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Harry tried for a third time to get the words out – but still nothing came to him.

Slowly he looked around the room at the faces of the people that stood there. People who until today – even a few minutes ago, he would have said 'had his back' people that he regarded as friends even family.

Harry decided as his eyes swept the room that it was the range of facial expressions that gave him the most information. They ranged from loathing, snugness, relief – that was a strange one, to condemnation and glee.

Finally his eyes stopped at his potions professor.

Not realising that their eyes had met, his thoughts flooded to the surface of his mind.

"I'm going to be a father – how am I going to be a father – I know for a fact that I have never had sex with Ginny - I am a virgin for Merlin's sake - I don't even like girls – no, I don't like girls, boys ok, but men – tall men, thin men with long dark hair and a voice that can force an orgasm at 20 paces….."

Severus Snape could not believe what he was hearing and seeing in his mind. The only outward reaction was a slight widening of his eyes.

His first thought was, "the Griffindor Golden Boy – a virgin, never!"

This was very closely followed by, "he is gay?"

Quickly Snape interrupted this train of thought and closed his mind so further thoughts did not intrude. He fought hard to stop the heat he could feel rising from his collar so it would not creep up his neck and be seen.

"Headmaster, I do believe that there is one way in which we can ascertain exactly what occurred," he paused – all eyes turned to him as one, "I have been making a variation of the Veritaserum that all works as a hypnotic and therefore any one who takes it would be able to regress – that way we can find out exactly what happened."

The headmaster shot a disappointed look at Harry before nodding in agreement. Quickly Snape Flooed to his chambers and retrieved the potion.

Upon arriving back in the room the Potions Professor quickly met the eyes of the Headmaster before he swished his wand around the room all the time muttering under his breath. It would not do for the answers they were about to get to become public knowledge – just yet.

When he had finished he turned to Harry and said, "while this drug is in your system you will feel spaced out you will have trouble focusing on anyone thing in particular and I will be able to direct your thoughts to where I need them to be. You will have an urge to say what is happening in the scenes that come to the front of your mind."

He paused and looked down at the boy – no, he thought – man, in the chair and added, "I will not go looking for any memories, other than the ones that pertain to the present predicament."

Harry nodded in understanding and opened his mouth.

Severus carefully poured the contents of the vial into Harry's mouth. While he waited for the potion to work he turned to those in the room and said, "I am the only one to ask Potter any questions, the first one of you that speaks will be silenced and after that you really won't like the results."

As predicted the 'red' contingent of the room had something to say about that.

"Surely, Severus, you go too far…."

"Do you think so, Headmaster? This is a previously untried potion that distorts the awareness of the drinker allowing them to regress to a certain time and place. If there are too many demands for details and background questions then the mind may become scrambled and there will be no return to the present, do you believe, Headmaster that them being free to speak as they wish is worth the mind of the boy."

The Headmaster shook his head and motioned for him to continue.

With another sweep of his wand upon the Headmaster's desk there was a never ending quill and an unending piece of parchment. After a moments hesitation he also placed a timer on the desk.

"This will record everything that is said from this point on."

Severus leaned over the desk to check that his words were being accurately written.

"Please state your full name."

"Harry James Potter."

After seeing that the quill and parchment were in deed recording what was being said he turned his attention to Harry.

"Have you ever had sex with Ginny Weasley?"


"Do you think of her in that way?"


"How do you think of her?"

"She is my best friends little sister – she is nearly the closest thing that I have to a sister."

"Who is closer than Ginny Weasley to you as a sister?"

"Hermione Granger."

"Have you ever had sex with a female?"


"Under any circumstances would you have sex with Ginny Weasley?"


Turning swiftly to Ginny Weasley, Severus said, "do you still state that after what you have just heard that the child that you are carrying is Harry Potter's?"

The shuffling that had been heard in the background whilst the potion master had been speaking had now stopped as they waited for the girl to answer.

"Yes, it is his."

"It?" Severus asked the room, before adding, "on what night did the deed take place."

As he turned his attention back to Harry he noticed a slight sheen of sweat across his forehead. Severus glanced at the timer.

"Well, Miss Weasley, we are all waiting with baited breath to hear when the deed that Mr Potter as just said has never and will never take place – took place."

After much elbowing and verbal chastisement the girl spoke.

"On the night of the Halloween party."

"Very Well." Severus sighed.

"Mr Potter, did you attend the Halloween party?"

"Yes, but I didn't want to, I only went because someone snitched that I wasn't there and McGonagall came looking for me."

"But surely, my boy…" The headmaster started.

Severus brandished his wand and waved it threateningly at the headmaster.

"Why did you not wish to attend the Halloween party?"

"Because I don't like to celebrate the night that my parents were murdered."

Everyone in the room went still, they had never thought of the defeat of 'him' as anything other than a celebration. Yet here was a young man who had defeated 'him' not celebrating because of what else that night meant. Many in the room realised that there were two sides to everything and things were not always as they seemed. They physically and metaphorically took a step back.

"What is it that you like to do on this occasion?" Severus continued quietly.

"I wait until every one has gone to the party I then go up to the dorm and light a candle by the window – I sit there and look through the photo's that I have of my parents."

"Who do you think was responsible for you being found out?"

Harry thought for a moment and then said, "either Ron or Ginny – they had been giving my funny looks during the day."

"Do you remember going to the party?"


"What do you remember?"

"I was all put dragged into the hall by McGonagall, Ginny was waiting for me by the door, she had a drink for me, she said that it was just for me." Harry paused thinking. "I didn't like it – the pumpkin juice was so sweet – it smelt of flowers, after I had taken a sip I put it on the table. Later Ron came and gave me a couple of drinks – they had fire whisky in them, then Ginny came over and gave me another drink – I think that it was the same as before – very sweet." Harry ground to a halt.

"What do you remember next?"

"The next thing that I remember was being in my bed back in the dorms – I don't know what had woken me up."

"I want you to think very carefully are there any details that you can think of, is there anything else?"

Harry paused. "I can hear voices."

"What are the voices saying?"

"The voices?"

"Yes. What are the voices saying and who is saying it?"

Severus looked closely at Harry as slight tremors shook his body. He had to keep going they were nearly at the truth he felt, but Harry would not last that much longer.

Hesitantly Harry spoke. "It was Ron asking someone why they were still in the dorm. Ginny then said that after several bouts of sex she had fallen to sleep but not to worry she was leaving. Ron asked why she had had sex several times. Ginny said that after all the planning that they had done she felt that she had to make sure that she was pregnant. Ron agreed that they would not get another chance for quite a while and that Halloween was always a good time to take advantage of Harry. They laughed and then there was a noise."

"What was the noise?"

"I don't know but I think that recognise it."

"What do you think that the noise was?"

"It sounds like kissing – very amorous kissing."

"Who do you believe was kissing, Mr Potter?"

"Ginny and Ron."


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