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Katniss was having a bad time. A really bad time. Today will be another Reaping Day, she hated this day because it will usually mean no candidate will return back to their home. Suddenly she heard a crunch and looked around, not noticing anyone in the forest she went back to her moody thoughts. Suddenly she saw a deer. A deer was never seen on this territory before. Taking an arrow out she aimed holding her breath. Suddenly a loud crunch was heard and Gale emerged from trees causing for deer to sprint away.

"Gale what the hell were you thinking? I was about to hunt down a deer." Katniss said annoyed

"Saving your ass, if Peacekeepers saw you bringing a deer in, do you think they'll overlook that as well? Especially if today is that day?" Gale asked.

"But now I have nothing for dinner to feed my family." She said tiredly.

"There are birds on that tree, I'm sure you could get them if you really wanted to."

Noticing the birds, Katniss quickly shot an arrow at them, shooting down three birds with one arrow.

"See I told you can trust me" Gale said with superior smirk. Katnis shot a glare at him and went to get her hunted prey. Looking around for more birds Katniss noticed something unusual in the distance. Dead burned down trees she never seen before.

"Gale look over there, what do you see?" Katniss spoke quietly

Gale noticing her look looked over where she was pointing and noticed the trees as well.

"I never saw them before, looks like someone sat forest on fire and then took the fire out. Let's go investigate"

"Are you sure it's safe? And we still need to get back to get ready for our Reaping." Katniss argued

"Just one peek? If you don't want to I'm still going" Gale said and started heading toward the trees

"No way I'm letting you go alone" Katniss said heatedly.

"That's my Kate, let's go"

"How many times did I tell you to never call me that" she fumed.

"Never counted, sorry"

"You cheeky bastard"

"Let me tell you, I was conceived by my parents and was never disowned so I'm no bastard" Gale smiled

"…"Katniss grunted

Silence settled upon the duo while they walked. Finally reached the dead trees. Looking around they saw bones, human bones scattered around. Both teens paled at the sight.

"You were probably r… right we should go back" Gale stuttered

"Gale I don't like this"

"Me neither" Suddenly they heard a crunch and a wolf howl. Caught by surprise both teens sprinted away from sight. They ran until they reached the fence. Both out of breath and still shivering from sight they silently agreed to go home and to never tell anybody about their findings. Too bad no one told them to never say never.

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