called out from across the road to Tomoyo, making the silver-haired girl lift her head out of her hands a little, listening as the voice continued to mock her. "But then again, what can you do? It's not like a whore like you could actually keep my father." Looking up, Tomoyo saw a girl wearing a ripped up black sun dress with long black hair. To Tomoyo's surprise, it was the same girl that had appeared when Naruto got hit by that car! Before she could move from the bench, a large truck drove in front of the black hair girl and when as soon as it passed, Tomoyo was shocked to see that the girl had disappeared,

"Who was that girl…? Why do I keep seeing her?" Tomoyo asked herself before shaking her head as her thoughts went back to the matter at hand. She slowly stood up and began to make her way back home with tears falling down her face as she walked away. Behind her on the ground were the two ruined ice creams, which were already starting to melt.

{Later That Day}

Naruto made his way back to his house, the guilt and pain he felt only continued to grow with each step he took. After he had left Tomoyo he just wondered around in silence, it wasn't until he noticed that it was nighttime that he had decided to return home. The streets were pretty empty as he walked down the road, the streetlights above him shined brightly and covered the areas around him. It would probably take him fifteen minutes or so until he got home, which was fine… he wanted to be alone right now.

'How could things just go so wrong? And the look on her face…' The image of Tomoyo's heartbroken face was still in Naruto's mind, making him grit his teeth a little. Great, the pain in his chest was getting worse. 'It's for the best though… I can't be with her as long as I'm like this. It wouldn't be right.' Though that is what Naruto's mind was thinking, it didn't exactly agree with his heart.

"Hey, what're you doin walking on our turf?!"

Naruto stopped walking to turn towards the voice that called out from behind him, and saw three gangster starting to surround him. "… Look, I don't have time to deal with you idiots right now." The blond said in a dull tone, looking at the gangsters with an unreadable expression.

"Idiots?! Who the hell do you think you are blonde?!" One of the gangsters exclaimed as he got up to Naruto's face.

"Someone who's in a really bad mood right now." Naruto replied as he shoved the man out of his face, making the man tumble back a few feet. "Now leave me alone or else."

"This guy is pissing me off, just like those other assholes." Another gangster glared at Naruto, who narrowed his eyes as he thought back to the meeting with Roshi. These guys must be from one of the two gangs that were fighting.

"How about we teach this guy to show a little respect?" Gangster number 3 suggested as he cracked his knuckles.

"Listen to me, as tempting as it is I don't want to fight you guys." Naruto said as he looked between the three gangsters, the tone of his voice never changing as he eyes shifted to a silver color. "Let's just walk away before this turns into something bad."

"Oh it will be bad… BAD FOR YOU WHEN WE'RE DONE!" One of the gangsters shouted as all three of them jumped at Naruto with their fists pulled back. The blond lowered his head a bit and his hair covered his eyes, only the silver glow shined… before it quickly flashed red for a second. The 'fight', if you could call it that ended in a few minutes, and when someone came onto the scene, they would see three unconscious and heavily beaten bodies lying on the road. They had blood spots from where they were hit too hard, most of their bones were broken and other major injures. One of the gangster's spines had been severed from a strong blow… which meant that the man would never walk again. Later on when the three had been questioned on what did this to them, the only responses were of them shaking out of fear, one would void his bowels, and then all three of them would scream for someone to keep the BEAST from attacking them again.

{Playground outside Furukawa Bakery}

Naruto looked around the playground he subconsciously walk to… these things seemed a lot different at night. He caught sight of a pair of swings a couple yards away, and made his way over to them. He silently plopped himself on the swings seat, doing nothing but stare at the ground with a defeated look. The blond raised his hand and looked at it, before lowering it again with a half-hearted smile. "… I guess I really am a beast, I just keep hurting everyone."

"Naru-kun? What are you doing over there?" He lifted his head to see Nagisa standing a good distance away from him, the streetlamp's light shining down on her.

"… Just wandering around, why are you here?"

"It's so I can practice, I don't want my singing to bother the neighbors. It's right next to our house so it works out." Nagisa explained causing Naruto to look to the side, and sure enough there was the bakery. "But why are you just sitting in the dark…! I-Is that blood?!"

Looking down at his shirt, Naruto could see it was covered in many blood spots from that sprayed on him from the gangsters. "It's nothing, just some things that happened."

"But are you hurt?!" Nagisa didn't give Naruto time to answer as she turned to the bakery and shouted, "Mom, Dad, we need your help!"

"What's wrong Nagisa!?" Akkio was automatically out the door with a bat in his hand, looking at his daughter with a worried expression. "Did something happen?!"

"It's Naru-kun, he's covered in blood!" Nagisa replied before turning and running up to Naruto, Akkio's eyes widened before turning his head to look back inside.

"Sanae, bring the First-Aid kit!" The woman stuck her head out with a concerned look, Tomoya standing right behind her with a raised eyebrow.

"Is something wrong Dear?" She asked with a worried tone, "Did Nagisa get hurt?"

"It's not Nagisa, according to her Naruto is out there covered in blood." Sanae and Tomoya's eyes widened in shock, "Hurry, he might be injured or something. Tomoya, I want you to get my sisters number from the address book and give her a call!" The two nodded their heads before going off to do their specific tasks.

Back outside, Nagisa was looking over Naruto with concerned, checking to see if he had any injures. She was surprised to not find anything besides the markings on his hands, "Naru-kun… what happened?"

"It's no big deal… just one hard day…" Nagisa stared at Naruto for a few seconds, taking in his appearance. "I'm just the worst kind of person, aren't I?"

The brunette narrowed her eyes a bit before quickly moving close to him, and brought her younger cousin into a tight hug. "Of course you're not! You're one of the nicest guys I know, and one of my best friends."

"But I'm not, I still don't have all of my memories. It feels like I don't know who I am even with some of my memories coming back." Naruto replied as his body trembled, "How can you be okay with me not being the Naruto that you know?"

"Because you're a part of my family, and we always stick together no matter what happens… that's what it means to be a family." Nagisa said in a comforting voice as she held Naruto close, and started to hum the Dango Family song as she held him. "… And you'll never go through this alone."

Her words seemed to make something inside Naruto snap as he felt tears start to build up in his eyes. He raised his arms and started to hug Nagisa back as he cried on her shoulder, bawling his eyes out as his body continued to shake. Every painful thought and actions that happened this past week came rushing through him, but none of it hurt more than breaking up with Tomoyo, the woman he loved more than anyone outside his family.

That was the scene Akkio silently watched as Sanae emerged from the bakery with the medical kit in hand, he watched as his daughter comfort his nephew as the boy continued to cry. As Sanae made her way towards the two, Akkio just removed the cigarette from his mouth and let out a large puff of smoke. Saying nothing as Tomoya exited the bakery, Akkio's gaze drifted upward to the starry sky above them… it's hard to believe that the night sky was so beautiful, while things down here at the moment were so crappy.

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