Harry Potter and The Hunger Games

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Note: Only watched Hunger Games, never read it. Also my first fanfic

Rain was pouring down in the clearing of forest, clearing caused by explosion. There was smoke coming from the roots of the trees that kept standing. In middle of this clearing a 16 year old teen stood watching a corpse in front of him. That boy was commonly known as Dark Knight, a person who swore vengeance on killers. Vengeance against crime. Very few people knew who the Dark Knight was. And people who knew, were dead except for one. His name is Harry James Potter. A Dark Knight, or another name, Dark Phoenix.

In front of Harry Potter lay a wizard, he was known as You-Know-Who, or Lord Voldemort. Tom Riddle died not like most thought he will, but he died as a coward. He blew his magical core up leaving body behind and huge clearing of dead trees. Most believed final battle will be thought. But it went wrong the moment ministry put Harry Potter behind bars. Albus Dumbledore knowing it was over broke Harry Potter out of Azkaban and fled together. The Order became controlled by the ministry. Mad Eye moody died defending the Headquarters. While the rest of Order and his best friends fled through the portal created by Nicolas Flamel into another universe. No one knew how to open that portal, it was said it will only open when Albus Dumbledore let it open.

For entire 2 years Albus taught Harry everything he knew. From mastery in Potions to Animagus transformation. Harry being himself broke the rules again and became a Phoenix and a Dog like his godfather. During those two years Harry stroke fear in hearts of Death Eaters and Ministry officials. Eventually Voldemort become afraid as well. Now after 2 years the prophecy was fulfilled. Harry signed and dropped to the ground out of fatigue and exhaustion. Now Dumbledore will be able to restore the Ministry Harry thought. And my friends will see better future. He closed his eyes and knew no more.